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A few months ago we told you about an amazing platform called Grabr, where travelers can get paid to shop for people while they’re overseas and bring home hard-to-find goods for a sweet delivery fee. A brilliant concept since everytime I head overseas it seems like my family and friends make me shop for them anyway! May as well get paid! Shop for authentic world products.

Though our post really only focused on using the platform from a travelers point of view – why Grabr is fantastic for travelers looking for an added sense of adventure, some extra cash, and a chance to meet new people. We didn’t really touch on the fact that it’s fantastic marketplace if you’re a shopper too!

And by “shopper”, I mean someone searching for hard-to-find goods from an exotic corner of the globe. Authentic goods you can’t get internationally. Perhaps something handcrafted that you saw on a trip to Africa and are kicking yourself for not having brought home. International shopping.

Theoretically, you should be able to order anything from anywhere in the world and have it delivered regardless of where you’re located, at a fair price, and without having to wait a month for it to arrive. But that’s not the way the world works. Though this is changing with Grabr!

Find something you love regardless of where it is in the world, create a grab (that’s what they call orders), choose your favorite traveler, and wait for the delivery! This is a crowd-shipping service as opposed to a traditional online marketplace, so you can literally order anything you want – the products you can order through Grabr aren’t limited to what’s in a catalog.

This way too, you can support local artisans and communities who may not have access to an online marketplace and you have assurance that your money is going directly to the artisan who created it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas for cool products around the world that you can order with Grabr.

Outback Crocodile Hat – Australia

You’re not going to find a quality handcrafted Australian-made outback hat made from crocodile leather anywhere else in the world.

The Australian saltwater crocodile leather is the finest grade of leather among the 27 crocodile species around the world. Ever since crocodile leather skin began to be used for handbags, fashion, wallets, belts and accessories, the top fashion companies from Europe were sourcing their leather from Australian saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) to make their exclusive designer products. How to get around international shipping costs.

This is a luxury product with the finest grade of leather created by master craftsmen here in Australia.

African Art

Want something authentic from Africa to hang in your living room? Have a traveler pick it up for you! That could mean anything from tribal hand carvings to Nigerian masks. International shipping alternatives.

Masks are important elements in the art of many African nations, along with human figures, often highly stylized. There are a vast variety of styles, often varying within the same context of origin depending on the use of the object, but wide regional trends are apparent. Masks in particular are or were often made for religious ceremonies. Shopping around the world.

Venetian Masquerade Masks

There’s only one place in the world for masquerade masks, and that’s Venice. Though if you’re not heading to Italy any time soon, place a grab and have a traveler pick one up for you! Shopping when you travel

Masks have always been an important feature of the Venetian carnival, an annual festival, held in Venice, Italy. Venetian masks can be made of leather, porcelain or using the original glass technique.

The original masks were rather simple in design, decoration, and often had a symbolic and practical function. Nowadays, most Italian masks are made with the application of gesso and gold leaf and are hand-painted using natural feathers and gems to decorate. Support this historical craftsmanship particular to the city of Venice. Best shopping for travelers.

Handmade Hammock – Thailand

The best hammocks are handwoven, but you don’t need to be traveling through Asia to get your hands on one now that you can order via Grabr.

Find a traveler heading through Thailand and have them pick up a hammock for you. The Mlabri were nearly wiped out in the mid 20th century, when the teak forests that were their home were cut down for decorative wood. But they have begun a slow resurgence by turning to their traditional weaving skills as a source of sustainable income for their community.

This hanging hideaway is hand woven from three miles of soft, acrylic cord–an intensive process which takes six to seven days to complete. Its rich color palette is inspired by volcanic lava flowing down into the ocean. A comfy retreat for a solo lounger, this hammock is woven extra wide so that two people can soak in the sun side by side. It is designed to support a combined weight up to 400 pounds, and comes with its own, handy tote bag made from repurposed nylon. How to get stuff shipped from overseas

Bolivian Frazada

Bolivian frazadas are crafted from sheep’s wool, and are hand woven and hand spun as blankets or rugs. They are used to protect against the  high altitude cold and have boldly confident colour statements with distinctive striped patterns. These are are perhaps the last remnants of traditional hand weaving still thriving in the central Andes. Best overseas shopping

La Paz is an ideal place to buy these; the streets throughout the city are full of textile shops run by local women. If you have time, explore the side streets and local markets, though those short on time can head straight to the Witches’ Market (Mercado de Heciceria) that is on Linares and Jimenes streets.

