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Imagine this: an international game of hide and seek which sees participants travel all over the world seeking hidden treasure. This is how Josh and Liz Wilson travel.

An amazing and inspiring couple circumnavigating the globe in search of more than 2.4 million geocaches, their GPS is obviously one of three essential items they absolutely cannot travel without, and has lead them off many beaten paths through Ireland, Scotland, and even one leading to a broken down temple in Angkor Wat, Cambodia!

Indiana Jones, eat your heart out – Josh and Liz Wilson are this week’s inspiring travelers.

What do you love the most about travelling? 

Experiencing new things!  Whether it is new scenery, cultures, people, languages, food / drink, etc. there’s something exciting about not just exploring, but learning by putting yourself into a foreign situation – where you can sit back and take it all in.

What inspired you to start travelling? 

There was no one moment, we’ve both always wanted to travel and explore new places since we were kids. Our first big trip together as a couple was to Ireland and Scotland. It was a good test (we passed), and we knew we wanted to keep traveling together in the future!

What is ‘Peanuts or Pretzels’ all about? 

Over the years, people had always said that we should have a blog to share our travel stories, but also our tips because we were full of helpful information. We became the “go-to” travel advisors for our family and friends.

So ‘Peanuts or Pretzels” is that vision coming to life. It’s about inspiring ordinary people to get out there and explore the world & providing them with helpful information & tips so they can plan their adventures.

National Elephant Center.

Inspiring ordinary people to get out there and explore the world. Josh & Liz at the National Elephant Center.

Describe each of your travel personalities. 

Josh: Go with the flow traveler who makes friends EVERYWHERE! Always up for adventure – diving in the ocean or jumping out of a plane.

Liz:  It’s all about the preparation. Before the trip, I’m the planner — obsessed with spreadsheets, organization, and details.  However when I embark on the journey, I’m much more relaxed & more “go with the flow” like Josh.

What’s it like travelling as a couple? Do personalities ever clash?  

Traveling as a couple seems to work very well for us. Even though we have different personalities in our professional careers and at home, our travel personalities are both similar, and at times complementary.  We don’t seem to clash too much when traveling, except maybe when we are really tired or cranky.

What is your most practical piece of advice for other couples travelling the world? 

Do it. We really believe it is good for couples to travel together. It forces you to work together & depend on each other, making your bond even stronger. It also gives you great memories that you can take with you forever.


Experiencing the world together.

You’re big into Geocaching – can you tell us what this is? 

Geocaching is an international hiding and seeking treasure hunting game that uses GPS coordinates to locate a cache.

There is no physical treasure that will change your life, but seeking geocaches will open up the world to places you never knew existed.  Often you will have to use hints and clues to break codes to find our the location of the cache.  What is Geocaching?

Where has Geocaching taken you, and what are some of your most interesting finds? 

Geocaching has taken us all over the globe and, to hidden places in our own backyard.  We started geocaching on whim and began incorporating it into our travels when we visited Scotland and Ireland several years ago.

We were officially hooked when we found ourselves on a path leading to a broken down temple in Angkor Wat.  We truly felt like we were discovering and exploring this temple for the first time!  With more than 2.4 million caches hidden around the world, there is always a caching adventure to be had somewhere.


Geocaching – a giant, international game of hide and seek!

How do you afford to travel – are you rich?! 

Are we rich?  No, just a normal couple with full time jobs for now, beyond traveling or blogging. We believe that life (and finances) comes down to priorities, and we choose to make travel a priority.

So we build travel into our overall financial budget. That way, we can always take care of our necessities, but still have plenty of money set aside to go on travel adventures!  5 Way to Save Money for Vacation.

One thing which you don’t like about travelling?

It all comes down to packing, in some way or another. Josh always tends to overpack, and Liz never seems to unpack when we get home (except to take out any fun souvenirs).

Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while travelling? 

Liz: I knew Europeans were more liberal when it comes to topless women (unlike the ultra-conservative States where I grew up). But I couldn’t help but be shocked while sitting at the airport in Europe for the first time and a man was reading a local newspaper, with a huge photo of a topless woman on the front!

Josh: In South East Asia it was the “fend for yourself” attitude on the roads. Lanes don’t seem to matter, and riding in a tuk-tuk always felt like we were tempting fate.

