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Authored by Brittnay Sharman

There’s nothing like an Aussie summer. You might think it’s all about the sun, beaches and beers, however there is so much more Australia can offer in the summer months!

Want to join in the fun? The following are 5 ways to feel like a local Aussie this coming summer!

5 Ways to Enjoy a Local Aussie Summer

Host Your First Barbie Right

BBQ Skewer food RF

The great Aussie Barbeque is world famous, and as far as cultural experiences go, nothing says “Australia” like sizzling a snag (sausage) on a barbie. To host one right, make sure you pick up some snags (sausages) & chicken skewers.

When you pick up the snags make sure you grab some bread, onions & tomato sauce! You’ll notice at every BBQ that most Aussies pile on the onions. All you need to do to prepare them is thinly slice and throw them on the barbie with some oil to caramelize. 

Skewers can be tricky to cook; ensuring that the marinade doesn’t burn before the chicken is done is a tough balance. Get this right or you wont have people lining up to come over for your next barbie!

The backyard BBQ is a cultural tradition across the country, but if you’re in Sydney specifically, locals know the value of a good public BBQ, and this is a great way to enjoy time with family and friends while getting outside and experiencing the city’s beautiful beaches and parklands.

Master The Art of Surfing

Surfing RF

Surfing is a more than a sport in Australia, it’s lifestyle. So why not join local Aussies in the water?!

Take a surf lesson, try to stand, fall, try again, perseverance and persistence create grit which is a necessary personality trait for any Australian. Nothing beats the sense of achievement when you actually succeed!

There are great surf beaches all over Australia, though you can find some of the most famous along the Surf Coast of Victoria.

Just over an hour west of Melbourne CBD, The Surf Coast stretches along the Great Ocean Road, and is known for it’s chilled, laid back surf culture.

Watch the Aus Open with Locals

January in Melbourne is all about the Australian Open, and this is an event that stops the nation! The whole country gets involved, and you won’t be able to move without hearing about it!

The Aus Open is a tennis tournament which is the first of the four Grand Slam tennis events every year. It features men’s and women’s singles; men’s, women’s and mixed doubles and junior’s championships; as well as wheelchair, legends and exhibition events.

You’ll find that tickets to the main courts are quite expensive, so we recommend getting a ground pass which will allow you to visit all the outdoor courts. If you visit early in the tournament you’ll still get to see some big names playing. 

The Australian Open has been played in Melbourne for the past 110 years, and spectators have seen thousands of historic matches between some of the world’s tennis greats. Attendance here often rivals and occasionally exceeds the US Open.

Melbourne holds the record for the highest attendance at a Grand Slam event, so if you’re in Australia at the time, make sure you sit in among the locals!

Beer & Barefoot Bowls

bowls club RF

You might have noticed that Aussie’s love their sport! We also love our beer, and getting together with mates for some afternoon socialising.

Bowls clubs used to be known as an activity for senior citizens, but in recent years, barefoot bowls has become a nationwide phenomenon. All you need to do is slip off your shoes, pick up a beer, and try not to let those cheap beers affect your game!

All bowls clubs will have designed slots that you and a few mates can pop by for a game. Unlike tenpin bowling, the object isn’t to knock down pins with your ball; rather, it’s to land it as close as possible to a smaller ball called a jack.

A game that can be played by anyone aged nine to 99, lawn bowls is played in over 40 countries. But pairing it with beer is distinctly Aussie! So why not ditch the tenpin to feel the grass beneath your feet!

Some clubs even have free bowls on Sunday, and while this is a game that anyone can play, without any experience, clubs usually also offer coaching lessons throughout the week.

DO.NOT.MISS The Great Barrier Reef

Water Great Barrier Reef RF

Visiting the Great Barrier Reef might sound like a very touristic activity, and that’s definitely true, however it gains a place on this list as it’s something that every Australian local dreams to do! 

Experts have warned that the Great Barrier Reef may disappear by 2050, so you will find that many Aussies are heading up the coast to spend time on the reef. In fact, they’re prioritizing domestic travel over international trips for this very reason.

It’s best if you set your base in the Whitsunday Islands. Local diving operators can then take you to the best sight-seeing spots for the reef, and you can get there by flying to QLD, or even taking cruises from Sydney.

If you’re a cheaper option for experiencing the reef, consider taking a day trip out of Cairns. The 2300-kilometre (1430-mile) Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world. You can swim, snorkel, dive and sail this living masterpiece.


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Brittnay is a professional house sitter from Australia. She has looked after all sorts of homes at pets in Australia, The UK, France, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand & Dublin. Follow her adventures on The Travelling House Sitters!

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