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If you’re anything like me, you get a headache when it comes to understanding the specs of today’s cameras. I try my hardest to watch YouTube tutorials in an effort to become wiser, but end up frustrated and feeling as though I am that single kid in the back of the class that just doesn’t get it.

Yes I want a camera that records good images and video, I am after all a travel blogger who needs to share my experiences with the world. My goal, however, is to inspire others to travel, not to enter photo competitions or create the next Academy Award winning masterpiece.

We’ve all become so programmed to think we need to keep up with the crowd by shelling out hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the latest well known name brand camera equipment. But there comes a stage where you wonder if we really need all these new fancy camera features and if so, does it really have to cost us an arm and a leg to get it?

Personally, I’ve gotten to the stage where I would rather spend more on adventure travel and less on action camera’s.

Fluid + Form’s Eagle 4K – The Best Action Camera Under $100

Fluid + Form action camera review

Spend More on Adventure Travel & Less on Action Cameras

Branding myself as an adventure traveller, I admit to falling into the trap of thinking I needed to cough up a lot of money for an action camera to capture my adventures.

But not wanting to take the time to learn all the specs, I don’t think I ever really utilised all the features I was paying dearly for. To make things worse, 6 months after purchase, my expensive GoPro ended up somewhere on the bottom of Costa Rica’s Lake Arenal and I was out a considerable amount of money.

Not wanting to make the same mistake again, I’ve put in a decent amount of research on a more affordable and wiser route for my next action cam. What I found was the Eagle 4K by Fluid + Form.

Priced at under $100 I honestly expected to sacrifice what my previous action camera gave me, but was surprised to find that it mirrored most of the specs and the quality was the same.

Fluid + Form action camera review

Fluid + Form’s  Eagle 4K

I generally think most of us are lost when it comes to understanding things like rolling shutter artefacts, dynamic range, and sensor size. Would you be able to tell the difference between 60fps and 30fps?

What I like about the Eagle 4K is that it comes loaded with all those fancy modern technology specs I don’t understand, but I don’t feel like I am paying for them. I get an easy to use action camera with great quality, which allows me to do everything I want, at a ridiculously more affordable price than those actions cameras which might monopolize the market.

As a bonus, it has all the top of the line camera technology in case I want to fully learn how to use it down the line. It was one of those moments where you realize “why did I pay for a more expensive model, when this one does everything I need”.

What You Get

When the Eagle 4k package arrived, it came with the following:

Eagle 4K comes with

➡ Waterproof housing

➡ 1 remote control

➡ 2 batteries

➡ 1 protective case

➡ 1 bicycle mount

➡ 2 straps

➡ 2 adhesive mounts

➡ 1 back clamp

➡ 2 fixed bases

➡ 4 cable ties

➡ 1 charging cable

Fluid + Form action camera review

Fluid + Form action camera review

The Camera Tech

For all of you out there who DO understand camera tech, let’s explore just how much of a punch the Eagle 4K packs.

4K Ultra HD & LCD Screen

The camera uses a chipset which enables you to conveniently record 4K ultra-clear video and capture fast paced motion when you need it to. It takes high quality detailed stills and video with 170 Degree wide angle.

The camera’s back LCD screen makes capturing images and accessing the camera’s settings all that much easier, something not found on all action cameras and definitely not at this price point.

There is also an included 2.4G remote control which makes recording in many situations as convenient possible, allowing you to control the camera from a distance.

Fluid + Form action camera review

WIFI & Ismart APP

Simple plug and play software & available app makes sharing your imagery quick and easy.

Camera Construction

Rest assured that wherever you want to go, the Eagle 4K can follow. Weighing in at just 64 grams and a few inches wide, it can be easily carried anywhere.

It has an extremely durable sleek design you’d expect to find with a far more expensive camera.

Fluid + Form action camera review

Worry-Free Guarantee

Fluid + Form offers 100% worry-free guarantees on all their cameras. This means you get a a 30 day money back guarantee along with a 1-year camera warranty.

Meets Expectations, Without the $$$

Fluid + Form brands itself as “Technology To Take With You” and that really rings true with the Eagle 4K action camera. I can easily take it on all my travels to easily capture stunning moments without worrying that should it be lost or stolen, I would be out a very large investment.

Personally I can’t tell the difference in quality between the Eagle 4K and my previous far more expensive action cam. With any gadget, I’m sure people out there might find limitations, but I challenge you to stop worrying yourself with all the tech and focus more on your travels and adventures.

Technology is advancing at such a quick pace that what is advanced now may be obsolete in a few months time. By choosing to go the more affordable route when it comes to purchasing your camera technology, it allows you to easily upgrade down the line without having a lot of money invested into your current camera.

