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Sponsored by Dramamine – the first non-drowsy solution for motion sickness

With the travel season quickly getting underway, now is the perfect time to address motion sickness. And while you may not have suffered from it in the past, this is a common condition that affects millions of people, and the reality is that motion sickness can ruin anyone’s trip.

Sometimes referred to as car sickness or sea sickness, motion sickness is a disturbance in your inner ear that is caused by repeated motion. Hiking up the highest peaks or cruising across the ocean can easily be derailed. This not only applies to those heading on a cruise, but could develop if you find yourself traveling in countries with poor road systems or stuck on a horribly crowded bus. Even turbulence from a plane could set you off. And unfortunately, many sufferers don’t do anything to treat it, or treat it with the wrong products and ineffective methods.

But for those of us who live our lives in motion, it’s critical that we know how to prevent and deal with motion sickness should it occur. Because it’s something that is easily treatable, and as such shouldn’t ruin anyone’s trip.

How to Prevent Motion Sickness on Your Next Trip

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Know the Symptoms

The key to prevention for any type of sickness is in knowing how to recognize the symptoms. Symptoms of motion sickness include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and a sense of feeling unwell.

These are all symptoms that arise from the inner ear, which occur because of changes to a person’s sense of balance and equilibrium.

Pack Dramamine

Those with a history of motion sickness you should pack motion sickness medicine like Dramamine. Over-the-counter medication can be a very effective measure of prevention for those who think they may fall ill. Though the problem with most medications are the side effects, mainly drowsiness. And that’s why you should opt for Dramamine.

Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals is the first non-drowsy solution for motion sickness from Dramamine, the leaders in motion sickness relief. One dose contains the full clinically-tested ginger dosage required to prevent and treat motion sickness.  And, since it’s made from natural ginger, it’s safe to use every day you travel.

This helps prevent and relieve motion sickness symptoms like nausea and vomiting, which products like antacids and upset stomach relievers do not.

Those with a history of motion sickness you should pack motion sickness medicine like Dramamine.

Suck on Ginger

The most natural approach to relieving the sensation of motion sickness is ginger. All you have to do is suck on it, and it’s very effective in calming your stomach down.

Though honestly, it’s much easier to go with Dramamine. Unlike many other sources of ginger that motion sickness sufferers frequently try, like ginger ale, candies and gums, using Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals contains the clinically-tested ginger dosage required for preventing and treating motion sickness.

Watch Your Food Consumption

You should always watch what you eat and drink both before and during travel, avoiding excessive alcohol and foods and liquids that you know don’t agree with you.

Those who consume spicy, heavy or fat-rich foods are more prone to developing motion sickness. Avoiding foods with strong odors will help to prevent nausea.

You should always remember to consider your interests when booking a trip

Choose Your Seat Wisely

Whether you’re on a train, plane, bus, or traveling by car, try to pick a seat where you will experience the least amount of motion. You can check in online for most flights at least 24 hours in advance, and this gives you the opportunity to lock in your seating choice. The middle of the plane over the wing is usually the calmest part.

If you’re on ship, you’ll experience less motion on lower levels near the center of the ship. If you’re in a car, try and call dibs on the front seat. Never sit facing backwards to the direction you’re traveling in. If you’re prone to motion sickness it can sometimes help to keep your gaze set on a fixed point like the horizon.

Plane seats

Don’t Read or Close Your Eyes

If you’re prone to motion sickness it’s a bad idea to pick up a book. Don’t put yourself through it.

You also shouldn’t close your eyes. Most people do this thinking it will reduce the sensation, but it’s actually one of the worst things you can do. “Closing your eyes shuts off a very powerful override. If you open your eyes and focus, either on a single point in the distance, or focus as if you’re driving the car, you can actually override the incorrect interpretation of the ear input.”

Find a Source of Fresh Air

Easier said than done on a plane – don’t open those windows! But if you’re on a ship, or in the car, open a vent or head outside for some fresh air.

If you’re around others who are suffering from motion sickness as well, try and keep as much distance as possible. You don’t need to hear others talking about becoming ill or see it in action as that can make your situation worse.

Completed in collaboration with Dramamine. Motion sickness can put a damper on even the most seasoned traveler’s plans, and Dramamine Non- Drowsy Naturals provides a non-drowsy solution to motion sickness.

Whether you are traveling by car, boat or plane, Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals will quickly relieve that nausea and vomiting. They know that time is precious as you explore new locations, and want you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your trip instead of feeling sick.


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Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. Great post Megan. Chris suffers from it sometimes when we travel and she finds she is always better off if like you said she can sit in the front and keep her eyes on the road. Likewise on ships she is better on deck where I guess her brain can anticipate the shifting ocean. Occasionally she takes Stemetil and that seems to help with flying when she can’t see ahead.

