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Finding Culture in Baltimore

The United States is varied and vibrant, even though its excellence for travel aren’t always its most familiar characteristics. All of America’s great cities have cultural flair all their own, but to listen to their reputations, you might not ever visit some of these great destinations. Baltimore is one of those.

Reputed for crime and decay, Baltimore proves to be one of the most unappreciated cities in the United States, if not the world. Small (for a city), but entirely itself, it’s the kind of city that “knows what it is”, as one friend put it. Here’s what one visit to Baltimore revealed.

Lexington Market

Photo CC Ron Cogswell

A trip to Lexington Market was one of the most memorable dining experiences I have experienced. The oldest market in the United States, Lexington Market has been in continuous operation since 1782. It used to be hundreds of covered wagons in a field, and today a building built in the 1960’s (after a devastating fire) stands in that historic location.

Lexington is like no market you have been to before. It features dozens (hundreds?) of vendors, many of whom sell soul food or international cuisine that is truly special. The essential place to visit is Faidley’s, home of (perhaps) the world’s greatest crab cake. Owned and operated by a third generation family owner, the quality and quantity Faidley’s produces is extraordinary. People jockey for space in this standing room only establishment, whether for fresh fish, raw oysters, or a fried crab cake the size of a soft ball.

Getting out onto the main floor, Lexington Market has delicious food, including world-famous Berger Cookies, a 100+ year old Jewish Delicatessen (with 100+ year old recipes), and more other delicacies than you could eat in five dozen visits.

Photo CC by bittermelon

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Baltimore’s inner harbor is famous and attractive. More developed and updated than some of Baltimore’s more historic and/or disused portions, it has food and shops the like of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Baltimore’s water taxi is a fun and affordable way to get to other parts of the city fast-ish. You also might catch sight of Mr. Trash Wheel, an invention of the city by which they are cleaning their waterways and offering a new model at water restoration to other cities all around the world.

Photo CC  by miamism

Historic Baltimore

Historic Baltimore is really something to see. These buildings have been around for, in some cases, three hundred years. Many are still in use today.

Other parts of Baltimore have been severely blighted by economic distress, and all of the effects it has on places and populations. These are something to see, also. Baltimore is a city in recovery, and houses on these blocks are sometimes available for hundreds or low thousands of dollars, providing buyers are willing to fix them and reinvigorate the neighborhoods. Many hundreds are doing this today.

Photo CC by  m01229

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