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Are you traveling to Bangalore with an extra couple of days to spare? Are you looking for some fantastic day trip options to make the most of your visit?

Here we have listed day trip options from Bangalore that are perfect for a quick rejuvenating trip (with driving distance beneath each subheading). Bangalore hotels are a great base for the following day trips.


3 h 6 min (150.0 km) via NH275

The rich cultural heritage and beauty of Mysore draws thousands of visitors each year. Known as the “City of Palaces,” is an ideal spot for the shutterbugs and history enthusiasts.

The Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Brindavan Gardens, and St. Philomena’s Church are some of the popular and must-visit places of the city. Also, make sure you try the mouth-watering South Indian sweet called “Mysore Pak” on your exploration journey to this city.

If you have time, take a guided tour of the Mysore Palace to know in detail the history attached to this city.

Mysore Palace - India

Mysore Palace - India

Nandi Hills

1 h 31 min (61.1 km) via Bellary Rd and NH44

Located just about 60 kms away from Bangalore, Nandi Hills is blessed with a pleasant climate all year round. This makes it a popular day trip destination for those living in the metro city.

A paradise for nature lovers, Nandi Hills is also a great place for those who enjoy trekking. The brilliant sunrise acts as the perfect backdrop for the misty mountains located in this area.


1 h 22 min (57.8 km) via Bellary Rd and NH44

Surrounded by five hills, Chikkaballapura is an ideal picnic spot for those living in Bangalore. Whether you want to trek, hike or just explore the beautiful surroundings, this place has it all.

Chikkaballapura is also famous for its temples, silk and incense industry. So, if you wish to spend a day away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Chikkaballapura is the right place for you. To reach here, you can easily hire a taxi from any of the service providers available in Bangalore at a reasonable rate.


1 h 21 min (54.5 km) via NH275

If you are a Bollywood buff, then think no more and make way to Ramanagaram where the iconic flick Sholay was filmed.

Dotted with rocks and boulders, Ramanagaram is a place for those looking for a day packed with adventure activities. From trekking, rappelling to cave exploration, Ramanagaram has it all for a quick adrenaline rush.

Ramanagaram Valley India

Ramanagaram Valley India


2 h 31 min (105.0 km) via NH209

Located at an easy driving distance from the Garden City, Bheemeshwari is another amazing day trip option for the travel enthusiasts.

The nature lover in you would love exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary while your adventurous side will have a great time at the trekking trails and camps available in this area. Whether you are looking for a day filled with adventures or wish to spend time quality time sitting by the Kaveri river bank, the choice is yours.


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Photo credits: Mysore Palace by Spiros Vathis and Keith Cuddeback. Ramanagaram Valley by Nicolas Mirguet


  1. Great selection of ideas for trips from Bangalore. Am loving the suggestion of Ramanagaram, this looks like such a distinctive landscape, one well worth seeing.

    • Thanks Kavey! Absolutely, Ramanagaram is beautiful and so great for outdoor adventure! Happy travels :)

  2. Awesome photos. I am a KANNADIGA and from Bengaluru. Mysore never looked so beautiful. Thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! :) Yes Mysore is stunning!

  3. I would love to go to Mysore. In fact the city of palaces just looks too beautiful for words

    • Probably one of the most beautiful palaces on earth!

  4. Hey, lovely little list there. Although I in the north of India, it’s always good to know about day trips from other metropolitan cities of the country. Bangalore is quite a popular destination and the these little trips especially Ramanagaram is of interest to me – yes because of the movie.

    • Thanks Raghav :) I’m glad that we could set you up with some ideas for short day trips if you find yourself in Bangalore sometime soon :) Happy travels!

  5. I havent been to India but Bangalore is on my list of places I do want to check out there. Loving your list and will consider these when I eventually plan to get there.

    • Definitely include Bangalore on your itinerary – hope you have the chance to visit India soon!

  6. Mysore looks great!

    • One of the most beautiful palaces in the world!

  7. What a lovely list of options and recommendations. Though the Mysore Palace looks very tempting, I am keeping Ramanagaram at the top of my list. At just one hour and a half away and with that magnificent view, it seems like you cant go wrong!

    • Great for outdoor adventure too! Happy travels :)

  8. These places are awesome. I’m right in the middle of putting together my plan for India trip so this article is just in the right time. :) I didn’t know about any of these places, so now I will definately add them to the route. And the photos in this post are truly amazing :)

    • Glad we could catch you before you traveled Anete :) Have an incredible trip to India – let us know what you think of each day trip!

  9. Great ideas for day trips. There really is so much to see and do in India. I think I could get lost there for years! Every article I read just gives me more places to add to the list!

    • Thanks Vicki – you could definitely spend a lifetime exploring everything India has to offer – it’s such a huge country, one article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface! But we’ve got to start somewhere of course :D

      Glad we could add to your India bucketlist :)

  10. Great list Meg! Nandi Hill used to be my favourite when I lived in Bangalore…easy to just take your bike out and drive up. The views on a good day are stunning from up there…

    • Thanks Siddhartha! Awesome that you got to take full advantage of these trips from living in Bangalore – totally agree re the views from Nandi Hill!

  11. India is a fascinating country to visit but I can’t say that Bangalore has ever been high on my bucket list. However, I’m surprised at the varied and interesting places you can visit nearby. I think I might have a trip to India coming up soon!

    • Glad we could inspire you to take another look at Bangalore :) It does serve as a great base for exploring the surrounds.

      Happy travels!

  12. Great list!! Out of all those you mentioned I just knew about Nandi hills and Mysore. Mysore is really beautiful and Nandi hills are yet to be explored. Other places too look great and will check them out once around Bangalore.

    • Thanks Suruchi! I’m glad we could introduce you to a couple of new trip ideas. Hope you have the chance to plan a couple of visits sometime soon :)

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