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Extended Summer Road Trips: Taming the Turnpike During Extreme Heat and Humidity

You’re headed out on the road. But taking a road trip in summer isn’t always so cool. Fighting the extreme heat and humidity is a lot harder when traveling in a vehicle.

When it gets hot and sticky outside, here’s how to keep calm and cool within the inner cabin of the vehicle.

Wear Breathable Material

The type of clothing material you wear can make a huge difference in how cool you feel.  Be sure to wear breathable materials, like cotton.

Plus, be mindful of the material of the car seats. For example, black leather looks very elegant and chic yet the color attracts heat and the material will stick to your skin.  Line the seats with white cotton sheets while taking a ride.  If you really want to feel a cool rush, place the sheets in a bag in the freezer for a few minutes before you take off!

Bring a Cooler

Place a styrofoam cooler in the backseat or the trunk of the car.  Put cold compresses on your body to keep cool.

When you’re done put it back on ice for the next time you want to cool down.  Of course, you can pack beverages in the cooler too.  Also, munch on some ice to beat the heat.

Space Out

Body heat is great for when you’re cold but you’ll want to do the opposite of cuddling in the summer heat.  Leave plenty of space between you and the person sitting next to you.  It’s a minor maneuver but it can be a huge relief.  Sitting on top of one another will make you feel warmer and much more irritable.

Plus, it will make the driver more focused on the road.  Be mindful of how auto accident injury compensation is calculated in Louisiana and other states if you’re involved in a motor vehicle incident.

Wet Your Socks

That’s right; wet your socks with chilly water and put them on to cool down.  Even better, place a few ice cubes in your socks or put your socks in the cooler for a few minutes until they’re icy.  After, take them off and go barefoot.

The breeze running through the car (we’ll assume you have the windows down) will feel good on your feet.  Bring a pair of sandals to wear rather than putting shoes on while in the car.

Freeze Your Clothes

Don’t literally freeze your clothes but place articles of clothing in a bag.  Put the bag in the cooler for thirty to sixty minutes.  At the next stop, pop in a bathroom and change into your freezed clothes.

It seems like a silly thing to do yet there is nothing funny about feeling overheated.  The trick works and has been used to cool down bedding too, so if you’re sleeping in a humid hotel, try placing your sheets in the freezer before settling down for the night.

Bring a Spray Bottle

Buy a cheap spray bottle and periodically fill it with ice water.  Spray it on your face and on the back of your neck.  Avoid spraying your clothing; the cool water will feel good on your skin for a bit but you don’t want your clothing sticking to your body.

Stop Frequently

If it gets too hot in the car.  Take frequent stops and seek the shade while sipping a cool drink.  Frequent stops will extend the amount of time you’re on the road, but at least you’ll feel a lot more relaxed and less irritable as you’re traveling.

It’s not easy to be in the car for long periods of time with people, and feeling overheated can make people lose their patience.

Eat Spicy Foods

It seems counterintuitive, yet eating spicy foods can help you cool down. Spicy food increases the likelihood of perspiration, which cools the body as it evaporates.  Moreover, eating spicy foods inspires an endorphin rush that can keep your mind off of being overheated.

You should always remember to consider your interests when booking a trip

Think Cool

The mind has power over the body.  Bring along books about extremely cold places like Greenland and Antarctica.  Think about wintry images like iced over lakes, snowballs, and icicles.  Your thoughts can help keep your mind off the heat and can even make you feel cooler.

Drive Through the Night

Obviously, it’s going to be hotter during the day.  Plan your trip so that you’re making headway to your destination through the night.  Coincide stops and sleep time with the warmest parts of the day (from 11 am to 5 pm).

Also, when you’re crashing in a hotel, take a cold shower rather than a hot one.  Don’t forget to place your bedsheets in the freezer before bedtime!

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