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Fun, Diverse, Brilliant – One of Europe’s Finest Cities

The words passionate, vibrant and stylish are often used to describe Spain’s second largest city but Barcelona could equally be called cultural, artistic and most of all, fun.

This is a city that excels when it comes to the good things in life, and for visitors that means great food, an abundance of sightseeing activities and plenty of time on those gorgeous Mediterranean beaches.

As a vacation hotspot, Barcelona seems to have to it all and if you’re looking to sample a flavour of life in a Spanish city then you’ve chosen the right destination.

Follow the locals

Park Güell Barcelona


If you’re looking for traditional cuisine and don’t want to get caught in the big city tourists traps it will pay to eat where the locals eat. You can venture into the tourist-heavy areas such as Raval but make sure to look for the little side street restaurants where you can dine on delicious Catalan tapas and calamari dishes without spending a fortune.

Barcelona is crammed with cafes, bars and restaurants but the price you pay needn’t be exorbitant. If you want an excellent culinary experience then head to the famous La Boqueria where you can explore one of the largest food markets in Europe and stop off at the traditional restaurants such as Bonanova or El Quim in the heart of the market.

Sightseeing in the city

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

With so much to do and see in one city it’s hard to know where to begin. The Gothic Quarter with its plethora of historic and atmospheric buildings such as the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia is always a draw but then so is taking the cable-car ride to the Montjuïc Castle and the Parc de Montjuïc; the ride is worth the trip alone for the stunning city views.

Equally impressive is the wealth of museums and art galleries including the ever popular Picasso Museum, which houses the most extensive collection of works by the artist. Or why not visit the fascinating Park Guell on Carmel Hill, which dates back to 1900 and features extraordinary buildings by the architect Antoni Gaudi.

Beaches in the city

It is true that you’re only a short walk from the bustle of Barcelona to some truly beautiful Mediterranean beaches. In fact you can take the lazy route and ride the cable-car directly from the city to just over four kilometres of golden sands spread out of four beaches. Barceloneta is the most popular of the city beaches and you can see people swimming and sunbathing here as late as October.

Windsurfing, boating and people-watching in the sea-front restaurants and cafes are all popular activities here, and when evening falls you can spend some time in the lively bars, most of which have superb sea views.

Barcelona is indeed a unique city that offers innumerable activities from first thing in the morning until late at night; dinner in this city doesn’t usually start until around midnight during the summer months. If you’re one of the seven million visitors taking Barcelona holidays this year you’re in for a truly unforgettable vacation experience.

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