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Canada’s Best Road Trips

Canada is the perfect country for a truly epic roadtrip – with outdoor adventure, spectacular scenery and a wealth of wonderful wildlife, it’s time to roll down the windows and experience everything Canada has to offer. But where do you start?! Canada is a huge country and there are so many amazing places to travel to.

Whether you’re limited to only a few days, a few hours, or even have a few months to spare, the good news is that Canada has something for all. Most travelers just passing through will rent a car, though for those looking to complete a comprehensive East-to-West trip and see all of Canada in one fell swoop, it may prove more affordable to invest in a Canadian vehicle of your own – you can usually find some fairly reasonably priced cars. After-all, you’ll need something reliable for your mega adventure.

The following rank among Canada’s greatest road trips of all time – pack the car and get ready to experience history, culture and natural beauty at its best.

The Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish to Whistler B.C.

No matter how many times you drive it, this highway will always take your breath away. One of the most beautiful drives in North America, the highway winds it’s way between mountains and ocean, providing continuous views of breathtaking vistas and spectacular coastal scenery.

Sea to Sky Highway

Sea to Sky Highway. Photo CC by Kyle Pearce

Those driving from Vancouver to Whistler should consider the two-hour drive along the Sea to Sky Highway, and plan for extra time to stop at scenic Shannon Falls en-route, stopping at The Watershed Grill for lunch.

Also consider stretching your legs and pulling out the camera to snap some incredibly scenic views at the Tantalus Range Lookout along the way.

Calgary To Lake Louise, Al

Set aside four days for this trip, spending your first in Calgary, making sure to take a city tour which includes time at the site of the 1988 Olympic Games.

It will only take a day to make the drive to Lake Louise, though plan to make a stop at the Columbia Ice-field for a snowmobile tour. Enjoy the evening walking around Lake Louise – sunset is spectacular, and if you’re traveling during winter you may even be lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Calgary. Photo CC by Colby Stopa

Rise early on the third say to take in sunrise, and plan to hit up the Sulphur Mountain in Banff Springs. You’ll have to take the gondola all the way to the top of the mountain. Bring your bathing suit so that you can dip in the hot springs.

Continue your tour of the Banff Springs on your last day before heading back to Calgary.

Toronto To Niagara Falls

A road trip which will see you spend more time on detours than on the road itself, the drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls will take you through Ontario’s wine country, with a plethora of options for scenery, adventure and wine tastings along the way.

This is a fantastic choice of road-trip for those who love of fine wine, with the added bonus of one of the world’s most recognizable natural landmarks at the end.

Vancouver To Tofino, BC

This is a massive undertaking, but one of the coolest trips you’ll ever go on. Travelling across Canada to start your trip is no easy feat, but you can always fly in if you want to “cut to the chase.”

You’ll be going through a variety of terrains, most notably a windy road through the mountains, lakes, and the coast and finally through a rainforest.

Vancouver by andy_c

Be sure to stop at Coombs County Market for locally-inspired souvenirs, as well as the famous goats on the roof. Cathedral Grove boasts 800 year old Douglas firs.

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