Save your money for travel and experiences and hold back the temptation of feeling you need to spend top dollar for the latest gear that will capture those memories. You can definitely find equipment that will meet all your expectations without the high cost, Fluid + Form’s Eagle 4k action camera is proof of that.

Visit Fluid + Form Website


Action camera under 100

4k Waterproof Sports Action Cam

Action camera under 100

170 Degree Wide Viewing Angle

Action camera under 100

Waterproof Action Cam



Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. I still remember when I got my first GoPro years ago, that it was a big deal, a big expense to consider. Now you get cameras with very good quality at such good prices.. how things have changed so quick!!

    • Things have definitely changed quickly!! I too am amazed at the quality you can get these days with cheaper brands like Fluid + Form. Definitely not a big expense to consider anymore!

  2. You had me hooked when you said it came with a bicycle mount!
    You’ve added one more user to the list.

    • The mounts are awesome – especially the bike mount! Enjoy!

  3. I have a question: Is this a relatively new camera on the market? I had not seen it in any reviews a few months back. I’ve been thinking about getting into video as I’m a still photographer but love the idea of video. And my Nikon D300s has video but it’s not great. Still cameras just aren’t meant for it. This looks like a fabulous way to get into the market, get a good quality camera, but not spend a lot. Is the range good — highlights to shadows? Thanks for the review, Megan!

    • Hi Lynne, yes, this is a new brand who launched a couple of months ago. Though they’re the same creators of the brand ICONNTECHS, so if you’re looking for additional reviews, this camera has been made similar to the “ICONNTECHS IT Action Camera 4k”, bar a few features like diving mode and adjustable viewing angles. (

      Re the range, you don’t have separate settings for different levels of HDR (though can adjust the exposure), though I’ve found that it’s very good re lighting and shadows at capturing what the naked eye sees. Does that help?

      Happy holidays!

  4. Thanks for the answer Megan. And it does help! I am thinking that this might be my Christmas present to myself as it looks like the affordable yet not “cheap” way to get into some action video. So thanks for this review as I had not heard of this camera yet.

    Happy Holidays to you too!!

    • Awesome, self bought Christmas presents are the best lol because you actually want them :D!

    • Megan – do you know what kind of memory card this uses? I think it’s a regular SD card (not the micro one) but the website is not good with that info. Any advice on card? Thanks! Getting ready to buy!!

    • Hi Lynne, it takes a Micro-SD, the card speed should be at least class 10 :)

      The camera doesn’t come with an SD card, so you would have to purchase that separately.

      Let us know what you think once it comes!

  5. That’s interesting, I actually just bought my action cam a few weeks ago, a Yi 4K+ which is at least as good as GoPro for half the price, but I must admit this one looks incredible when you see the performance and all the accessories that come with it. It is true we can’t tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps in the end. If my Yi ends up sinking to the bottom of a lake, I will definitely consider this one!

    • Awesome Julien, I haven’t tried out the Yi 4K+ myself yet, but good to know that it’s on par with GoPro. A lot of the time the fancier more expensive versions have more impressive specs on paper, but bottom line is that you usually can’t tell the difference!

      If you do need a replacement camera in the future, Eagle 4K is definitely one to consider. But that said, I hope that your Yi doesn’t end up at the bottom of a lake!

  6. Awesome! I am exactly like you Megan, I know I need a good camera for my travel but I dont have the time or desire to want to carry all the equipment, learn all the tech, or spend the money.
    I love that the Fluid comes with a 1 year warranty and seems durable cause like you I have lost my gopro as I sent it tumbling down the side of a cliff rock wall.

    • I swear there’s a heaven for lost GoPros by now lol! There’s probably quite the stack of them sitting at the bottom of cliff tops and lakes!!

      Yep, spending more on travel and less on camera equipment is the resolution for 2018. It’s easy to get swept up in thinking we need the newest tech, and kudos to the marketing person who convinced us to crave an upgrade every 12 months! But the reality is we really don’t need it.

  7. Great tips – I have a share in a go-pro to take with me if I am travelling somewhere I need an action camera. But it would be so much easier to have something like the Fluid & Form camera of my own!

    • Thanks Fiona, glad you enjoyed the review. If you’re looking to buy something just for you, I can definitely recommend the Fluid & Form. The cost would probably be the same as the buy in for a GoPro share :)

  8. Never heard of this camera. Looks like a go pro. I like that it comes with a bunch of accessories and remote control which the go pro def doesn’t lol. Plus you can’t beat the price. I will have to look into this.

    • Glad we could introduce you to the brand – it looks exactly like GoPro, and I can’t tell the difference in the quality it produces – so being under $100, Fluid & Form for the win!

      And yes, it has a great range of accessories, and is compatible with GoPro accessories as well if you have any from a previous purchase.

