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Eat Sleep Breathe Travel’s Tips to Escape the Winter Blues to Florida’s Sunny Beaches

One of our favorite blogs, Eat Sleep Breathe Travel, recently posted a feature on her tips for escaping the winter blues to Florida’s sunny beaches. We are happy to republish Hannah’s post. 

Florida is a popular winter getaway for families across North America. Whether you are a student looking to get away with friends over reading week, a family heading to Disney, or a retired couple looking for a couple of months away from winter’s chill, Florida’s beaches have tons of fun to offer everyone.

Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach has a lot to offer everyone. It’s full of theme parks and kid-friendly spots such as Gulf World and the Miracle Strip amusement park. It’s also a spring break hotspot attracting party people from around the country for fun beach days and music-filled nights. This year’s SpringJam is filled with a top country performers including Rascall Flatts and Thomas Rhett.

For those looking for something a little more low-key, there is a winery, plenty of relaxing boat tours, and golf courses. With over 100 Panama City Beach hotels you will have no problem finding a property to suit your budget and style.

Fort Myers Beach

With soft, white sand and inviting turquoise waves, Fort Myers Beach is a mecca for watersports fanatics and beach bums alike. Adrenaline junkies will love the opportunities to parasail and play around on jetskis.

Animal enthusiasts should definitely consider taking one of the dolphin eco-tours, and there are plenty of expeditions for fishermen. Best part; plenty of Fort Myer’s Beach hotels are budget friendly, including the Lani Kai Beachfront Resort Hotel which is right on the beach with rooms starting at less than $100 per night.

Clearwater Beach

Another popular beach city, Clearwater Beach is best known for its famous Clearwater Jazz Festival and for the much-loved dolphin, Winter. While the 4 day 4 night Jazz festival takes places in October, Winter the dolphin is always up for a visit. Rescued after being taught in a crab line as a baby, Winter is famous around the world for her artificial tail.

She now calls the Clearwater Marine Aquarium home where visitors can not only see her but also learn about and the advancement of prosthetics in aiding and rescuing animals. There are plenty of Clearwater Beach hotels close to the aquarium.

West Palm Beach

One of the most popular places to escape to during the cold season, West Palm Beach has a bit of everything. There’s a lot of history to be had here, and much of it is available to the public to explore, from historic buildings to spooky ghost tours.

There’s also plenty of art galleries as well along with monthly events and performances. And of course sports activities, shopping venues, and beaches for play. It’s a busy spot, especially during the winter months, but any West Palm Beach Hotel can direct you to the best options for your stay.

Daytona Beach

If you love cars and racing then Daytona Beach is a must visit. Most famous for its speed weeks in February, this Beach city attracts thousands for the famous winter event. Just make sure if this is on your bucketlist to book your Daytona Beach hotel in advance, rooms book up quickly!

Without a doubt Florida’s beach cities are great option for winter escapes.

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This post was posted by Eat Sleep Breathe Travel on February 13 2016.

Hannah likes to blame her addiction for travel on Indiana Jones, but really, she has no idea when it started. All she knows is that as soon as she completed University in 2011 she deviated from the ‘norm’ and moved halfway across the world to Galway, Ireland. She joked about being ‘the travel virgin’; she’d never been anywhere before, much less on a plane, and she did it all solo. Is it safe to travel the world as an attractive girl?

Most people thought she was crazy. Not just because she was travelling by herself, but also because she was a young female travelling alone. She had every travel stereotype thrown at her and was given all kinds of crazy advice.

She listened to none of it, and in return had the best time of her life. She had visited 25 countries before she turned 25. She travelled through all but five of them as a solo female.

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