Style Tip From Barefoot GypsyThe Bolivian frasadas make a great feature rug for any room, alternatively use it as a highlight blanket at the foot of the bed, a vivid, festive tablecloth or a gloriously bold picnic blanket.

Start Using Grabr

Using Grabr you can shop for literally anything from anywhere in the world and have it delivered regardless of where you’re located, at a fair price, and without having to wait a month for it to arrive. Shop with grabr.

Start your free Grabr account for opportunities to shop for hard-to-find products from exotic corners of the globe. It literally only takes a few seconds to begin; you can quickly sign in with your Facebook account or login with your email address. Get hard to find items from around the world online.

In the top right-hand corner of the screen is a button to “Start Your Order”, and you can then either enter an item manually with screenshots, or quickly paste a link. Follow the prompts and insert details of what you’re looking for, when you want it by and where to find it. You then set how much you’re willing to pay as a travelers reward/delivery fee – the higher the reward the sooner you will receive your item! Find a traveler to bring me shopping.

Grabr technology makes the transactions safe and secure. Once an offer has been accepted, the system automatically places the payment on hold until the grab has been delivered and confirmed by the shopper. Once delivery confirmation takes place, the system releases the payment to the traveler.

You can also search their shop and be inspired by items you can buy from all over the world! When you find something you like Grabr will connect you with a traveler who can deliver it. Travelers delivering shopping.

Start Shopping


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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Photo credits: Nigerian masks in feature photo by Andrew Moore. Ndebele Village, Mpumalanga, South Africa, by South African Tourism. African painting by Markus Reinhardt. Venetian Masks in Shopfront by Lee & Chantelle McArthur. Blue Venetian Masks by Salvatore Gerace. Bolivian frasadas by Vincent Poulissen. Pinterest image of a traditional performer from Futuna island, Vanuatu by Graham Crumb for Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This post was completed in our capacity as Brand Ambassadors for Grabr.


  1. This is a great idea – I could definitely have used it once or twice.

    • Head on over and sign up – there are some really cool products there!

  2. And all the things I passed up on while traveling because I was “on a budget” just came to mind! Haha. This is a great platform!

    • I know right!! Time to now find them again and have them delivered through Grabr!

  3. What an amazing idea. I better not tell my wife about this i still hear about the times when i have said we will go back and get it before we leave town only to never go and get that souvenir my wife wanted. Great that it can help out local’s making crafts

    • You’ll never have the excuse that you don’t have room in your bag again haha. But yes, totally amazing idea in that it helps sustain local economies too :)

  4. Oh man, I gotta get a crocodile hat. I like the idea behind the program, I will have to check it out.

    • I love my crocodile hat :D And I love that I can wear it and it actually looks really awesome as opposed to something a tourist would buy and wear!

      Def check out the platform – perhaps there’s a traveler from your area heading through Aus that could pick up a hat for you :)

  5. HinMegan, thank you for this post, I never heard about this system and I think I’ll really try to eleven more.inlove the way this can help local business and commerce and the lack of on line trading but also the trust between buyer and travellers!

    • You’re welcome Sabrina! This concept really is quite cool because of the local business aspect. Many craftsmen in rural communities don’t have access to an online marketplace and live off the money which comes through tourism. So anything that can bridge that gap a little more has my full support!

  6. I’ll admit I didn’t quite understand the concept when you first mentioned it, but now that I’ve read this post, Grabr makes a lot more sense. It’s a really clever idea and I hope it catches on!

    • I’m glad that I posted a second article and could clarify for you then Betsy :) Always feel free to reach out if you have any follow up questions after reading a post – more than happy to help!

  7. For me, a lot of these types of items really only mean something when I’ve been there myself and it becomes a souvenir. Does Grabr do food products though? In all seriousness, after we leave Germany, what I would do for certain food products and I’d love to get my hands on REAL curries from India (can you tell I love food while I travel!?) I wonder how this would work with customs though?

    • Food items would depend on the customs laws in your specific country. Though Grabr do their best to keep all transactions safe and legal by warning you about regulations that apply :)

  8. All of this is new information to me, thanks for sharing! :D

    • Glad we could introduce you to the platform! Let us know if you have any questions :) Happy shopping!

  9. Wow, Megan, I will have to check out Grabr. I am always looking to pretend that I went to places that I really did not!

    • Haha well this is for you then!

  10. Grabr is a really cool concept; I had no idea that something like this existed. As a traveller, my luggage is often overstuffed by the time I’m returning from a holiday, so despite the delivery fee it could be tough for me to be an acquirer; but I could definitely be a potential customer of the service. For example, those Bolivian frazadas look really sweet.

