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Ever wanted to be in two places at once?  After a recent visit to one of America’s most famous landmarks we are able to say we have achieved exactly that!

Hoover Dam straddles the Colorado river – which forms the US State border separating Arizona and Nevada, and since its completion in 1935, the dam has become one of America’s most famous national historic landmarks.  An engineering marvel at the time of construction – at 726 feet (or 221m) high, the dam is twice the height of the Statue of Liberty, and one of the tallest dams in the world.  It supplies the surrounding southwest with water, and its huge generators have the capacity to provide yearlong electricity for the three surrounding US States.


Hoover Dam

I was intrigued by the immensity of the dam, but also by its elegance.  The design of the dam is stunning and very symmetrical, as is the scenery of the rocky mountains behind.  I know it was an engineering marvel for the time back in 1930, but I still believe it is so today.  Looking down from a platform at something so truly immense and knowing that it was man-made is awe inspiring.  You cant speak – you can only stare in wonder and awe at this phenomenal site in front you – and I can assure you, there are not many things in this world which leave me lost for words!

The dam was one of the largest building projects in history.  More than 200 engineers were employed to design what would be the highest concrete arch dam in the US, and up to 21,000 men worked on the dam in total – around 5,000 at any one time!  A lot of these workers had lost their jobs in the Great Depression and so the project provided a huge boost for the economy at the time.  In fact, due to the growing population in the region Las Vegas became the bustling city that it is today!  The construction claimed the lives of around 107 workers – searing summer heat, inadequate shelter and dangerous working conditions were the reality of the project.  However contrary to a popular myth, no workers are buried in the concrete!

The dam harnesses the natural power of the Colorado River – a river which runs southwest more than 1,400 miles to the Gulf of California and cuts through parts of seven states – Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming – and continues into Mexico.  Below the dam you can actually take a canoe or paddle boat down the Colorado River, and tours are also provided.

We were just two of the 7 million tourists who visit Hoover Dam per year.  Hoover Dam is open daily except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and is located 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas taking the US 93.  We visited as we were leaving Nevada to continue our holiday in Arizona, however it is a perfect day trip if you’re looking for something to occupy your days before hitting the Vegas strip each night!


Mike & myself at Hoover Dam. Mike and I are technically an hour apart – he is in one time zone in Arizona and I am in the other in Nevada!



  1. I’m heading there in August. Can’t wait! ! Thanks for the great information in preparing me for my trip

    • You’ll have a great time – enjoy! Will be watching for your updates!

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