    • Thanks Trevor – sorry to hear Chris suffers too. I’m glad to hear that she’s established a few strategies which help her cope though. Definitely check out Dramamine too :)

  2. Great post Megan – even though it’s sponsored (i.e an advert for the drug solution).

    You could also consider the Nevasic app – it’s non-ingested so there are no drugs involved. It has also been through a clinical trial and proven to be successful.

    • Thanks Dave, and thanks for the tip on the Nevasic app :)

      Yes, the post is sponsored. We’re happy to work with brands we trust and personally use, and of course make it transparent when we are paid. Quality of content and advice always stays the same :)

    • Although….ginger isn’t exactly a drug….

      And some people with inner ear troubles, like me, are happy to try any remedy!

  3. I always eat ginger pills, look at the horizon or get some fresh air if I feel motion sickness. Those help the best. I do also close my eyes every once in a while and it usually helps me fall asleep if I am not feeling well and that certainly helps too – perhaps it is just because I fall asleep that it helps I don’t know…I have heard that sea bands should help too :)

    • Haven’t personally tried the sea bands, but yes, falling asleep definitely helps in that you’re not awake and aware :)

      Glad you’ve got your strategies which work for you Tine! Happy travels :)

  4. I too suffer from this.Find it difficult to explain when others ask me what is wrong.This post was very helpful.

    • Sorry to hear that Subha :( Tell them it’s a disturbance in your inner ear that is caused by repeated motion and it makes you feel quite sick.

      I’m glad we could help you out with some tips X

  5. I always have my SeaBands with me- they help me and I love that it is not a medicine I have to take. I bring crackers and water with me on all trips also- both help settle my stomach.

    • Haven’t personally tried the SeaBands yet, though will definitely look into them, thanks for the tip!

      I might give crackers and water a try too and see if it helps. Glad that you’ve come up with strategies that work for you Cathy :) Here’s to less time being sick!

  6. I immediately clicked on your post as I feel motion sick a lot..Mostly in a bus or a car driving on a hilly area. Thanks for these tips and information!

    • Glad we could help Deepa – I’ve found a lot of people think motion sickness only applies to being on a cruise, but in fact it affects many people in the car and bus too.

      Hope these tips help you out on future trips :)

  7. Oh my god Meg, I can just suck on ginger?! Are you serious?! I love ginger as it is, this is so wonderful to know! And your boat seating location tips… god those were needed. Will definitely be coming back to this article when I’m next on a not so nice ride – whether on a crazy boat or through windy mountain roads!

    • Yep, ginger is one of the best things for motion sickness – perfect if you’re already a fan! Definitely look into Dramamine if you’re not too good on boats. It’s made from natural ginger and it already contains the optimal dose you should take for motion sickness :)

  8. Very good tips! I am not very prone to motion sickness but when on a boat with a really bad weather or a very curvy road I always take a Dramamine and I am fine

    • Thanks Chrysoula … yes, Dramamine is my life saver constantly!

  9. All great tips! Dramamine is a must for me, as well as fresh air. It really makes all the difference.

    • And combining the two is a life saver! Glad you have a good strategy in place for overcoming motion sickness Carmen … happy travels!

  10. As someone who travels with three young kids we always pack dramamine! I’d never heard of it before living in Mexico (or having kids!) but it’s a staple in our medicine bag. Good to know about the ginger in case we ever run out :)

    • Yes, ginger is a great back up if you run out of Dramamine – really does help :)

  11. I don’t get motion sickness on airplanes, thank goodness, but I do get it while in the car on windy roads and I’ve had times when I’m completely knocked out with nausea and can’t participate in whatever we were doing for 30 mins or so. What a drag. I have carried dramamine with me ever since.

    • Oh wow Laura, that’s pretty intense for you then! Glad to hear that Dramamine has been helping you with yours too. Travel safe X

  12. Wish I’d packed dramamine on my trip to Komodo Island this past summer! I woke up after an overnight on the boat with horrible motion sickness. Though it was my first time getting motion sickness in years, it almost got in the way of me enjoying a day of snorkeling. These are great tips for people who suffer easily from motion sickness!

    • Sorry to hear that Erika. Cautionary tale that it can hit anyone and come on out of the blue even if you don’t normally suffer from motion sickness. I definitely recommend throwing a pack of Dramamine in with your toiletries for upcoming trips just in case. Never know when it might come in handy and save the day!

  13. I don’t have motion sickness but emphatise with those who do! Great to know there are other options aside from taking pills, ginger candies sounds much better.

    • Absolutely Mar – for those not a fan of medication there are a range of other different strategies to employ too :)

  14. I get motion sickness everytime in the car if I don’t sit in the front seat! Never thought about sucking on ginger. I’ll try that and see if it helps. Thanks!

    • Glad we could help out Melissa! Here’s to smooth car rides on future trips for you :)

  15. Great tips. Motion sickness can really ruin a trip and make you feel crummy all day. Being motion sick and stuck on a moving vehicle is a terrible feeling.

