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How to Make Adventure Travel Your Lifestyle

In October 2013 the Wellfit Institute partnered with Lululemon Athletica and Origin Outside to bring adventure speakers to Naples, Florida. The speakers involved with this continuing series are from many lands and many cultures, however speak one language: adventure!

I was invited to give the keynote presentation at the first event, which focused on inspiring others to live a life of adventure travel.  I was honored and humbled by the turnout at the event – standing room only!

This presentation offers ideas for adventure travel, details some of my most memorable international adventures, provides money saving tips and tricks, and goes through how to obtain free accommodation abroad.

The full presentation runs for an hour.

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Featured Image Source: Adventure Collection 


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  1. Wow Megan, nice presentation! You handled the crowd well. I can see this leading to others in the future.

    • Thanks Deia! Was a really great night – had a blast! My main aim with this blog is to inspire people, so I loved the opportunity to speak at an event such as this!

  2. Great Presentation for Adventure…

    • Thanks Devesh! Really glad you could take something from the presentation :) Let us know if you have any further questions about anything we touched on – always happy to help.

  3. Nice stories and presentation, Megan! Great to see all the wonderful things happening in your life. It gives hope to all of us.

    • Thanks Fil – thanks for watching! Wishing you many happy and amazing opportunities in 2014!

  4. Hey Megan. Great Presentation. You have done some amazing things in your life. I love your quotes, especially the one about no regrets. Thank you for the tips on the Mount Kilimanjaro trek. We will be doing this in the next couple of years. We can not wait for Africa and to see those gorgeous giraffes. Thanks again.

    • Hi Alesha – thanks for watching! Let me know if you want any advice on Kilimanjaro – you’ll have an absolutely amazing time; completing the climb is one of the highlights of my life to date – I’m so glad I did it.

      You’ll love Africa – can’t beat the Giraffes!!

  5. Hii, Megan Nice Speech about adventure travel. you look so confidence during the presentation. Thanks for sharing such wonderful tips and your experience.

    • Thanks Razia. Glad you enjoyed the presentation – thanks for watching! Happy and safe travels :)

  6. Awesome presentation….

    • Thanks Rahul :) So glad you enjoyed it – wishing you all the best with turning adventure ravel into your dream lifestyle!

  7. HOw fine blog post about travelling

    • Glad you enjoyed the resource :)

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