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“Congratulations”, he said as he threw over the keys to our new apartment. “You now have a home in New York City”.

We didn’t care that we were only in the city for a total of 72 hours – we had 3 days to experience New York, and, come hell or high water, we were going to experience an authentic NYC lifestyle! This meant finding a hip and stylish apartment to call home in a trendy NYC neighbourhood.

Sound difficult? Surprisingly it wasn’t!

Hip, classy and fashionable. Our apartment was a patchwork of design!

Hip, classy and fashionable. Our apartment was a “patchwork of design”!

The answer to finding a boutique apartment in a great location in New York City is MySuites.

A small set of boutique suites splashed across the most sought after locations in New York, MySuites caters to those who care about traveling in style and luxury, and choose to base themselves in hip locations close to understated hotspots. Each apartment is absolutely unique, and features one of a kind design pieces by hip upcoming Brooklyn designers. And we absolutely fell in love with our apartment for this reason.

There is no better way to describe our apartment than to use the words of the designer himself – it was a “patchwork of design”. Vibrant murals covered the beautiful white walls, trendy artwork hung from the halls, and pop culture quotes were placed throughout each room.

It was hip, edgy, stylish and classy; it was everything I imagined an authentic NYC lifestyle would be, but with an added a twist of luxury.


Hip, stylish and classy. Our boutique NYC apartment!

Our stay with MySuites was truly unparalleled from traditional luxury hotels. After having been on the road for so long, we took incredible pleasure in the comfort of a full service apartment.

We made full use of our fully equipped kitchen, and loved that the layout of the suite (“The Standard Deluxe“) allowed for a living and dining area as well as a workstation for my insane blogging/computer addiction (free wifi also included).

Space is normally in high demand in a city like New York, however the open floor plan of the loft apartment allowed us to truly sprawl out and settle in comfortably. Our bedroom was separated from the main living area in a loft upstairs. Once again, cutting edge design and fantastic use of lighting and space – the bedroom was gorgeous.

Our exclusive loft apartment in NYC.

Our exclusive loft apartment in NYC.

Enough space to stretch out and set up a workstation for my blogging!

Enough space to stretch out and set up a workstation for my blogging!

Fully equipped kitchen.

Fully equipped kitchen in a beautiful white space.

One step outside and we found ourselves in the trendy MeatPacking district, within walking distance from both the subway station and some of the best bars and nightlife in town.

As navigationally challenged as I am, somehow I managed to easily make my way to the subway and found myself at the Staten Island Ferry within 10 minutes. The next morning I was at Times Square for a New York TV & Movies Sites tour within another 10. I couldn’t have asked for a better location.

The subway was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Within 10 minutes I was at the Staten Island Ferry.

The subway was a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Within 10 minutes I was at the Staten Island Ferry.

For three days we lived out our fantasy of living like a local in New York. When we head back we’ll be sleeping with MySuites.

Have you slept with them yet?!

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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Thankyou to MySuites for hosting our stay. All opinions are our own. 


  1. Cute! I’ll def be looking with MySuites when I need an apartment for post grad!

    • Ooooh post grad in NY! Jealous!! Best of luck and safe travels :)

  2. Such a great idea! I love loft apartments. Do they work in other U.S. cities too? I’ll have to check them out

    • I believe MySuites is just located in NYC. Though I will be keeping my eye out for other loft apartments in various other cities as we travel through the US. They’re so convenient and comfortable – makes traveling a lot easier and more enjoyable!

  3. We’ve stayed in apartments in New York several times and love it. We stayed with MySuites earlier this summer and really enjoyed it. The design of the apartment really takes it a step above staying in a hotel.

    • It really makes travel so much more enjoyable when you have comfortable and unique accommodation. We’ve come to realize that accommodation should be apart of an overall travel experience, so we’ve been really trying to pick unique and enjoyable hotels. MySuites worked out amazingly!

  4. Wow I just love the patchwork of design in this place (and the phrase itself, too actually). I had never heard of MySuites before, also because we usually don’t want to spend too much on accommodation, but if we ever feel like spending a little more than just camping or a simple hotel, we’ll definitely keep it in mind!

    • Definitely – if you’re in NY on a special occasion definitely check them out :)

  5. What a cool spot! I will be in NYC before too long and, for the first time in several years, will not be staying at my own place. MySuites should be a big help for that trip, as we are too accustomed to having a home in the city to switch over to a hotel.

    • It was definitely far better than being boxed up in a little hotel room – something we’ve been in for the last 100 days of our travel! So it was really nice to have an apartment for our time there. Such a sigh of relief – it was like we were back at home and could really relax!

  6. It really looks nice!
    I expecially like the murals and the quotes on the walls. I would like to do something similare in my own flat but I haven’t found the courage so far *LOL*
    Surely staying in a flat instead of an hotel gives you much more about experiencing the city’s life.
    It’s an accomodation I’ve never tried, but I will keep this site on mind – maybe next time I’ll be visiting NYC! (which I’d surely like to do very soon!!)

    • It really does give you so much more freedom to experience the city likena local. And you’re actually staying in an apartment building with other locals so it’s pretty authentic!

      I’ve also been wanting to do something similar with murals for our house – lol but then we sold it to go travel! Maybe when we settle down for good…though who knows when that will be :D!

  7. This looks wonderful – I’d much rather stay in an apartment than a hotel. It was my dream for a long time when i was younger to live in NYC, so this would give me a tiny piece of that dream!

    • We’re starting to lean towards only staying in apartments now too – it’s just so much more convenient, and we like to do our own cooking to cut down on food costs :)

      Definitely check out MySuites – I had the same dream and it totally lived up to it!

  8. We haven’t stayed with MySuites, but we always love staying in apartments when we travel! It’s so nice to have the home feeling and it’s nice to live like a local for a bit! This loft looks great, and it sounds like a great location too!

    • The loft was super cool – I’ve never stayed in a loft apartment before but really loved it!! Location was really fantastic – would head back in a heartbeat!

  9. Thank you for this! Planning of visiting NYC in December and I will have to check out MuSuites! I would love to find something like this. Completely my style :)

    • NYC is December is stunning! All of the ice and snow and christmas decorations – you’ll love it! Make sure you go ice-skating in one of the outdoor rinks, and def check out MySuites! Safe travels!

  10. I love the design of that apartment! I recently did my first apartment stay and now I definitely see the benefit they have over hotels!

    • The design was so funky and cool! Really made our stay!!

  11. We are heading to NYC in a couple of weeks actually and currently don’t have any accommodation sorted out so may consider this as one of our options after reading this. I really think that going to NYC is all about sampling the local experiences and of course that involves your accommodation also, and clearly you have found a real modern, art-deco style abode here that is very welcoming. Love the stylistic approach of the decor throughout the apartment.

    • Definitely check out MySuites – it really does make for an authentic NYC experience – something very different than your average hotel stay.

  12. So, I guess I’m the only person who’s never heard of MySuites. But I did live in New York City for years (Upper Westside baby!). Need to check this out when I go back for a visit sometime!

    • I hadn’t heard of them before until I started researching apartments in New York – but so glad I found them!! So cool that you used to call NYC home! Def check out MySuites if you head back for a visit!

  13. This is like my dream apartment! Absolutely love the wall art, I’ll definitely keep these guys in mind. Thanks Megan!

    • You’ll seriously love it, such a great way to get the experience of living in NYC if you’re only there for a short time :) Let me know if you have any Q’s!

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