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Time for another traveler interview! This week I would like to introduce you to Kathleen and Brock from Our Favorite Adventure! A truly inspiring couple, in 2012 they both quite their highly respectable 9-5 jobs and literally sold everything they own – bar 10 boxes which are in storage!

They say they have learnt more in the past 15 months from full time travel than they have ever learned in the last 5 years combined, and encourage everyone to follow their dreams to achieve happiness, whatever they may be!  After-all, shouldn’t life be everyone’s favorite adventure?!

What do you love the most about travelling?

Being surprised by a new destination is what we love most about traveling. When you think you know what to expect about a place and you arrive and it is even better than you could have imagined. It opens our eyes just a little wider, and that is such a cool feeling.

What inspired you to start travelling?

Well, we have both always been travelers in our own ways, but now that we are perpetual travelers, it might be best to answer regarding that decision.  We were inspired to travel and become nomadic after we became so painfully certain that save, slave, retire ”someday” wasn’t going to work for us.  We knew we wanted to see the world together, experience new cultures, eat interesting foods, witness kindness and compassion of people, challenge ourselves, learn other languages, and feel more alive.

All loaded up with our packs!

All loaded up with our packs!

What is Our Favorite Adventure all about?

Our Favorite Adventure is our website where we share our journey with the intention of inspiring others to make their own life their Favorite Adventure. We truly believe that life can be exciting and wonderful for every single person if they have the courage to take complete responsibility for their life and live deliberately. On our site we write about our travels, great gear, hiking, travel tips, and pursuing your passions.

What has been your favorite adventure so far?

Our cross-country bicycle trip in the United States last summer.  We spent 5 months cycling 4,300 miles from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific coast, and it was by far the coolest thing we have done together yet. We took our time traveling the TransAmerica Route in order to move slowly and experience our own country and all it has to offer. It wasn’t always a fairytale, but when we finally reached the Pacific Ocean it was the most amazing sense of accomplishment.

Reaching the Pacific Ocean!

Reaching the Pacific Ocean!

One thing which you don’t like about travelling?

Planes, trains and automobiles…and buses. It is kind of funny that we truly enjoy traveling but if we could just teleport to our destinations, rather than be stuck on uncomfortable, cramped planes and trains for hours, we would be the first in line.

What’s it like travelling with your spouse?

Wonderful! We are best friends so we consider ourselves really fortunate to be able to experience the world together. In general we also really love how much time we get to spend together. Prior to becoming nomadic we had little control over our time together, we were at the mercy of work schedules and responsibilities. Now we are almost never apart for more than an hour or so. We get to make memories together all over the world! It’s pretty awesome.

Biggest cultural shock you have experienced while traveling?

You are going to love this answer: Australia.  We couldn’t figure it out for the longest time, but we were really confused by Australia. I felt like I was pretty well-traveled, having previously lived in Central America and studied in Spain, but my first experience with culture shock was in Oz!

After several weeks of frustrations we heard another American explain that the culture shock for an American tourist is probably non-existent because it looks like America and they don’t spend enough time to realize the differences. But, for an American trying to live in Australia that is exactly why there is culture shock. It looks so much like the States, the people, the clothes, the cities, everything is in English, many of the same businesses, but it is so different, and your brain is expecting it to all function the way it would in the United States. And, as you know, things are very different in American culture than they are in Aussie culture.

Hiking Fox Glacier in NZ

Hiking Fox Glacier in NZ

The greatest challenge you’ve faced while travelling?

In January 2013 we moved to Australia on a working holiday visa and accepted jobs prior to our arrival in the country.  We were really excited about the jobs and planned to work six months with the company and save money like crazy.

A few weeks into the job we realized we were beyond miserable and that we had to come up with a plan B quickly. We fought the urge to complain and make excuses for taking the job, and opted to see the silver lining. There was a reason that it happened the way it did and now in retrospect we can see that very clearly. This experience helped us learn to roll with the punches a little better, and that as long as we have each other and our health we will be fine.

Funniest or most embarrassing travel moment?

When we were on the bicycle trip last year pretty much everyday something embarrassing or funny happened, but one of the best was when we decided to hitchhike with the bikes in Wyoming.  We had had enough of riding in the desolate landscape so we put our bikes on the side of the road and stuck our thumbs out.  The first pick up truck stopped and it just so happened that is was pulling a flat bed trailer… perfect to throw our bikes on!

This just wasn’t any old flat bed though, we were in the middle of no where Wyoming… cowboy country to be exact.  This flat bed came complete an ATV strapped to it, and a dead and bleeding antelope carcass strapped on top of that!  Have you ever had to tie down your bikes and all of your worldly possessions with a dead critter bleeding all over and staring back at you? Not to mention how ridiculous it looked rolling into town with a flat bad hauling two bicycles, an ATV, and a dead critter!


Our bicycle trip last year.

Three things you can’t travel without?

This is a great question!

1. iPhone with waterproof LifeProof case. The iPhone helps us stay connected with friends and family back home through iMessages and FaceTime, it accepts SIM cards from the countries we visit, can be a hotspot and provide internet to our laptops, and the waterproof case gives us a peace of mind more than anything (not to mention it means we have a waterproof camera/video camera then too!).

2. My Nemo Fillo™ travel pillow. Memory foam-covered, inflatable travel pillow that packs down really small.

3. The MSR MugMate Coffee Filter, basically a travel coffee filter. So we can have fresh brewed coffee anywhere we can find hot water.

Which destinations are at the top of your bucket list?

1. Patagonia

2. Machu Pichu

3. Alaska

4. Portugal

5. Pacific Crest Trail (only Brock)

Most practical piece of travel advice?

Don’t assume anything. Always ask questions and get clarification. Learn about a country or destination’s culture before arriving.  And have fun! Remember to be present in your travels, not always worried about checking things off a list and getting the best photo.

Why should people try adventure travel?

People should try adventure travel because it is good for them!  It healthy to have that kind of excitement running through your body! Adventure travel is like a giant fresh breath of oxygen blasted into a trip. It takes many people outside of their comfort zones, and that is typically where the best experiences in life happen!

Kathleen and Brock are a nomadic American couple who have left their conventional life and 9-5 jobs behind in 2012 to travel the world. Their website Our Favorite Adventure is an up-and-coming blog where they write about their travels and pursuing their passions. The goal is to inspire others to follow their own dreams by sharing their journey.

You can follow their journey on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest also.  

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