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A motorhome holiday is one every traveler should experience – this form of vacation allows you to sleep in luxury in destinations which are so remote that there are no hotels for miles around.  There really is nothing quite like waking up at dawn and opening the blinds to watch the morning sun rise over Australia’s Uluru, or having the freedom and ability to pull off and spend the evening on one of America’s most scenic drives.  Camping has never been better.  Hotel room views will never be the same. 

Uluru, Australia

Australia’s Uluru.  Hotel room views will never be the same.


But just as there is much to consider when choosing a car rental, there is even more to consider when renting a motorhome. Choosing the right motorhome for your vacation is the key to a successful holiday, and without the correct knowledge, can be quite an overwhelming process. There are not only a bewildering amount of motorhome companies, which can often be a minefield for first timers, but also a confusing amount of configurations, layouts and options.

As such, here are some tips and tricks for choosing the right motorhome for your next vacation.

Choose a layout which suits your holiday, taking into consideration sleeping arrangements, storage and facilities.  If traveling with children, think about booking a motorhome which allows for the children to go to sleep while the adults stay up.  Booking a vehicle with rear bunk beds or an overhead sleeping cab will allow adults to sit up in the lounge area later into the evening.

Check your driver’s license against the hiring requirements.  For instance some motorhomes in the United Kingdom require a C1 category on your license.  A standard UK, European Economic Association (EEA), Australian or New Zealand driver’s license is sufficient for renting a motorhome in the United States.

Confirm the minimum age for motorhome hire.  Just as regular car hire, it’s often difficult to rent a motorhome should you be under the age of 25.  Additionally, some companies impose a maximum age limit of 75 years.

Plan your route in advance. For instance, should you be planning on touring destinations with tight, narrow roadways, you will need to hire a slim vehicle.

Are you taking bikes? Many motorhomes come with a bike rack, however if traveling with expensive bikes it could be wise to opt for a motorhome with a garage, where bikes can be easily stowed.  A garage may also become a necessity for your trip should you be carrying large hobby equipment such as surfboards or skis.  Don’t assume that your motorhome will automatically have a roof rack.

Consider the weather. If traveling to a hot destination, book a motorhome with an awning.  Extended out the side of the motorhome, this acts as a sun shade providing somewhere to sit outside of the sun, and also helps to keep the motorhome slightly cooler than it otherwise would have been.

Think about an awning for destinations with hot weather

Think about an awning for destinations with hot weather.  Photo by James West.

Buckle Up.  Choose a motorhome with enough seat belts for passengers in your vehicle.  Wearing a seatbelt is a legal requirement in most countries including the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Consider space. It is commonly advised to consider booking a 6 person van for 4 people, which may be the same length, however will have more sleeping options.  Assess the length and internal layout of your motorhome and consider what it would be like if everyone has to be inside, for instance during bad weather.  The best way to spoil a holiday is for it to become claustrophobic.

Avoid tourist season. As with any kind of travel, you will find cheaper rates off peak. Research your destination however – there are often reasons why tourists will flee during off season, like bad weather.

Will you really use the toilet? This goes again to planning your route in advance; consider whether you really want to be emptying the toilet out.  If staying at established campgrounds and driving along popular tourist routes, there will be bathroom facilities at each of your stops.  In this instance, while a toilet might be a nice idea, it takes up valuable space inside your motorhome, and saves you from emptying the sewage yourself!

Remember to book Motorhome Insurance. You include insurance on holiday car rentals, so remember to insure your motorhome.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Emptying the toilet is annoying but it was well worth it for us (I have serious issues with public toilets!) And ym husband happily did the dirty work.

    Watch out for insurance and any exclusions – they usually exclude glass cover or undercarriage damage so be aware of that.

    • My husband has the same issues – so we would probably go for one with a toilet. Lol he would be emptying it though :D!!

      Thanks for the additional tips – noted!

  2. At the end Iof 2 weeks our camper was the transit with a bed in the back. I recon we could have travelled cheaper with a smal car and hostels. But, we met people on camp sites who are forever friends. The silver lining. Next time a car and hostels.

    • Live and learn! Although as you said, invaluable friendships and experiences which came from the camper trip :)

      Travel safe!

  3. Right! It is really important to choose motorhome that fits your need.

    • Absolutely – the point of a motorhome is to be comfortable on the road, so it should definitely address your travel style and personality :)

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