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Keep the Solomon Islands on your radar.  The Islands have been the centre focus of weather radars around the world today, after a major 8.0 magnitude earthquake jolted the islands with small tsunami waves hitting the coastlines.  Sadly a handful of lives were lost and many villages on Santa Cruz Island were flattened; the tsunami warning has now been cancelled.

The Solomon Islands, while still recovering from an unstable political past, is a phenomenal place to travel to, and one of those which really changes you.  Well, I may have returned the same person after my trip, but that’s not to say I didn’t learn anything.

The Solomon’s are very raw and very real.  After having walked the streets and immersed yourself into their culture; volunteered with the red cross school and walked the Pacific coastline; waded out to the shipwrecks and walked through war sites from WWII; you return home with a new appreciation for the small day to day privileges we take for granted and expect in the Western World.  You return home with a new appreciation for life; and you never forget how people in one of the most struggling nations had so much to give for a tourist.  (Plus the scenery is stunning and 5 star resorts are cheap!).

My rating for the Solomon’s: Diamond in the rough.

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Experience the amazing Solomon Island culture

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