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Love the Outdoors More: Cool Gear for Campground Comfort and Joy

There’s nothing quite like sleeping under the stars or huddling around a campfire with friends and loved ones. Now that summer is fast approaching, it is time to think about how you can make the camping season even better. And that means buying the gear you’ll need to get the most out of your outdoor adventures.

While some camping gear, such as a tent and sleeping bag, is essential and rather obvious, other items are a little more unique. And while you may not have thought of all the items that are listed below, rest assured that they can all help make your experience of the wild so much more fulfilling.

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Let’s start with the basics first. Unless you plan on hiding under a rock for shelter (which we don’t recommend) then you are going to need a tent to ensure you sleep through the night peacefully. Which tent you need will depend on how many people will be sleeping in it and where and when you are going.

If you are mountaineering, for example, then you will need a tent that is specially designed to cope with high winds. A more affordable, low-key tent will probably do the job if you are simply taking the family to a campground for the weekend.

Tents nowadays come in all different sizes, from one-person tents that are lightweight and great for hikers to extravagant setups that can fit a dozen people or more. Make sure your tent is weatherproof, has no rips, and, please, set it up before you leave! The last thing you want is to find out you’re missing a pole after you’ve trekked five miles through dense forest to your dream campsite.

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Sleeping Bags

Trust us, you want to think very carefully about which sleeping bag is going to be right for you. Make sure your sleeping bag is designed for the right weather (they should have a temperature rating that will give you an idea of what climate it is the best fit for).

The last thing you want is to be either shivering or sweating while catching some sleep. You’ll also want one that is the right shape and weight for whatever camping trip you have planned.

Stoves and Grills

Cooking over an open fire sounds like a great idea until you realize just how hard and messy it is! For most of us, a better option is to invest in a camp stove or summer kitchen grill.

There are some magnificent stoves and grills out there and they will really open up a world of culinary possibilities for your camping trip. A stove is great if you want to boil water or cook items in pots and pans. A grill, on the other hand, is wonderful for meats, eggs, and other delicious foods.

You can also get a 2-in-1 stove and grill that packs both elements into one device.

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Cooking Equipment

By cooking equipment, we mean the smaller items that often get overlooked when you are packing but which are nonetheless vital once you get to your campsite.

A lot of novice campers think that bringing the pots and pans that they have from the kitchen at home will suffice. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that having a dedicated camping cookware set made out of aluminum or other durable and no-nonsense material is a lifesaver.

Camping cookware sets are designed to be easy to clean and usually fold up into easy-to-carry sets. Also, don’t forget to bring a coffee pot along with plates, forks, knives, and all the other little items you’ll need to actually enjoy your well-earned meal.


Finally, the trusty multi-tool. Sure, you may think you’ve packed everything, but it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have forgotten at least one vital item that you need for pitching a tent, cooking, or setting up your campsite. And there’s a good chance a multi-tool can step up to the job in such situations. You should invest in a high-quality multi-tool and keep it on you at all times. Sooner or later it will come in handy!

There you have it! While this list is hardly exhaustive, it gives you a good idea of the most essential items you should bring with you as you head out into the wild this summer. With the right gear in tow, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of nature either on your own or with family and friends.

Alisha Atkinson is a girl who loves nature, sleeping under the stars, trekking and exploring. She often takes herself off for a spot of wild camping, but equally enjoys more traditional camping, especially when her husband joins her for a trip!

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