    • Brilliant concept right! Haha I usually struggle with an overpacked case when I travel too. Though if you don’t think using it as a traveler will work out for you, it’s definitely a brilliant way to organize those souvenirs which you didn’t have space to fly home with :)

      Happy travels Harvey!

  11. This immediately got my head swimming with geo-arbitrage ideas!

    • Absolutely! Time is our most valuable resource when traveling, so if someone else can find what you’re looking for for you, the value for money is in your time!

  12. Ohh I love the Bolivian Frazada! So colourful. Would look so great in my flat :)

    • How wonderful are they! I was devastated that I couldn’t bring any home with me on our last trip to Bolivia (bag space), so I can’t wait to get my hands on one via Grabr :)

  13. I’ve never heard of this before but it is such and awesome idea! For both travelers and shoppers. Going to start an account just I think of something cool I need ha!

    • Have fun traveling and shopping!

  14. I have never heard of this service either – what a brilliant idea. I love window shopping but rarely buy anything these days when I travel. I would happily carry back some mementos for others, especially if I can make a little extra from it.

    • Absolutely – kind of fulfills that urge to window shop, though you’re on a mission getting paid to do it! let me know if you’re coming through Canberra Australia on your travels, and I’ll place some orders for you to pick up for me :)

  15. This is really cool. I wasn’t aware of Grabr. It seems like a great way to make a few bucks while hitting your favourite destinations. I’d be curious to know how things like damaged in transit goods and duties are handled though.

    • Absolutely Kevin – if the product is damaged you can contact the company at – one of their customer service representatives will then to reach out to you. In most cases, this is caused by a common error committed by the traveler. If such an error occurs, you will be refunded in full :)

  16. I’m dying to get my hands on an authentic Venetian mask, but a big part of me wants to wait until I’m actually in Venice to buy it myself. I do, however, think this is great for buying gifts for hard-to-please recipients, and I also like the idea of snagging something you regret not purchasing earlier!

    • You and me both! I’m forever regretting not having picked one up when I was in Venice last. There’s no comparison between the mass produced masks you order anywhere else.

      I hope you have the chance to travel through Venice soon. And if you’re coming via Australia on the same trip let me know, I may get you to pick one up for me too! :)

  17. What a cool concept! I love that you can order almost anything this way and know you are getting something authentic. Would be kind of fun to be the one to deliver the goods too–such a great idea! I wouldn’t mind one of those Bolivian Frazada!

    • Absolutely – great way to combine making money with traveling the world and meeting cool people along the way! And it’s awesome that there’s now a platform where you can order authentic, local products even if the artisians don’t have access to a global online marketplace :)

  18. This is a great idea for gifts too. You find something unusual as a gift and get it shipped or brought over by a traveler. i think it is a great way to buy something local from anywhere. I like that the small not scalable service does not yet threaten war with the big brands, but who knows, this opens a whole new level of global shopping!

    • I really think this is going to be a revolution in the way of global shopping as we know it. It’s a win/win for everyone involved – the traveler, the consumer, and the local producer – the concept is starting to really boom!

  19. The concept is really great and unique and it makes complete sense. On my trips, `I see some really amazing locally made things that I don’t personally need but that I know someone else would really love. To create a platform that takes globalization to a whole new level is a fantastic business idea! I love the Bolivian Frazada- that is something I’d want regardless of having any plans to visit the place.

    • Everyone’s loving the Bolivian Frazada :D I’ve just put up a Grab on the platform actually in the hope that someone traveling from Bolivia to Canberra can bring one back for me. Fingers crossed!

      It really is such a fantastic business idea that supports all of the notions that we love – sustainable travel supporting local economies, opportunities to make extra cash while you travel which contributes to a location independent lifestyle. Everyone wins!

  20. This is an interesting way for travelers to make money, and for those who may not be able to travel to experience another culture. Thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely Mary – everybody wins!

  21. What a cool idea! I used to be a buyer before my traveling days, so this could be a really fun way for me to still incorporate my old career and traveling :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Very cool – you could definitely combine the two and make some extra cash while exploring the world. Sounds like the best career right – international shopper :D!

  22. Nice observation but in my humble opinion anything can be shipped by DHL or parcl, it is a matter of convenience. Maybe this service also deserves a shot who knows!

    • Most things :) Though this type of service is fantastic for getting your hands on those rare and unique items that never sell online … perhaps from a local artisan or a stall at a farmers market somewhere … hand made and authentic from abroad :)

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