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Dublin Destination Guide

While on vacation, where you stay, eat and go can make all the difference to your trip. Making the wrong decision can mar the whole experience and spoil the holiday.

Dublin is a city that is more than a thousand years old and thus rich in history. There are a wealth of attractions to explore such as the museums, elegant parks, stately houses and its historic buildings.

Explore the city, and it’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere as you make way through the pubs, art galleries, restaurants and shops. However, make sure to make the right planning as to where to stay in Dublin and what things to do before you plan a holiday to this vibrant city, which happens to be one of Europe’s top tourist destinations.

Where to Stay

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Hotel Resort & Spa.

With a little but right information, you can certainly book the best hotel in the city’s main neighborhoods that would just be perfect for you and your wallet. Temple Bar & Trinity College is a hot favorite with tourist and locals who love those cobblestoned streets and red-brick terraces of the neighborhood.

Dylan Dublin in the affluent inner suburbs will impress you with the flamboyant interiors carrying baroque mirrors, studded leather, and abstract metal sculptures. The Merrion Hotel is another highly rated hotel that boasts of a series of period drawing rooms and the largest collection of private art. Gardens look beautiful with their manicured greenery and fountains.

If you want to enjoy shopping and entertainment in the very heart of Dublin, then stay at the Fitzwilliam Hotel, which is noticeably friendly and splendidly modern. Another popular choice is The Clarence, which is a riverside hotel from the 19th-century.

Photo Provided Courtesy of The Clarence

Look forward to some excellent Modern European cuisine in an exciting dining place. The Morrison is located in a former warehouse, and John Rocha has done the interiors of the designer hotel. It is considered a beacon of contemporary design that serves modern European cuisine. The Shelbourne Hotel can be recognized from far, thanks to its red-brick Victorian façade. Enjoy the city’s social scene and afternoon tea in the main bar and the restaurant.

Another hotel that is within walking distance of Trinity College is The Morgan, which is popular because of its stylish and minimalist rooms as well as the enticingly hip area around. Number 31, designed by Irish architect Sam Stephenson treats you as a special guest. Situated in a mews house, the service here is warm and personal, and you will get floored by their delicious breakfasts!

Some other options to pick on where to stay in Dublin include The Dean, The Morrison, The Westin Dublin, Dún Laoghaire, Brooks Hotel, Wynn’s Hotel and many more.

Where to Eat

Your trip to Dublin would be incomplete without exploring and enjoying its marvelous cuisines served by its amazing restaurants and atmospheric cafés. Head straight to Trocadero that has dominated the city’s restaurant scene for several decades now. The pleasantly dim lighting and banquette seating make for a dreamy intimacy.

Try the smoked salmon, and the sticky toffee pudding served here. If you are looking forward to a fabulous cup of Coffee and tea, then the best options are Clement & Peckoe and Wall and Keogh. The coffee served here is truly exceptional. Enjoy your hot cup in the back garden and amidst the music.

Italian coffee

Brother Hubbard Whitefriar Grill is a favorite for breakfast. However, expect long queues at the weekend, but the food is worth the wait. Enjoy unusual flavors in the over-generous portions of a platter of waffles, lobster hash browns, and Turkish eggs.

End your day with a sumptuous dinner at Locks Brasserie. The flavorsome French food is both imaginative and authentic. Coppinger Row, with a compact open kitchen, low-hanging lights and its burnished copper bar is another favorite with the tourists. Don’t miss the hummus served with miss the grilled steak flatbread or the chocolate brownie. The tiny restaurant, Camden Kitchen is a favorite because of its hearty and wholesome food carrying with honest, earthy flavors.

For those looking for drinks, the top spots are The Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion and Bello Bar. Those bars get crowded early afternoon onwards, and if you are lucky, you might catch some of the regular performers here. Cocktails and tapas are served throughout the day.

Things to Do

The right way to explore Dublin is on foot as the city is very walkable. You can begin at Phoenix Park in the north and head towards the River Liffey in the south. Find your way to the Temple Bar after crossing the Ha’Penny Bridge.

You can spend some time shopping at the Grafton Street. There is plenty to do and see here, and the city’s number one attraction is the Guinness Storehouse where you get to learn about this world famous beer.

Guinness Storehouse Dublin

Photo by Kacper Gunia.

Visit the AquaZone, the innovative water park that offers exciting features and fun for the whole family. Head for Dublin Zoo that showcases a wide variety of rare and exotic animals in their natural habitats. There are giraffes, zebras, hippos, bats, tigers, rare monkeys, red pandas and reptiles and more.

Explore the National Gallery of Ireland to have a look at rare paintings and sculptures. Camp out at Kehoe’s, if you are adventurous and love being outdoors. Or, watch the Six Nations Rugby tournament that is a highlight for the sports lovers and get caught up in the excitement.

If you are in a mood to laze around, then just stroll through the Dubh Linn Gardens which is very popular with the locals and the office goers. Dublin Castle looks nontraditional with no moat and no drawbridge and hosts diplomatic or state functions as well as occasional performances.

Dublin Fringe Festival is famous for the performances in September and showcases new talent and promotes new companies. Those who love shopping, this is the time to style up your wardrobe at the Loft Market, an indoor fashion market that is flocked by the younger crowd, designers, and artists. You will come across loads of vintage jewelry and clothing on sale.

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