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“And at 5pm we have our complimentary wine hour where you’re welcome to join us for free wine, snacks, and massages”, he said as he handed us two keys to yet another stunning Kimpton suite.

“I’m sorry, complimentary wine, snacks and…massages, you said?”, I enquired quizzically.

“Yes ma’am, Tuesday through Saturday we offer complimentary massages as part of our social wine hour. Will there be anything else?”

“Nope, ALL set”, I said as I beamed at him across the reception desk. While it was only 4pm, there was no way we were leaving to explore Salt Lake City until well after 6. After-all, when someone offers you a complimentary massage with wine included, only a complete fool would refuse!

Though when I arrived in the lobby at 5pm sharp, there were cosmopolitans on offer as well.  I was in heaven. A very colourful, plush, elaborate version of hotel heaven!

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First impressions are lasting, and our first impressions on stepping into the lobby of Hotel Monaco, Salt Lake City, were that the hotel radiated with fun, sophistication and personality.

Plush lobby furniture was placed around a space which popped with colour, class and character. Complimentary bikes sat in front of a glistening concierge desk, waiting for guests wanting to explore the Salt Lake area. Chairs and couches in white leather stood out against carpet a vibrant blue, and glistening silver globes hung from high vaulted ceilings.

We had stepped into boutique luxury at it’s finest, and were ready to indulge in guilty pleasures in the heart of downtown Salt Lake.

Kimpton have a knack for creating unique boutique hotels with character and class, and the Hotel Monaco certainly was that. Pet friendly hotels with yoga mats in each room, seductive, lavish suites, and colourful, bold interior design, Kimpton’s playful atmosphere is the reason we are drawn back time and time again.

We were first seduced by Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco in Washington DC. We were then caught in a leopard print robe in downtown Denver.  So it only stood to reason that we would once again indulge in guilty pleasures by booking at the Hotel Monaco in Salt Lake City. If there is a Hotel Monaco on offer, we won’t go anywhere else.

Spoiled by Kimpton Hotels, we have now come to expect a combination of style and fun from accommodation when we travel. And the Salt Lake property did not disappoint.

Though on entering our stunning suite, we realized our bed was already occupied…by a Moose! Why? I’m not sure. But it was a fun touch, and knowing Kimpton, it was probably “just because”!

Kimpton hotels really excel at combining boutique luxury with a sense of place.

Like every other property, we were located right in the heart of downtown, and within walking distance from Salt Lake’s many great attractions including Salt Palace Convention Center, City Creek shopping center, Temple Square, the Capitol Theatre, and downtown bars and restaurants.

Though none of the downtown bars & restaurants served a personal masseuse along with their cosmopolitans! Kimpton wins again.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Oh man, you’ve got me wanting to get a massage.

    I love those complimentary massage suprizes you sometimes get! I can’t help but use them the minute I receive them, after lugging around all the luggage and gear.

    That’s awesome Megan. Keep it up.



    • Not a bad perk right!! Especially after a long day of traveling, a massage is JUST what the travel doctor ordered!!

      Thanks Ken!

  2. Free wine? Free massage? Where do we sign up?

    • Right!! That’s what we thought!

  3. I agree that only fool would miss something like that! I never say no to glass of wine and massage and when those two come together, oh well why only one hour I would ask? Ha ha ha

    • Maybe that’s a suggestion for them – extended wine + massage hour :D

  4. Free massage?! I’m totally there! I would love to stay here, it looks super posh!

    • It’s pretty awesome!! And the massages just added to that!

  5. Amazing place! and… free wine and massages? You’ve got to be kidding! That’s ultimate indulgence, and if you even get a stuffed moose then I’m totally sold!

    • The stuffed moose was a pretty cool addition to the room! The hotel experience just kept surprising us with fun little quirky additions – seriously loved it! Kimpton are all over the guest experience!

  6. Another amazing find of yours. I want that wine and massage ASAP! I’ve always wanted to go to Salt Lake. I’ve just heard so many incredible things!

    • Salt Lake is a pretty incredible place – not only did we love the city, but the community there is unbelievable. People are dressed nicely, children play with each other outdoors etc – it’s like America in the 90’s!

  7. Massages are always a nice addition to an awesome stay! :D

    • Yes, yes they are :D!

  8. Now that’s my kind of getaway. Complimentary wine, massages and an uber beautiful/colorful hotel! I think I’ll be flying to Salt Lake City soon…hahaha

    • Not bad right!!

  9. You had me at complimentary massages… but after reading through and looking at your photos– that moose is adorable! I so want one.

    • Pretty unique experience right! To think I didn’t even know about the massages until we got there!!

  10. Everyone’s raving about the massages and all I want to know is how good the Cosmopolitans were! Line ball there with a frozen margarita for my fave cocktail

    • Pretty awesome!! And I’m sure you can get epic margarita’s from their bar which is just down the hall – there were a tonne of locals at the bar so I’m assuming it’s a hot spot!

  11. Free massage? Heck yeah! We had our first Kimpton hotel experience earlier this year in Minneapolis at the Grand Hotel. Supreme service and they really wowed us. We definitely would love to stay at their hotels again in the future.

    • You’re in luck because they’re all over the US! Will have to check out the hotel in Minneapolis – we’re heading there next year for a family wedding :)!

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