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Tips for Traveling to Chickasaw Country with Kids


It’s no secret that traveling with kids can be tough and even downright frustrating. Whether you’re packing for a weeklong vacation or just want to sneak out for a long weekend with the kids, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

Historical and cultural areas make a great choice for people of all ages, combining education and relaxation, not to mention tons of fun memories. If you’re traveling with kids to such a destination, keep the following tips in mind.

Whether your goal is to provide them with an educational experience or simply teach them more about the area, knowing the best ways to travel with kids to historical or cultural areas makes a huge difference.

Knowing the best way to travel with kids makes a huge difference.

Chickasaw Country is one of Oklahoma’s most desirable destinations, and for good reason. Also known as Chickasaw Nation, the history-rich area offers a mix of fun and education for people of all ages.

Take a look at to discover more about this south-central Oklahoma getaway, which combines family-friendly attractions, such as the innovative Chickasaw Cultural Center, an ice skating rink, and the Lazer Zone family fun center.

Traveling with kids is challenging no matter where you’re going. Chickasaw Country is full of history and culture, and there’s a good chance that your children won’t be able to soak up all that they learn with each stop.

For children who are old enough, encouraging them to keep a travel journal is a useful way to keep them entertained, not to mention engaged in cultural and historical places.

Through drawing, writing, or a combination of both, have them start by listing the interesting things they’ve seen and done at each stop. Have them collect postcards or other types of memorabilia to include in the journal.

Through drawing, writing, or a combination of both, have them start listing the interesting things they’ve done at each stop. Photo CC Travel with Bender.

Having enough medicine and related supplies along is another crucial tip for anyone traveling with children. Chickasaw Country’s numerous historical and cultural destinations range from indoor to outdoor experiences or a mix of both.

You’ll want to be fully prepared to handle any illness that may arise, along with quick fixes for cuts and scrapes. As you’ll be journeying from one place to the next, sometimes passing through crowded locations, sanitizing hand wipes and antibacterial hand gels are essential for keeping illnesses at bay.

Pack a first aid kit with bandaids, gauze, pain relievers, and any other supplies you might need. Topical skin creams and ointments can work wonders on bites, stings, and scrapes.

It seems a bit obvious to mention that it’s crucial to pack accordingly, but doing so can help avoid frustrating and stressful situations when you realize that you left an important item at home.

Pack accordingly. Photo CC by Travel with Bender.

There are opportunities to swim in Lake of the Arbuckles, which has 36 miles of shoreline and hidden coves, not to mention take the kids on hiking excursions or even horseback rides in the expansive Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

You’ll want to pack suitable swimming attire along with sunscreen, goggles, water shoes, and anything else children might need. Hiking clothes and appropriate socks and shoes will also come in handy, and don’t forget to pack some insect repellent, snacks, and portable water bottles.

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