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Gone Glamping: An Eclectic List of Earthy Yet Elegant Essentials

Glamping has really taken off in recent years, attracting a whole new audience of people who liked the great outdoors but found it hard to give up their creature comforts, as well as experienced campers who like the idea of being able to retire to a nice bed or enjoy a hot shower.

If you are interested in what glamping has to offer and would like to know what sort of things to take with you on your trip, from a compact mini fridge to a coffee grinder, or even a fire-starter kit, here is a look at an eclectic list of items to consider.

No Outdoor Adventure is Complete Without a Campfire

One of the things that a fair number of us struggle with is getting a good fire going as quickly and easily as possible.

If you aren’t too good or too keen on the survival basics such as getting that campfire started, you might want to consider a product like the Light My Fire lighting kit. This handy kit contains everything you require to start your fire quickly and efficiently, and even includes a fire-fork for grilling some marshmallows, to round off your day’s glamping.

Campfire pixabay

Enhance your Glamping Experience by Floating on a Watermelon

When you are packing for your glamping trip and you know that there is a nice pool to enjoy at the venue you are heading to, you might want to add a watermelon to your list.

The watermelon in question, is a rather refreshing pool float in the shape of a slice of watermelon. Big enough to allow you to spread out in comfort and made from heavy-duty vinyl, this is an easy item to add to your eclectic list, as you simply inflate it when you need it, so it won’t exactly take up much space in the packing, but will provide hours of lounging pleasure.

Enjoy Freshly Ground Coffee, Even in the Middle of Nowhere

Not many of us like to go without our favorite coffee, so there is no need to go without on your glamping trip, as long as you pack a hand-crank coffee grinder.

The GSI Java Mill, is a robust and compact design, so it should allow you to grind the beans to your preference, using the adjustable ceramic burr grinder, allowing you to enjoy some great tasting coffee, even if you happen to be camping in the middle of nowhere.

You might also want to consider the Presto MyJo single coffee cup maker, to compliment your grinder and make your task of making your beverage a whole lot easier.


Glamping Glamour with Magical Firefly Lights

There is something almost unrivalled about sleeping under the stars and enjoying the night sky, and to enhance the experience even further, some Firefly lights will carry the magical atmosphere into the tent.

Firefly lights are battery powered and these tiny amber LED string lights definitely sprinkle a bit of electrical stardust and transform the setting to create an atmosphere that can be homely and romantic in equal measure.

Hang them in the tent or even outside and enjoy some real glamping glamour.

No need for a Crumpled Look When you Have a Steam Iron

Glamping creates a sense of occasion and if you are going to be enjoying an amazing dining experience under the stars, you want to try and look your best, even when you are out in the wilderness.

Pack an item like the Steamfast Home-and-Away steam iron and this mini-marvel will heat up in just 15 seconds, and then allow you to iron your clothes so that you look the part when you are ready to sit down for dinner.


Power up your Device Anytime or Anywhere

Part of the appeal of glamping is that you should be able to enjoy many of your usual creature comforts, which means that you might want to be able to use your smartphone or tablet while out in the open air.

Even if you do have access to some electricity, it makes sense to have some sort of backup, so that you can keep the juice in your gadgets and stay in touch whenever you want. If you want to be able to power up your device away from the socket and want to do so in an eco-friendly way, invest in a solar charger.

There are a range of solar chargers available, so it is best to check out which one will be best suited to your needs and the make of smartphone or tablet that you have.


These are just a few of the essentials that might make it onto your glamping list, so that you enjoy an outdoor experience that is as comfortable as possible.

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Rebecca Palmer loves to pack the family into the car and head off glamping for a week or a weekend. Long gone are the dreary days of camping, this lady likes to camp in comfort and style. Read how she does it in her articles.


  1. (No Outdoor Adventure is Complete Without a Campfire)this things is more important in camping. when we all sit campfire and gossip ,its a enjoyable moment for camping.

    • Absolutely Bappy, sitting around a campfire at the end of the night is definitely one of the highlights of the experience :)

      Thanks for reading!

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