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A Few Pointers to Reading Hotel Accommodation Reviews

Planning a vacation, but not quite sure where to rest your head? With so many hotel accommodations to choose from, determining which one is the best choice (aside from the price) can be a difficult decision to make. From deciding on the type of accommodation (i.e. hotel, resort, motel, etc.), to choosing an overall price, there is a lot to decide on.

One great thing about traveling and searching for accommodations online is that you can easily find consumer reviews to help you make the best decision possible.

But which consumer reviews should you consider? There are several travel review sites which can make it a bit difficult to determine which reviews are best. There are some sites that pay users for their opinions and others which do not.  However, with a little research, and paying attention to the below key factors, you’re sure to find the best hotel accommodations for your next vacation.

Choose Your Review Site Wisely

As stated above there are hundreds of review sites that consumers can log onto and give their opinion. Therefore, as you’re choosing the best website to review, it is important that you do a little research on the review site as well.

Ask around to other travelers and find out which travel review sites they’re using or check online fraud reports to see if there are sites you should steer clear of. You want to look at more than one site to make sure you’re getting the best overall opinion about a particular accommodation.

Check the Overall Score

Once you’ve determined which review sites you’ll gather your research from, the next step is to determine an overall score. Of course no hotel is going to have 100% rating all the time, so looking for a hotel that has an overall score of about 7.0 or 70% might be advised.

Once you’ve determined an absolute bottom for overall score you can look at each hotel see what they scored before going any further into the review.

For instance on, Welk Timeshares in San Diego scored 9.5 out of 10. This might be something you’re interested in looking into as it is higher than your bottom score of 7.0 or 70%.

All in the numbers: As you look for the overall score of a hotel review, it is equally as important to consider the number of reviews have been recorded. If the hotel has a higher number of reviews, ultimately you’ll receive a more accurate opinion of what the hotel stay will be like.

On the other hand, a hotel site that only has a few reviews (even with a high rating) will not give you a well-versed opinion on whether you should stay there or not.

What’s The Talk About

Once you’ve gotten the numbers thing out of the way you’ll want to check out what people are actually saying about a particular accommodation. Read through a few of the positive and negative reviews. As you are reading through them, pay close attention to things that may personally bother you.

Again, while no hotel accommodation may satisfy every single one of their customers, checking both positive and negative reviews allows you to get a clear picture of what you might expect. If there are 30 positive reviews and one negative one, chances are you’ll be fine staying in this particular accommodation.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

You could literally spend several hours reading over hotel reviews. Pretty soon all of the reviews will begin to sound alike causing you to forget things that were significantly important to you. Therefore, you shouldn’t get too overwhelmed with the reviews.

If you’ve checked several review sites on a particular hotel or resort and found that it was overall a good experience for customers, then you’re probably safe to book it.

Check Affiliations/Partnerships

Lastly, after you’ve reviewed a few of the hotel reviews you can then do one last search before choosing the best hotel for your vacation – affiliations and partnerships. Hotel chains that have business affiliations and partnerships are more than likely going to go above and beyond to provide an outstanding customer experience.

Taking the example from above, Welk Timeshare has an affiliation with the St. Louis Blues. If you’re a sports fan, this partnership might prove beneficial to you such as getting discounted accommodations or deals on season tickets. You can also business affiliations such as the Better Business Bureau for a bit more information about a particular hotel chain. You can also look to see if a hotel has any partnerships with other attractions or events such as sports.

90% of online consumers state that reviews help to determine their purchasing decision. You too could take advantage of the many online reviews there are regarding hotel accommodations and other traveling needs. As long as you follow the above advice and don’t get too overwhelmed, you should be able to find suitable accommodations that simply put the icing on your vacation.

In closing, once you’ve experienced the accommodations for yourself, giving your own feedback could help the next person make a wise decision when it comes to traveling.

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    • Glad you enjoyed the article Ian, and glad we could set you up with some tips for making booking a hotel an easier experience :)

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