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The Five Best Holiday Sports

For some of us, a holiday is more than lying on a beach or by the pool reading a book. Instead, we use our annual leave to do those sports that our everyday just doesn’t allow. A holiday is the time to swap out the yoga tights for ski pants and drop the dumbbell for a golf club.

And for the die-hard sports enthusiasts, the question of where their holiday will be is dependent upon how good the offering of their sport of choice is.

Here’s a list of the five best holiday sports and some of the best spots you can enjoy them.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing is a true destination holiday sport. There are almost 5,000 identified ski resorts worldwide with many new players, including Russia and China, joining in on the fun. And whether you’re a pro or a beginner, the resorts across the globe operate on a universal language of rating ski trails from beginner to extremely difficult, so you’ll never be at a loss for options.

Skiing gives you the ability to escape the cities and visit pristine mountain regions, most with a lively village and cultural scene. Skiing also offers many fitness and health benefits including weight loss (depending on how many après ski sessions you throw in the mix), improving your cardiovascular system and muscle strengthening. Did you know that in a typical day’s skiing you can burn up to 3,000 calories!

Our top three picks for ski resorts include Whistler-Blackcomb (Canada), St Anton (Austria) and Chamonix (France) for their abundance of ski runs, their village atmosphere and their après ski options.


Photo CC MarLeah Cole

Scuba Diving

If you ask any scuba diver why they love their sport they’re likely to tell you one of the following reasons: incomparable tranquillity, unparalleled eye-candy and unlimited exploration.

It’s true, for every dive you experience there is a better and inimitable one waiting for you. That’s because each reef is unique; its biodiversity and marine life specific to the region; and the marine life operates on its own schedule, not the holiday-goers’.

Of course across the world there are famous diving destinations including the Maldives, Great Barrier Reef and Belize. However there are also many unassuming parts of the world that offer great dive experiences both for beginners and for experts. British Columbia in Canada has pristine water systems with unique marine life and coral species adapted to the chilly waters. And the Galapagos Islands, off the coast of Ecuador, are fast becoming diving destinations with dive sites and unparalleled marine biodiversity.

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Scuba for unparalled eye candy! Photo by Wanderlusters.


Golf – you either love it or you find it the most frustrating game invented. However, for a golfer, golf is much more than sinking a tiny white ball 18 times over a 5,000 yard golf course. Instead, golf is elevated to a matter of life or death where every stroke counts and every birdie is a God send. And when you pair this with the awe and tranquillity that comes with teeing off on one of the world’s most scenic or famous fairways, you’re in for a helluva ride.

What could be better than the chance to play in the country where golf originated? Scotland’s most famous course in St Andrews is a good place to start. The Old Course is distinguished and noble and a place of particular significance to legendary golfer Bobby Jones. Muirfield, the home of The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, dating back to 1744 is another great option.


Golf course in Grand Cayman. Photo CC by Fevil in Pictures. 

Otherwise, there’s Pine Valley Golf Club, New Jersey USA, ranked firmly in the top 100 course in the world. The course is famous for its difficulty with each tee sitting on an island surrounded by sand, dense wood, scrub and sometimes water. Or staying within the USA, Cypress Point in California is famous across the world for its series of three dramatic holes that play along the Pacific Ocean.


Hiking is a sport that is fully customisable. You can choose your routes and pace based on your age and level of fitness.  And the great thing about hiking holidays is their ability to be paired with other great cultural experiences.

Let’s take the Chamonix to Zermatt walk, which as the name suggests, starts from Mount Blanc in Chamonix (France) and ends at the Matterhorn in Zermatt (Switzerland). This route is an eye-popping journey of snow-capped Alps, rich valleys, flower meadows and glaciers. All of this is linked by secluded alp hamlets where walkers can expect typical European hospitality with a warm meal and a cosy bed.

Hiking Australia's Maria Island.

Hiking Australia’s Maria Island.

Alternatively, hiking the Himalayas is seen to be the pinnacle experience for avid hikers. However, the Himalayas are vast and can be both extremely hostile and serenely beautiful. Knowing where to go and the various associated risks can be daunting, so make sure you do your research and organise your travel cover before you board the plane and check with your insurer that you’re covered for sports and if you are taking expensive gear make sure you have it listed on your insurance policy. It’s not recommended to rock up and ‘wing it’.


Some people live to be on the water. They own their own boat, moor it in the nearest waterway and take it out…every month? Maybe five times a year? Working full time and making the most of your sailing passion is tough which is why many people opt to experience their love whilst on holidays, away from ‘everyday’ pressures.

Have you explored the British Virgin Islands? With over 40 islands, hundreds of anchorages, tame currents and protected bays it’s a true sailor’s paradise. These conditions also make for easy sailing, drawing in both beginners and old hands.


Sailing in Croatia. Photo CC by Ljubo Gamulin.

Croatia is another destination that immediately conjures up ideas of sailing. There is about 1700km of coast and over 1180 islands to explore, including the prestigious island of Hvar – a cultural and historical must-see.

Other Sports

You cannot go wrong with any of the above holiday sports, so what are you waiting for?! Book your vacation today and start sourcing out local adventure companies which offer the experience you’re looking for.

Other fantastic options for holiday sports include high adrenaline activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping or skydiving, though you may find you’re also just as content with a seat in a stadium, watching a live local game.

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  1. I love all of those activities but scuba diving! I’ve done the other 4 this year!

    • I need to get my scuba cert! It’s on the list!

  2. We always look to scuba dive at the locations we visit. Its amazing just how different a place can look from below the waterline. Great post!

    • That’s the one thing I haven’t yet done – scuba! Bucket list item I need to get onto!

  3. I rarely do any of these. I need to start and am considering scuba diving for my upcoming trip to Hawaii.

    • Hawaii would be a great place for scuba!

  4. Out of all of these I only think sailing would be interesting. We are sun chasers, so I have to say no to snow. :) But I’m going sailing on Wednesday!

    • Safe sailing! Hope the sun comes out for you :)

  5. Love this article! It’s a great reminder of all the things we need to fit in this year on holiday! We love the sun, like the few of the others have said, but I do need to take my boyfriend skiing because he’s never been! Our dream would be to live on a boat for a few months, but as neither of us know anything about sailing, I think we’d have to stick to a motorboat! Great write up! :)

    • I would love to jump on a boat for a few months as well – I do know that there are voyages on a tall ship you can join from New Zealand to Easter Island. Would be amazing, though expensive!

  6. I think my favorite would be to go sailing. Haven’t been down to BVI yet but am currently shopping for a sailboat so I can spend the next couple of years down there. Of course, you’re welcomed to visit anytime! ;-)

    • I may just take you up on that :D!

  7. Scuba diving is definitely our favorite activity ;) Great post……

    • Just arrived in the Galapagos – diving will be happening!

  8. I’m not much of a sporty gal but golf is a big part of our travels because Ryan loves it! It’s a great way to see a completely different side of a destination. He even golfed in Death Valley National Park!

    • Wow golfing in Death Valley is something pretty awesome! I’ve never been great at golf, but Mike was an instructor so maybe I should pay more attention to the sport!

  9. We always love doing adventurous activities! From this list, hiking is our favorite. I really want to try sailing one of these days!

    • Hiking is by far our favorite as well – we should plan a group sailing trip!!

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