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Hipmunk City Love: 4 Ways to Spoil Your Vacation in Cancun

One of Central America’s most popular beach destinations, Cancun draws travelers from all over the globe with its energetic nightlife, popular restaurant scene, and close proximity to ancient Mayan ruins.

With the perfect balance between natural and historic attractions which astound, and accessibility to modern comforts and amenities, Cancun is a destination well-equipped to offer tourists a memorable vacation.

However, there is a series of common traveler mistakes which have the potential to spoil your vacation to Cancun. Take note of the following as a list of what not to do; here are 4 sure ways to spoil your vacation in Cancun.

Photo CC by Dennis Jarvis

Forgetting Your Driver’s License

Normally a driver’s license will be your preferred form of ID; however, when traveling internationally most people grab their passport and don’t think twice about leaving their other ID at home. Self-driving, though, is one of the most practical options for navigating around Cancun, and those hoping to explore the Yucatán and its historic surroundings should think about booking a car.

After all, Cancun is the gateway to the ancient Mayan world, and while tour companies will pick up and drop off from your hotel, this destination is one in which it pays to have the flexibility of traveling at your own pace.

Not Packing Anything for a Night on the Town

The first thing on a traveler’s mind when they arrive in Cancun is hitting the beach, and this is what the majority will pack for – a casual beach vacation. However, Cancun also offers an energetic nightlife scene and it’s nice to have something dressier to slip into once the sun goes down.

You won’t be permitted entry into fancier restaurants or clubs in flip-flops – women are normally seen in a short dress, and men can pass with linen pants and a polo shirt.

Traveling Without a Waterproof Camera

Cancun is a beach destination, and one of the best in the world. Your camera will be the first thing you pack. But when the majority of your time will be spent in the water, it pays to invest in an underwater camera too.

Underwater cameras are fairly affordable these days, and this means you’ll have photos to show once you return home after having snorkeled in some of the world’s most spectacular reefs. If heading to and from Cancun regularly, it may be worth investing in a quality camera like the GoPro – these cameras come with an amazing range of underwater casings and option extras to improve your photographs below the surface.

Underwater cameras are fairly affordable these days.

Traveling Without Ziplock Bags

Ziplock bags are not an item most people automatically include on their packing list, though these will save you many post-vacation woes. Think about it – a beach scene + traveling home with damp and dirty clothes. Using ziplock bags is a practical way to make sure your luggage won’t smell by the time you arrive home, and they’re also a fabulous way of keeping your electronics out of the sand.

However please do make sure that you don’t leave any bags behind. Non-biodegradable products are contributing to a huge litter problem throughout Cancun hotels.

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