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An Odyssey of Beautiful Greek Hotspots

Greece is a mesmerising destination, boasting iconic sights like the cliff-defying blue minarets of Santorini, the magnificent temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, and the giant, mountain-guarded Delphi theatre. And that’s just the mainland.

With over 60 inhabited islands to explore, how do you navigate the best of the best on your Greece holidays? Read on for the places it would be a Greek tragedy to ignore.


The largest of Greece’s islands, with one of the world’s ancient seats of civilization, the ruins of Knossos, are a top spot for historians on an archaeology binge.

Don’t miss out on the views of a trek through the incredible scenery of Samaria Gorge, or, if you prefer to explore on horseback, there are several highly recommended stables on the island.


With its sizzling beaches and clear blue waters, this party loving peninsula has everything you need for a classic sand and sunshine escape. Set out on a pilgrimage for the north-east, however, and you’ll find the mist-enshrouded monastery of Mount Athos, a structure carved out of the rock face housing a total of 1400 monks.

Disclaimer: only ten non-orthodox travelers are granted travel per day, and females, sadly, are not invited.


This island has its own Little Venice, a forest of iconic windmills, and the rowdy Paradise Beach, which nestles beside a resort strip of bars and clubs.

For something more sedate, Mykonos also boasts as many little churches as there are days of the year, just remember to show respect if you choose to visit them.


Often voted one of the most beautiful of the Cyclades, it’s easy to see why handsome Naxos is so well-reviewed. Lazy sailing boats drift its coastline while its old town meanders with winding paths, crooked staircases and secret crannies in which to enjoy cheap food and the company of the locals.

While there’s something to be said for striking out without direction, with a destination as scattershot in scope as the Greek islands, it’s good to have an idea of what you want from your vacation. It’s recommended that you map your adventure before you get to Greece, because you won’t want to lose a moment of relaxing and enjoying the sights when you arrive.


  1. Whenever people ask us what our favorite location of our round-the-world trip was, both Lindsay and I say Greece tops the list of places we want to return to. I just loved the feel of the islands (we stayed a month in Santorini and visited Naxos and Paros for a few days each afterwards) and would love to explore more of them. Can’t wait to go back!

    • Greece just has to be one of the most alluring destinations on earth! And it’s a pretty good time to travel right now despite everything we’re hearing in the news!

  2. I agree with this list. I’ll still put Santorini in though, haha… the crowd may be overwhelming, but it’s popular for good reasons. I agree with Mykonos and Naxos too. I’ll probably add Paros into the list just because it’s sooo pretty. I think Ionian Islands are quite underrated, it has a beautiful shipwreck beach at Zakynthos, worth checking out! =)

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Andrew! So many stunning islands to explore – could definitely spend a lifetime exploring them all and still not be bored!!

      Thanks for the tip on the Ionian Islands – I’ve only seen photos of Zakynthos but it looks incredible, and I would love to get there soon :)

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