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There are a plethora of vacation options available to you for the march break, so why settle for yet another boring resort trip? Instead, you can take your family and/or close friends on a march break adventure they will never forget – a heli-skiing trip in British Columbia, Canada!

Helicopter Skiing

Helicopter skiing allows ski or snowboard enthusiasts to ride to the top of the mountain in style. Instead of waiting in long ski lift lines or walking up the mountain, you can take a helicopter right to the top, well past where traditional ski lifts will reach.

There, you and your family will be treated to the freshest, deepest, most incredible virgin white powder you have ever seen – you’ll have the top of the mountain all to yourselves!

Travelling to the top of the Rocky Mountains for such a unique experience will have many wanting to do this more than once. With skiing being popular at this time of year, especially during March, it is never a better time to hire your own personal helicopter for the adventure of a lifetime. Why wait in line when you can have a VIP pass right to the top?

Skiing Royalty Free

Great Canadian Heli Skiing

When you book your trip with one of the top heli-ski operators in the region like Great Canadian Heli-Skiing, you will have numerous options available to you and your family. There are often various packages to choose from based on your vacation time, budget, and wants.

For instance, there are “boutique heli-skiing options”offered by Great Canadian Heli-Skiing with flexible package deals that last about 2-6 days in length and provide personalized service specific to your party needs.

In addition to the small party helicopter winter sport adventure trip on one of the best mountains in the region, you and your family will stay in luxury accommodations at the base of the mountain with spa services, incredible restaurants, and more.

The uniqueness of heli-skiing is both thrilling and exciting. It’ll bring a group of people closer together on their March break and will bond families over their thrilling adventure tales. Heli-skiing can be one of the most extreme winter sports today; however, with a boutique tour operator, you can cater your trip to any skill level.


The Best Time to Go

If you’re after the ideal snow conditions for your trip, look no further than March break! With locations such as Golden and Revelstoke mountains, you’ll be delighted to know the weather is perfect at this time of year.

In fact, the temperature is ideal for skiing in March – May! If you go with your family, it’s a great bonding March madness ski trip! Just remember to bring your camera because British Columbia is a beautiful place to take those snapshots from the helicopter or mountaintop.

For that great Canadian experience, heli-skiers need the proper gear for a safe heli-skiing holiday trip. Make sure you bring a pack (for all your essentials: energy bar, spare clothes, points on it to carry skis/boards, hydration sleeve…etc.), goggles (i.e. sunglasses with wraparound sides to keep the sun away from all points of your eyes), layered clothes, or spare clothes to shed or put on as your temperature changes with activity and altitude.

You should also pack spare gloves with a hat, sunscreen, and a whistle (just in case).


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