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Hungry in Denmark? Four Restaurants You Must Try

Food is taken seriously in Denmark, and this is not a country where you can casually skip a reservation. Some of the country’s best restaurants fill up months in advance!

Denmark is known for their avant-garde chefs who create artful food from unconventional ingredients, and if Michelin stars are anything to go by, Copenhagen alone has 15 restaurants to choose from.

The dining scene in Denmark does cater to all budgets, and you can be sure that no matter where you eat, food in this country is known for being some of the highest quality in the world, with a focus on local and seasonal produce.

If you’re hungry in Denmark, the following are four regional restaurants you must try.

Airport Dining in Kastrup

Kastrup is the location of Copenhagen Airport, and here you will find the world’s greatest choice of cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are options here for everything from freshly squeezed juices to world-class salmon, mouth-watering bakeries, Copenhagen coffee, and even juicy steaks.

All restaurants offer meals that are served within 15 minutes of placing your order, otherwise you can take your meal onboard.

Cafe’s in Aarhus

Aarhus is known as the city of cafes, and the city has cafes of every description; those who serve trendy, edgy recipes, and those who serve the more traditional open-faced sandwiches called ‘smørrebrød.

One cafe you must visit, however, is Cafe Smagløs. When translated into English this means “tasteless,” though their food is anything but. This was one of Aarhus’ first cafes, and has a beautiful open air dining area which overlooks Monastery Square. It has developed a rather large cult following and is incredibly popular among locals and students. Their NamNam burger is divine.

Isbryderen Elbjorn, Aalborg

Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth largest city, and this is one with a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. There is a beautiful fjord that runs along the city, which was historically important as a trading route. So it is quite apt that one of the most popular restaurants here is on a ship.

The Elbjorn boat restaurant offers visitors a unique experience while they enjoy fantastic Danish food. The boat is a retired ice-breaker class ship that has been since refurbished and now serves as a fascinating restaurant with a maritime ambience. Those dining can enjoy stunning views of the Limfjord. You can book out the engine room if dining with a large party.

We recommend you try the mussels. These are a specialty in the region and prepared fresh.

Frederiks Have, Frederiksberg

Frederiksberg boasts an upmarket dining scene, and this is where you will find many of the restaurants booked out months in advance. There are many Michelin star restaurants to choose from, though those who enjoy al fresco dining should head to Frederiks Have – a delightful restaurant which can be found in the shadow of the local neighborhood park.

This is a fabulous spot for romantic dining – two Swedish and two Danish chefs put on an excellent Scandinavian menu, which guests enjoy in a covered courtyard of this quiet and leafy neighborhood.

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