    • Thanks Mags – I had 3 boat rides and two vehicle transfers today, so I was definitely feeling it by the end there. Really isn’t the best :(

  16. I simply wouldn’t survive the journey without drammamine! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • You and me both Lauren! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

  17. Great tips! I’d never had a problem with it and then I went on a cruise to Mexico. Everyone said the stabilizers clearly weren’t working and I felt like I had vertigo the whole time. Wish I had been better prepared for it.

    • Thanks Megan! Vertigo takes motion sickness to a whole new level, and that’s definitely NOT fun :( So sorry you had to go through that. Definitely pick up some Dramamine to throw in your bag for upcoming trips. Hopefully it will stay there and you won’t need to use it, but always better to be prepared than not.


  18. Wonderful tips! I always have the trouble with my kids. No matter how hard I try to keep them safe, they suffer. The first tip, about the ginger is one what i haven’t tried yet.

    • Thanks Rajashree! Definitely give ginger a go and hopefully that’ll help – never fun traveling with kids who are suffering! Hope ginger works for you X

  19. while I agree that Dramamine works, it has terrible side effects for me. I am not quite myself for about 24 hours after taking it. It also gives me anxiety…wish there were better pills to take. It definitely helps if you watch what you eat before and during…

    • Sorry to hear that Dramamine has side effects for you Taiss … have you given the non drowsy version a try? Or perhaps tried natural ginger or ginger lollies which might have less side effects?

      Definitely agree that it’s important to watch what you eat in the lead up especially when you know you’re prone to motion sickness. not fun for anyone :(

  20. Oh, motion sickness is the WORST!!! (well traveler’s diarrhea is bad, too….) I have inner ear troubles and have to really be careful about avoiding motion sickness because it tends to hang around a long time for me. That crazy inner ear just won’t settle back down if it gets jiggled too much.

    I have always had to use dramamine or even benadryl and as you know…they both knock you out. That is not at all the ideal situation for traveling. I’m thrilled to hear that there is a non drowsy version! I’m ALL over getting it and trying it out. I’m happy to try out something natural, too. I was told I could have ginger when I was pregnant so I feel confident I could try it now.

    I always travel with a home made first aid kit because I am blessed with strange and unusual allergies, too! (lucky me! and will add this great product to the list of things I put in my kit. Thanks for the great tip.

    • Sorry to hear you have inner ear troubles Natalie :( That’s definitely the worst – especially as it can bring on vertigo which can be nasty :(

      Definitely check out Dramamine non drowsy … it works wonders and is much better than other drugs in keeping you focused and awake. And yes, the focus on natural ingredients is a big selling point for us too.

      Congrats on your pregnancy! Happy & healthy travels to you X

  21. I hate motion sickness and I have learned few things on how to deal with it. To naturally prevent the onset of motion sickness, home remedy methods might include consumption of lemon juice while enroute, riding in the front of a car while looking off into the horizon, when in a boat remaining on the upper deck so as to allow for clear view of the horizon. Additional prevention methods might include avoiding reading and greasy or spicy foods immediately prior to traveling. Once suffering from motion sickness, the best method for recovery is to avoid the transportation by stopping the car or bus. However, when unable to stop the mode of transportation, be sure to sit straight up, keeping visual cues directly in front of you. Obtain cold rags or fresh air to ensure proper maintenance of nerve sensation in the feet and hands. By allowing the body time to recover, and rebalance the equilibrium, the vacation will proceed as planned without little interruption for motion sickness side effects.

    Cheers then.

    • Hi Margaret, thanks for sharing your extensive tips – I hate motion sickness as much as you!! So I’m always really interested to hear the strategies other people use :)

      I haven’t tried drinking lemon juice as a preventative measure before, will definitely give it a go – thanks!

  22. I really want to go on a Northern Lights cruise, but I’m afraid i’ll spend the entire time being sick! I’m thinking of going on a cruise on a much larger ship where I hopefully won’t get seasick. Has anyone got any cruise recommendations which are suitable for someone very prone to motion sickness?

    • Hi Izzy, my first tip would be to research the bodies of water you’ll be traveling through – for instance if your cruise is a river cruise you’ll likely be in a better position than if you’re taking on open ocean. But if you are taking an open ocean cruise, big ships, with a cabin on the lowest floor, in the middle of the boat would be the way to go.

      I highly recommend buying Dramamine Non-Drowsy Naturals before your trip – I took them with me to Antarctica, and that was some of the roughest swells in the world. Keep in mind that you need to take sea sickness medication at least 24 hours before you think you might be sick, to ensure the effectiveness of it.

      Hope that helps! Cruising is an amazing way to travel, but if you’re prone to motion sickness, definitely prepare in advance to combat it :)

  23. I immediately clicked on your post as I feel motion sick a lot..Mostly in a bus or a car driving on a hilly area. Thanks for these tips and information!

    • Glad we could help Ruby, I hope you’re able to pick up a couple of ideas to help on your next trip :)

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