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Having a career that allows you to work remotely is the dream for most travelers these days. And luckily, there are a lot of ways to work remotely in today’s age.

Technological advancements in recent years have completely changed the way people do business, and as a result, many careers now allow for location independence.

If you’ve dreamed of pursuing a career which allows you to work remotely, while traveling, one of the following career paths could be perfect for you!

Careers That Allow You to Work Remotely

Promotional Video Maker

Videographer video editing career

The demand for video content has seen a massive surge recently, and video campaigns have well and truly become the go to marketing trend.

Brands use video to promote their products and services across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, so if you have video editing skills, or a background in film making, you may find a viable career in offering your services online.

Video campaigns often require shooting in various destinations, and for the right videographer, brands will often cover travel expenses as part of your pay. So this is a perfect career for people who want to work and travel at the same time.

Email Marketer

Marketing campaigns are essential for a successful business these days, and one of the most powerful marketing strategies is building your list of subscribers, and focusing on email campaigns.

Email marketers are in charge of email advertising. They work to build an email list, and make sure that emails are engaging, and effective at increasing revenue for the business.

This is a position that is often offered as a part-time job, though depending on the size of the company, email marketing can be a large enough role that you’re required full time. Some companies also offer freelance jobs.

Those who have backgrounds in marketing are the best fit for this career. However, you must also have excellent communication skills because interacting with clients is key. If you have web and graphic design skills, it’s a huge plus.

While some companies may want you based in an office for meetings with the rest of the team, email marketers can largely work remotely.

Graphic/Web Designer

Blogging Sydney Blog Computer Laptop

Another vital investment that businesses make today is building their online presence and website. As you can image, this means there is a high demand for web and graphic designers these days.

It’s important for business websites to maintain a modern and professional design, and while you can find a lot of freelance work as a remote graphic / web designer, there are definitely opportunities with large companies / corporations for working full time.

This is a skill that can be a little difficult to learn from scratch, so if you don’t have a background in either field, it’s in your best interest to undertake proper study; whether this is enrolling in a university course, or trying your luck with a course online.

Web design requires a lot of patience and determination, though the hard work is definitely worth it because there are a plethora of opportunities waiting for you if you’re talented.

Self Employed Entrepreneur

credit card for travel RF

An entrepreneur is a really appealing career for those who want the freedom to travel, because for the most part, you act as your own boss.

An entrepreneur is a person who sets up businesses from scratch. It can be anything from a therapy business, to a recruitment agency (here is a caregiver recruitment guide).

If you’re thinking about this as a career path, the first step is to identify if you’re passionate about something. Then ask yourself if you think you can build a business by providing products or services that people want.

If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might find success in being a business owner. It’s a career where you can manage your working hours and work anywhere you want to. Plus, you get to do something that you love.

An example of a business that you can easily get into today is the clothing business industry. If you are someone who has a good fashion sense and you want to introduce your designs to people, you can easily start your store at your home.

There are also articles about fashion apprenticeships that you can read to get to know more and improve your skills and succeed in this path.

Freelance Writer


Just like web design, freelance writing is a career that has become more popular in recent years because of new marketing trends. A good website is not complete without excellent content, and brands have started to realize this.

It’s not enough for a website to have good looking photos these days. Engaging content about their topic/s are used to make people stay on a business’ website and really explain why the products or services will enrich someone’s life.

As a freelance writer, you can work 100% remotely, and much like an entrepreneur, you’re working as your own boss. Employers can either pay per word, article or even per hour for this role, so you can really make it anything you want.


Good translators are in high demand these days, and especially as the world becomes more connected, and more businesses establish international branches, there are more and more translation jobs.

If you’re fluent in two or more languages, this could be a perfect career path; much like a freelance writer, you can market your services and accept online jobs. Or you could pursue working for a large corporation who may have enough work to keep you busy full time.

Translating stories, articles, books, and even web pages are just some of the tasks that you may be asked to do if you try to pursue a career in this industry. For the large part, this can be done remotely, though you could also market yourself as available for traveling to international jobs.

Customer Service Management

Computer phone RF

Being in the customer service industry allows you to earn a good amount of money, however this industry is notorious for its stressful environment. If you are currently in this industry, you can find job offers that will allow you to work remotely.

Every year, more and more businesses are moving online which means that they need a professional customer service team online to take care of customer inquiries.

This job requires you to know how to deal with customers since you will be offering assistance over chat, email, and even calls. If you have a background in communications and customer service you may be surprised by the amount of opportunities to work remotely.

App Developer

Smartphone apps are now also incredibly popular, and every businesses wants one.

There is an app for everything these days, and as such, software developers who make these applications have a constant stream of work coming their way.

Beyond the creation and design of an app, tasks mainly involve troubleshooting, and continued maintenance / updates. It’s a job that, for the most part, can often be done remotely.

If you’re looking for a job as an app developer, there are plenty of places you can go to. Here’s a site that can help you get a remote job as an iOS developer.


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