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Different But the Same: The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Regardless of Destination

The top 5 things to do in London v New York may differ in name, though when it comes to tourist trends, the types of attractions travelers tend to visit always stay the same.

The following are 5 of the most popular tourist attractions regardless of destination – places every destination guarantees to have, and places you can guarantee to find a tourist group or bus.


Russia Church RF

Places of worship are one of the most popular tourist attractions when visiting overseas, and regardless of your religion, travelers flock to temples, churches, cathedrals and mosques as they are always the most amazing buildings that a city will have on display.

For instance there are stunning temples all over Asian cities, and churches, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and basilicas still play a very important role in the city landscapes throughout Europe. In Italy there are more churches throughout Rome than would be possible to visit even if you spent the whole year hopping from the next one to the next.

You can easily spend your day throughout most cities taking in places of worship – just grab a tourist map, locate the icon for a church or temple and get going!

National Parks

Kangaroo beach Australia RF

With a varied range of parks throughout the world boasting unspoiled landscapes and providing a haven for endangered species, it’s no wonder that these are on the top of most travelers itinerary where-ever they travel in the world.

These naturally preserved areas are a guaranteed way to ensure an exotic experience, and starting with marine parks situated on pristine coast, stunning natural landscapes which make up the world’s National Parks continue inland to make up well over 1,800 official national parks around the world.

Each park is completely different from the next, some are covered by mountains, some by forests, some in the arid desert, and some located on the beach.


The top tourist attractions in most destinations around the world are casinos. Don’t believe me? Beating out iconic natural attractions like Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, the top three tourist attractions in Australia are casinos, with Crown Casino Melbourne drawing up to 10.9 million visitors in a year. This is in comparison to the mere 8.2 million tourists which are drawn to the likes of the Sydney Opera House.

Generally this is because Casino’s nowadays are much more than places to go and enjoy games of chance. Many of them double as fully integrated resorts, and offer great restaurants, bars and other places to eat as well entertainment and luxury accommodation, including some of the best hotel rooms and suites you will find in your destination, whether that’s Belarus or Sweden.

The Beach

Visiting the beach is such a popular pastime that even landlocked cities like Paris create their own makeshift beach during the summer months. And let’s be honest, it’s likely because there’s nothing more enjoyable than lying in the sun!

Many of the world’s major cities have their own beaches, from Chicago to New York and Sydney, and there are some truly spectacular beach destinations from witnessing the enormous waves at Australia’s Bondi, to the bright red sand of Playa Roja in Paracas, Peru.

If you’ve planned ahead and packed a compact travel hammock for the beach, you’re already set with a recipe for success!


Museums are a popular way to spend time abroad, and with quite a lot of museums throughout the world now free, these are a hotspot for tourists no matter where in the world you may be.

Museums are a fantastic way to learn about the culture and history of a destination, and for travelers there is no better way to become acquainted with a new place. For instance the Natural History Museum in London is one of the world’s finest, and the Museum of London will educate you on the history of London from Roman times to today.

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Photo credits: Featured by Reginald Pentinio. Churches by Stephen Bugno & Bob van Hesse. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia by Clark & Kim Kays. Lake Bled National Park by Ramón. Casino table by Jamie McCaffrey. Star Sydney by Christopher Yardin.

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