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Hens Party Checklist

A hen party is a perfect way for a bride-to-be to enjoy herself before getting married. There are lots of different activities to do which will make her feel pampered and special. A hen party is also a fantastic opportunity for a group of friends and family to develop even stronger bonds before the big day arrives.

Arranging the perfect hen party can take a lot of planning, so make sure that there is enough money in the bank to cover everything. Hen parties don’t have to be expensive, but it doesn’t hurt to indulge to a certain extent.

This guide is designed to make any hen party one to remember.

All-inclusive Hotel Stay

Stay at an all-inclusive hotel to make the bride feel like she is in the lap of luxury. Sometimes hotels have so much to offer that it can be tempting to stay indoors for the whole weekend.

Choose somewhere with exciting food and added extras such as free massages to make the hotel a great place to come back to after having a day out.

Timeshare rentals offer amenities with which a hotel room doesn’t even compare

Spa Treatment

Have a full spa treatment to completely relax and unwind. Slide into exfoliating mud baths and enjoy a soothing Indian head massage for a relaxing afternoon spent chatting with each other. If that sounds a bit too relaxing, then a quick plunge in an ice bath will wake everyone up!

Limousine Ride

They may be the celebrity car of choice, but limo hire in Perth doesn’t have to be expensive. Cruise around the city in style whilst sipping champagne and cocktails to receive star treatment that is cost-effective.

This is a sensible way to travel if the hen party has lots of people. Limo hire in Perth from Limousine Royalty is easier and cheaper than flagging down a fleet of taxis to take the hen party around the city.

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea used to be a meal for the wealthiest of people, but nowadays anyone can enjoy whiling away the afternoon eating sandwiches and cakes whilst sipping a cup of tea. This is a good way to have some delicious snacks without filling up too much before eating an evening meal.

Three-Course Meal

A three-course meal in a fancy restaurant is the height of sophistication. Quality food can be found everywhere for a good price, and this is a good opportunity to try out new dishes in new surroundings. Who knows, a hen party might be the only chance someone gets to try foie Gras in France or Teppanyaki in Tokyo.


What better way to end the day than to get on the dance floor to bust some moves and party into the small hours? For something a bit more relaxed, find a rooftop bar to drink cold cocktails and enjoy panoramic views of the city down below.

A hen party should be an unforgettable occasion, so follow this guide to create some lasting memories.


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