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Spreading the Cookie Care in Lima, Peru

At Doubletree by Hilton, they know the little things mean everything when it comes to a great travel experience. That’s why they have welcomed guests with a warm chocolate chip cookie for more than 25 years. The Doubletree gesture of a warm chocolate chip cookie on check-in is a symbol of the little, bright moments in life. No matter where you are or how you’re feeling, a cookie has the power to make you smile.

May 15 2014 was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, and in spreading the Cookie Care, Doubletree hotels worldwide took to the streets to hand out their signature chocolate chip cookies. Anyone who walked into one of the brand’s 370 hotels worldwide was treated to an iconic cookie, and surprise cookie giveaways were held all over the world.

Be sure to enter the DoubleTree by Hilton Cookie Care sweepstakes to win branded merchandise and other prizes throughout the year, including one night stays and two grand prize trips, one for the winner to keep and one to share.

Visit to find out more about the Cookie Care campaign, dates and locations. 

We are currently traveling on behalf of Doubletree by Hilton DTour; a whole new way to plan – and share – your travels. We are staying at El Pardo Doubletree by Hilton, Lima, Peru.

 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

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  1. Yum! How did you resist them and only eat one!

    • Hardest thing in my life lol

  2. COOKIES!!! This is such an awesome idea, I’ve never heard of it before now.

    • Doubletree hotels worldwide! They really go the extra mile to make the little things count :)

  3. I love the Doubletree cookies! Frontier Airlines also offers free chocolate chip cookies, now I just need to find a car rental company that offers chocolate chip cookies and when I travel I can have cookies all day!

    • Didn’t know Frontier Airlines also offers them – sounds like there’s a worldwide trend starting! Do let me know if you find a car rental company who decides to follow suit!

  4. Meg, those cookies look absolutely delicious! I love the energy in the video. It looks like you had so much fun, and everyone was so happy to see you with giant platter of goodies :)

    p.s. totally impressed you waiting until the end to have one!

    • Peru has the best in the world! It was an incredibly fun day – just seeing the smiles on people’s faces after they took a cookie; it was a great feeling to be spreading the love!

      …and it took a lot of willpower not to munch through the platter myself :D!

  5. You had me at cookies! Entered!

    • It’s a good selling point!! Best of luck!

  6. I had my first Doubletree cookie in Ireland and had to wonder where they had been all my life. I can’t believe you got to eat them all the time lol. mmmm coookie! Don’t tell my kids, as far as they are aware “cookies are a sometime food.” ;)

    • Lol I would be the favorite Aunt Meg then always handing them cookies :D

  7. P.s. Great video!!! I really loved seeing you guys in action. So sweet.

    • Thanks! It was a really fun day – loved hitting the streets!

  8. I actually have NO idea that Doubletree did this! What a delicious way to welcome someone. Love it!

    • As Erin said above, the first time you try a Doubletree cookie you’ll wonder where they have been all your life! Definitely consider booking with Doubletree for your next trip – we live by them!

  9. This is so amazing! I’m so easily bribed by sweets. My bank has had warm, fresh cookies in their lobby for years and it has kept me loyal!

    • Fresh cookies are actually a really good way to keep customers loyal! Such a small thing but works every time! PS which bank are you with :D

  10. Yum!! Love the Doubletree cookies–so delicious. It’s always nice to stay at a hotel that focuses on the little things :)

    • It really is! They go the extra mile which really makes a difference to your stay :)

  11. This is making me drool Meg!!! I sampled these delicious treats during our stay at Doubletree in LA and I’m hooked!

    • Sounds like it’s time for another stay!!

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