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New Orleans is one of the best places to visit in the United States if you’re looking to eat your way around the country. It’s a hotpot of different cultures with its own unique fusion of cuisines.

If you’re already reading, it’s unlikely you need much convincing to give New Orleans’ foodie hot spots a try, and so we’re just going to dive straight into the best places for eating!

A Foodie Guide to New Orleans: 5 Great Places to Eat

Commander’s Palace

Southern Pecan Pie

This stunning restaurant has been serving up meals since 1893 and is located inside a former Victorian mansion. While the building itself is a historic landmark, the food here also offers a glimpse into New Orleans history.

NOLA is historically known for its Haute Creole cuisine, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here on the menu. Chef Tory McPhail has a fascination with Louisiana cuisine, and fuses Creole recipes with modern cooking techniques.

Local favorites here include turtle soup, bread pudding soufflé, and crawfish boil fried chicken. Chef has a “dirt to plate within 100 miles” policy, which means that all of the ingredients are locally sourced, within 100 miles of the back door.

Image: Southern pecan pie & vanilla bean ice cream with melted chocolate, candied pecans, and sticky salted caramel sauce. Image by City Foodsters (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr.

Hotels Near Commander’s Palace


ramadan Dubai food RF

Managed by well-known chef Alon Shaya, this restaurant has a focus on Israeli cuisine and is a great example of the diversity that the city is known for.

The name means Grandfather in Hebrew, and the menu reflects Shaya’s heritage – he aims to take you on a journey through food which also allows for insight into the culinary landscape of Israel.

The menu has a range of Middle Eastern, European and Northern African influences, with many of the dishes having been handed down through the chef’s family.

Expect to smell wood fired pita bread being baked close to the tables, while flavors of Bulgaria, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, and Palestine fill the space of the cozy restaurant.

All ingredients are sourced from local farms around the city, before they’re cooked over hot coals and then served on family-style platters for you on the table.

Dooky Chase’s Restaurant

Dooky Chase New Orleans

Founded by author and TV personality Leah Chase (RIP), this quirky eatery is a little slice of history in New Orleans. Founded in 1939 as a sandwich shop, it wasn’t long before Dooky’s became a thriving bar and then a family restaurant.

It has a long history as a cultural meeting place, and was once the go to place for discussing issues of civil and economic rights in the African-American community in New Orleans. They have a loyal base of local customers, as well as tourists, and often welcome politicians and celebrities (Barack Obama and Quincy Jones have dined here).

Their menu revolves around authentic creole food and dishes range from red beans and rice to shrimp Clemenceau and fried chicken. You’ll struggle to find something more “New Orleans” than this.

Image credit: Krista (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr


This stunning little spot is known for its seafood and its locally-sourced ingredients, as well as its classy cocktails and old school recipes, like rabbit and dumplings and smoked short rib.

Chef Donald Link uses traditional methods to bring out the authentic flavours of Cajun cooking and the restaurant itself is inside a renovated warehouse.

Molly’s Rise and Shine

Fancy something a little bit different? Molly’s Rise and Shine is a breakfast spot from the same chef who founded the quirky sandwich shop Turkey & the Wolf.

There’s no better place in the city to grab a spot of breakfast, especially if you want to check out their quirky recipes, like zesty roasted carrot yogurt, sweet potato burritos and whirled peas on toast.

What’s Next

New Orleans RF

Be sure to enjoy eating your way around New Orleans, and consider booking your meals in advance if you can to avoid disappointment.

As with any tourist hot spot, there are going to be tourist traps in NOLA, and many of these are restaurants. As a general rule, if you have to wait in line for a table, this is most likely a tourist trap. Eat somewhere else.

There are more 4- and 5-star restaurants in New Orleans than any other city in America, and locals don’t wait for a table. With so many amazing options for food here, step out of line and flag a local for advice on where to eat.

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Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


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