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Five Reasons Cycling Is the Best Way to Tour

Thinking of touring a certain location but not sure what’s the best means of transportation to use while there? A cycling tour should be among your most viable options. Here’s why.

Inexpensive and Fast

Hiring a car or moving around in a cab can get quite expensive pretty quickly. Not so when you book a bike tour. It’s a relatively low cost way to see a fairly large area within a short time. The only fuel you need is raw leg power.

Walking (or running) is cheaper than cycling but it significantly limits the number of places you can reach within a short time. A bike tour is the perfect balance between motorized transportation and walking.

In cities notorious for traffic jams, cycling is actually a faster means of transportation.

RF Reasons to go on a bike tour


Cycling means physical exertion. Even when you are moving around at a leisurely pace, the twists, turns, ascents and descents get those muscles flexing.

Cycling improves bowel movement and reduces the likelihood of constipation. It betters cardiovascular function and significantly cuts the risk of heart disease.

The improved blood circulation boosts brain power and wards off Alzheimer’s. Health wise, cycling is certainly much better on your body than traveling in a motorized vehicle.


Noticed someone playing nice music and want to stop and listen for a few minutes? Keen on chatting with random locals so you can find out what they think about their city? With a bike, it will be easy to stop and savor these moments.

Bike tours offer a level of freedom and flexibility that many conventional tourists do not experience. Unlike driving, where you have to be content with zooming past interesting people and places, cycling tours allow you to slow things down; take in the sights and sounds that form the heart and soul of a place.

Bike tours have a spontaneity to them that is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

RF Reasons to go on a bike tour

Tourist Traps Free

Tourists traps are usually well meaning and often designed to so that visitors can see the ‘best’ aspects of an area safely and within a short time. Yet many locations and especially cities are complex communities with multiple distinct facets. Not every visitor will necessarily be interested in the same thing.

Tourists traps are not the way to go if you are looking to see an unfiltered picture of a place. With a cycling tour, you are less likely to be funneled into predictable and unimaginative destinations. If you want to be immersed in a place and see how daily life is like for locals, bikes are probably your best bet to get there.

Bonding Time

Cycling is a great way to connect with family, friends or work colleagues. Unlike driving where only one member of the group is really involved while everyone else is mostly passive, cycling is an activity the whole group participates in.

For families, it’s also a great way to inculcate an exercise habit in children. Kids that accompany their parents on bike tours see cycling as a key part of living a well-rounded life.

For the best cycling experience, make sure the bike you use is in good condition. If you are renting a bike, get a feel of it to ascertain you’ll be comfortable using it. Be courteous to not just other cyclists but pedestrians as well. Familiarize yourself with the relevant local laws especially those relating to safety. Don’t forget to have fun!

RF Reasons to go on a bike tour

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