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A Backpackers Tale’s Recommendations: Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Thailand

One of our favorite blogs, A Backpackers Tale, recently posted a feature on a destination which is unknown to us…Thailand. We are happy to republish his post. 

With its stunning beaches, mouth-watering foods, friendly atmosphere and luxury hotels, Thailand has become one of the top countries to visit when backpacking Southeast Asia. During my life of traveling the world, I continually find myself lured back Thailand over and over.

While this Southeast Asian country has some major hotspots, like Krabi, visitors can still get off the regular tourist track and into the unknown.

Here are some places to check out in Thailand if you are seeking to get off the beaten path while visiting some of Thailand’s most popular destinations. Hua Hin Thailand has a massive nightlife scene that caters to backpackers especially on the islands.


Parties like the Full Moon party, on Ko Phangan, are packed each month with tens of thousands of tourist. But you can also escape the crazy nightlife by heading to lesser-known beach destinations like Hua Hin.

This resort area isn’t filled with the hustle and bustle of drunk tourist, while letting you have fun and enjoy the awe-inspiring landscape and take in the Southeast Asian sun.


If you are looking for a party destination, then Pattaya is a popular choice. However, this city offers a lot more than just a booming nightlife. There are many things to see in Pattaya such as Nong Nooch, Sanctuary of Truth, and Wat Yansangwararam.

So if you are in Pattaya to party, there are still some excellent sites to see. If you are avoiding Pattaya because of the parties, it is possible to escape them and still get some Thai culture.


The Thalang district of Thailand is close to Phuket. This means a variety of activities on your doorstep. Take your pick from beautiful beaches to resorts, to epic scuba diving and snorkeling. There is a lot to do and see around this area.


Chiang Mai is one of my favorite cities on the planet. The food is fantastic, the locals charming, and the cost of living for the quality is equal to none.If you are looking for a place to hang your hat for a few weeks and recharge your travel batteries, then I would highly recommend heading to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is also a perfect home base for some small trips. You can easily head to Chiang Rai to view the glorious White and Black Temples, or take a road trip across the curvy mountains roads to get to explore the green hills of Pai.


I’ve come to see that Thailand is a very rich country with multiple layers. In fact, I have spent around a year traveling Thailand, and I still feel as if I have just scratched the surface of what the country offers. It is a country I am continually falling in love with and one that I will keep visiting for the rest of my life.

Your trip to Thailand doesn’t have to be filled with crazy parties, and crowded touristy sites. These are some great examples of how you can visit Thailand’s hotspots and still get off the beaten path.

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This post was posted by A Backpackers Tale on February 27 2016.

Travel became Stephen’s passion when he was 22. It all started when in 2006 he took my first trip overseas to Ireland. For over two weeks he walked along the stony coast, wandered through castles, and listened to live music in the pubs.

He quickly fell in love with all the excitement travel has to offer.

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