  9. I’m in the market for a new action cam after losing mine in the ocean while paddle boarding and I’m intrigued by the Eagle 4K. I love that it’s easy to use and at less than $100 it’s a steal!

    • I swear there’s a heaven for lost action cameras by now lol! It’s one of those things where you wonder how they continue making money after everyone owns one, lol but the constant losses seems to keep feuling demand :D

      Can highly recommend the Eagle 4k – definitely incredible value for money :)

  10. This seems like an affordable alternative to GoPro and handy enough. And the money back seems like a good enough assurance to return this if unsatisfactory. I find that sometimes these smaller brands give you a better or an equivalent quality when compared to the branded alternatives. I have a SJCAm that is comparable to this and the quality of images with this Vs. GoPro are not any different.

    • Absolutely – probably one of the best cheap alternatives to GoPro on the market at the moment. Their money back guarantee definitely shows their confidence in the product, but I don’t think you’ll need to cash it in. I’ve been really happy with mine.

      Thanks for the heads up on the SJCAm – haven’t come across that brand, but definitely seems to be a trend that alternative companies can produce equal quality at an unbeatable price just because they don’t carry a household name.

  11. I admit that I have never thought of buying an action camera. But the Eagle 4K seems to be one to try out – and, just maybe, learn to love. (My husband has often thought of buying one as a dashboard camera.)

    • They’re great as dashboard cameras, or strapping it to the front of a car or bike with the different accessories (there are suction caps and car mounts).

      Can’t beat the price point either, especially if you’re buying your first action camera to try it out :)

  12. oh oh oh, now we are talking my language. I LOVE taking camera gear and tech stuff. I’m geeky that way. as a blogger and vlogger, I always get asked what camera makes the best videos and my answer is always the content makes the best videos. Drones and GoPros are just ways to enrich and the content. When you can buy three Fluid + Form’s Eagle cameras for the price of one GoPro Hero, then you have to start asking what does GoPro offer that Eagle doesn’t. Because I’m a geek with this I will watch comparison videos but if your needs are simple then why spend more? I saw the specs comparison chart and the Eagle does everything the GoPro does…At the end of the day, YouTube gets flooded with a bunch of action cam and underwater videos…people watching the video cannot tell the difference, so instead of spending money on the expensive camera, invest in some video making and storytelling courses so you can create amazing content or photography courses to take amazing pictures…

    • So glad you enjoyed the review Christopher! As a tech geek, I would love to know what you think of Fluid & Form’s Eagle 4K if you get your hands on one.

      You pretty much summed it up – when they produce the same quality, and you can get 3 for the price of 1, there does come a point when you have to ask yourself how much having the more recognizable brand should cost. And you’re right – not only can you not tell the difference, people watching your videos can’t tell the difference either. So at what point is it still worth spending big right.

      Totally agree, I think the extra cash would be more well spent put into courses which teach you how to compose your footage into a brilliant film if you’re looking to produce great video.

      Thanks for your comment!

  13. Wow, I haven’t heard of Fluid and Form before but based on this article it seems like the Eagle 4k is a totally legit replacement for a GoPro at a much cheaper price point. (I have always heard GoPro’s are mainly expensive because of all the marketing hype anyways!)

    We have an old GoPro (I think a 3) and we’re always talking about replacing it with a new model, but we just can’t justify the costs because we use it so infrequently.

    One question I have is whether GoPro accessories are compatible with this camera? Or is there a market of 3rd-party manufacturers that make accessories for the Eagle 4k?

    • Glad we could introduce you to the brand Nick :) Yes, absolutely, this is a fabulous cheap alternative to GoPro, without sacrificing on the quality of your footage.

      Yes, it’s compatible with GoPro accessories – the mounts and attachments are exactly the same, which is awesome, so if you do have mounts from your previous purchase, you don’t have to get new ones :)

  14. Haha. When it comes to technology and cameras I’m always clueless kid in the back of the class, too. I am beyond excited to learn there is an affordable alternative to GoPro. (I cannot believe you lost yours in Lake Arsenal.) I am totally going to hunt the Eagle 4K down.

    • We should start a club lol! Absoutely – can highly recommend this is a cheap alternative to GoPro, it’s fabulous and I haven’t noticed a difference in the quality of footage.

      Happy hunting!

  15. EKEN H9R Action, it has very good review on Amazon and it just costs 50$ bucks so i am planning to buy this

    • Thanks for the heads up Sachin – I haven’t had personal experience with the EKEN brand, but let us know how you like it :)

  16. Just so everyone knows the difference between 30fps and 60fps or 120fps is extremely noticeable when you change the speed to slow motion during editing. fps stands for “frames per second” If you have footage at 120fps you’re able to slow it down significantly and it still looks smooth.

    • Thanks for the explanation Wayne – makes a lot of sense, and definitely something to consider in that case if you plan on editing into slow motion :)

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