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I saw a post today which really hit me hard:

“I can’t believe I exist on a planet with the aurora borealis and coral reefs, and snow capped alps, and sparkling waterfalls, and I have to be tied down to a job”.

Seems unfair!

So many millions of people feel like they were made for more. Made to create; made to inspire others; made to live instead of just simply exist and go through the motions.

But so many millions have also realized that you don’t have to settle for the average anymore; that you can live life on your own terms, making an income through a business model that let’s you live however, where-ever, and be who-ever you want!

And you’re probably thinking, good on those people for cracking the code. But the secret is that it’s not a very difficult code. And those people are normal, every day folks, who simply had the courage to take society’s blueprint for life, and throw it out the window. 

Want to be among those people? Read on!

How to Create & Automate the Ultimate Lifestyle Business

Throwing Out Society’s Rules

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As we grow up society dictates us to follow a specific path. Go to college, get a good job, get married, buy a house, save as much as you can, retire and then die.

This is the American dream according to society. Oh and let’s not forget for all of us who love to travel. You’re supposed to settle for only 2 weeks of vacation and maybe after years and years of employment you’ll get another week or two.

I say no.

Work 40 hours or more a week just to pay the bills and barely get by. Trade even more of your time and make a little more which will be eaten up by your expenses faster than you know it.

Spend most of your paycheck on bills, groceries, the precious 401K and save just a little.

Sound familiar? It gets even worse from here.

Is This Really The Dream?

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To get to this point you spend tens of thousands on valuable education which takes up most of your youth and you don’t even remember a lot of it. On top of that only sometimes do you actually need the expensive education to make it far.

Subscribe to a company for 40-50 years hoping one day you’ll be in one of their $200K a year positions and be financially free. You start at a very young age after finishing university and hope to be at the top by your late 50’s or early 60’s costing you most of your life’s free time.

Work insane hours and maybe there’s a slim chance you will rise to the top many years later. There’s a huge chance you won’t even get to the top because every company only has a small group of $200K a year positions.

Deal with company politics, sacrifice the best years of your life to be rewarded with a retirement that you (since we are being honest) are too old to enjoy.

Is this really the dream? 

It’s viewed by society as the sane choice, but to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t sound all that sane to me. But it’s the choice you get patted on the back for. The choice your family and friends made and you make just to fit in.

You Want to Live a Different Life

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It’s fortunately becoming less and less stigmatized to tell people that you want to live a different life. To tell people you want to become your own boss, set your own hours, create something amazing and inspire others.

There’s a whole movement of entrepreneurs and digital nomads who have created their own businesses bringing in 200 + K, who have rejected the 9-5 average lifestyle, and who are being taken seriously when they list it on their business card.

It’s more and more common for individuals to live a life of one way flights, and ditching the corner office for a bungalow in Bali, a cruise ship in Antarctica, or a hammock in the Galapagos Islands.

You’ve no doubt seen Ads all over social media of average people living their dream lives wondering how they are doing it, and if you could do it too. You just don’t know where to start or what business model to choose.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

There are plenty of ways to make money online these days, and plenty of business models you can pursue depending on your talents, skills, interests, experience, and passions.

What works for you will depend on what you want out of life, but High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is one option which has become increasingly popular among highly successful digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

This is an online business model where you promote other people’s already successful digital products and courses.

What makes this business stand out from others? Why is it the ultimate lifestyle business?

One word. FREEDOM!

Marketing, Sales and Fulfillment

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You can break down any business into 3 simple parts: marketing, sales, and fulfillment.

In most businesses you have to do all three but in high ticket affiliate marketing since you’re leveraging someone else’s proven system, they’re doing the sales and fulfillment. Your only job as an affiliate is marketing.

This business allows you to achieve the 3 pillars of freedom.

Time, financial and location.

Financial Freedom allows you to have the resources to buy what you want and have the ability to live in great comfort. It also allows you to provide for the people that you love and give back to the world.

Location Freedom allows you to work from any WiFi location on the planet and explore our beautiful world while you’re here.

Time freedom allows you to spend your most valuable resource how you want and truly do the things that you want to do.

Find Out if This is For You

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One of the most successful entrepreneurs with High Ticket Affiliate Marketing is Andrew James, a 25 year old multi millionaire who has been using this model to travel the world for 5 years.

Having achieved his own success, he’s now built a community of digital marketers, and offers a free training for those interested in learning more about whether this business model is for you.

Click this link to start your new lifestyle:

The video training is free and takes 2 hours – James talks you through how to build a business with other people’s already successful high ticket products, how to generate a consistent pipeline of new customers, and how to launch and automate this entire business in 4 steps.

You’ll quickly realize that if a 20 year old can do it, you can too!

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 100+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


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