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You can only get up close and personal with the Hollywood sign by foot, hiking along the Hollyridge trail – roughly 45 minutes. We followed these directions from “Hollywood Sign Trip” website:

Drive to the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Beechwood Drive in Los Angeles. This is about 3 blocks North of the Hollywood Blvd.

From the intersection of Franklin Avenue and Beechwood drive, drive 1.7 miles North towards the Hollywood sign on Beechwood drive. All you have to make sure is that you stay on Beechwood Drive. Do not take the bait and take another street that looks like it is towards the Hollywood sign. The only one that will take you there is Beechwood Drive. 

At the end of Beechwood drive is Sunset Ranch. Drive up and park at the base. Parking is really limited though so get there early!!

Start the trail and on your left you will see the Hollywood sign. You are still far away from reaching it. Hold your nose! On the first part of the trail you will encounter lots and lots of horse poop.

Pay attention! This is the most important part of the journey. The trail will split. The main road will continue straight. The trail leading to the Hollywood Sign will sharply turn left. You will be relieved, the horse poop ends here. The horses will continue going straight.

The road will continue to curve. Just keep going up.

You will once again see the Hollywood sign on your left side. However, when the road comes to a fork do not make a left, go to the right.

Make a right when the road ends. This will seem like you are walking away from the Hollywood sign. The rest of the trail to the Hollywood sign is a no brainer, just follow the trail.

After the fork the road will curve again. The Hollywood Sign will still be on your left, however just continue on the road upwards. When you see the fence, you have made it! You are steps away from the Hollywood Sign. This is how close legally you can get to the Hollywood Sign. You have made it!!

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