Crossing the Border into Cambodia.

Crossing the Border into Cambodia.

Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

Josh was so curious about what the local women at Chichen Itza were carefully gathering from around the trees. He thought it was some kind of food. Not knowing Spanish (but being persistent) he kept making hand gestures about eating it. The women looked at him funny & laughed – which only confused him more!

Liz finally turned around to hear the conversation, and understanding Spanish she immediately interjected to stop the madness – “they are picking up trash sweetie.”

Three things you can’t travel without? 

Camera, GPS unit for “Geocaching”, and smartphone.

Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list? 

The list continues to grow daily, but as of right now our top 3 would have to be Machu Picchu Peru, the Great Wall of China, Bora Bora!

Your website lists you both as bloggers, photographers and world explorers.  If you could only choose one, which one would you rather be? 

World Explorers.  Above everything we love traveling the world and exploring all the beauty it has to offer.

Tulum, Mexico

World Explorers first and foremost. Tulum, Mexico

Why should people travel?  

We live in a global society. Therefore, it is impossible to have an educated opinion on anything political, societal, economical, or environmental, if you haven’t ventured out beyond your hometown. Also, travel is good for the soul in the way that it inspires you and humbles you. So get out there and explore.

We don’t travel to escape life, we travel to experience it. We’re married travel bloggers who absolutely love to travel around the world, and getting to know the culture and the people who live there. We are always up for laughter, a good adventure, and a bit of geocaching!

We enjoy sharing our travel experiences with others through our travel blog; hoping to inform, inspire, and entertain our readers. We also strive to spread knowledge and cultural understanding that can help make the world a better place.

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  1. Interesting to learn about geocaching while travel! Would love to try it sometimes ourselves!

    • Thinking of starting it myself lol race you to all 2.4 million :D!

  2. Great interview!
    I always love to read about other travel bloggers that also have a full time job.

    • Thanks Sof! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. We had a blast doing this interview. We love sharing our love for Geocaching and hopefully inspire other travelers to enhance their adventures and experiences around the world. Make sure you follow along with us as we share our #AdventureCaching experiences during our travels. Cheers!

    • Thanks for providing a great interview – had a blast featuring you! Will be sure to follow along at #AdventureCaching!

  4. A giant game of hide and seek sounds like awesome fun to me!

    • I’ll count to 100 … :D

  5. Ha, Josh and Liz sound exactly like me and my husband. Complementary personalities and travel styles!

    • Sounds like a pretty good pairing! Myself and Mike are the same as well :D

  6. Interesting interview. I’ve often thought about giving geocaching a go, it’s pretty popular in HK!

    • Definitely a fun and unique way to explore – especially as we tend not to get out and see our home states/countries!

  7. Great interview. Reading about geocaching makes me want to learn more about it. I love that the search takes you off the beaten path into non-tourist areas. It sounds like an adventure that our whole family would enjoy.

    • Fun for absolutely everyone :)

  8. Great interview! I’ve always wanted to try Geocaching–it always sounds like fun!

    • It sounds like so much fun! This interview has convinced me to start myself :D!

  9. Nice interview! Thank you for sharing your travel experiences.
    Life is one big journey that becomes holistic after each new discovery of the wonderful world full of beauty. Wish you new adventures and new impressions to be shared with us.

    • Thanks Sona – completely agree with you. Each experience adds to an amazing life journey!

  10. Cool interview – you don;t see the geocachers as part of the travel blog community too often.

    Btw just followed you on Twitter. Like your site! Looking forward to connect!

    • Glad you enjoyed it – I’m going to try and start incorporating more geocaching into my travels as well :)

      Thanks for following – just followed you back and looking forward to your updates :) Have a great weekend!

  11. Great interview Meg, I think I’m going to be looking into this Geocahing thing a little more; seem like fun!

    • It does seem like fun! See you out there! :D

  12. I’ve only geocached once before and it was so much fun. If I ever get my hands on a GPS, i would definitely like to try it again. The trash story is priceless! Haha!

    • Glad you enjoyed the interview Kendra :) Hopefully you can sort out a GPS to keep geo-caching, it really is just so much fun. I love scavenger hunts, and to have one you can complete around the world is amazing :D

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