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When it comes to backpacks we’re always interested to hear about the hottest, newest designs, and are constantly amazed by the newest innovations and ideas which improve the ease of both travel, and everyday life.

And while we’ve been fans of CabinZero bags for a while, their newest bag on the product line is one that active city adventurers will be particularly interested in – the Urban Carry-On, specifically optimized for urban life!

7 Reasons the New CabinZero Urban Carry-On is Perfect for Active City Adventures!

CabinZero Urban Carry-On Review

#1 Huge Capacity

The Urban comes with a huge 42-litre capacity to fit everything you need for an active city lifestyle and regular travel. The zippers open like a real suitcase which makes it super easy to access your gear without any hassle.

Like others in the CabinZero range, there is an inside zipper / mesh pocket where the bag opens, and an elasticized opening which goes diagonally across from the top right corner, acting as a divider at the bottom of the bag. Otherwise it features a wide-open interior for maximum storage capacity, and if you’re looking to keep everything organized, CabinZero have their own range of packing cubes that fit perfectly inside the bag.

Whether you commute to work by bike and want to have an extra set of clothing or you travel on business and have to pack a suit for the evening event, the Urban lets you pack everything you need.

CabinZero Urban Carry-On Review

#2 Great Choice For Traveling Light

Built using Tarpaulin, the Urban is one of the most durable bags in the CabinZero range. Though considering its durability, and huge capacity, the Urban is still a lightweight bag weighing in at approximately 1300 grams.

It’s perfectly sized for cabin luggage, and fits into most airlines standard hand luggage dimensions of 55 x 40 x 20 cm. It’s a great choice for both short travel trips, or everyday use.

#3 Wear it 3 Different Ways

The CabinZero Urban has one of the most versatile carrying systems we’ve ever seen. It comes with hide-away, padded back straps, so you can wear it as a backpack, and there’s a handle on the top if you want to carry it by your side (remember, it’s super light).

But then there’s also a shoulder strap, which allows you to turn it into a messenger bag making it perfect to bike around the city or explore the countryside. Just hide the backpack straps away! (They have a zipper compartment which they collapse into).

Such a versatile carrying system makes it suitable for every kind of use, and a great fit for people with an active lifestyle who don’t want to compromise.

CabinZero Urban Carry-On Review

#4 Waterproof When Stuck in the Rain

One of our best pieces of advice for any type of travel is to check the weather forecast, but there are always exceptions to weather patterns, and I’m sure I’m not the only traveler to have been caught off guard by the rain!

And usually, when this happens, the priority is always keeping my bag dry – whether I have to stuff it under my shirt or cover it with the poncho I was planning on wearing myself. There are a lot of expensive electronics in there!

All CabinZero bags have great water resistance, but the Urban is the most waterproof bag yet. Due to its tarpaulin material, the bag repels water naturally, so when it comes to keeping your gear dry, this is the bag you want to be traveling with! Nothing is going to get wet.

#5 Stylish, Chic Design

Besides being durable, lightweight, with a huge capacity, and being waterproof, the Urban looks good too! The color is ‘absolute black’, and it’s a very stylish bag which naturally looks good in any business or leisure scenario.

It’s not decorated or elaborate, but has a sophisticated simplicity which really compliments urban life.

CabinZero Urban Carry-On Review

#6 Built in Global Luggage Tracker

Like all CabinZero bags, the Urban has a built-in global luggage tracker, powered by Okoban. So if you or the airplane company lose it, there will be a good chance you’ll get your Urban back.

That said, we obviously don’t want you to have to utilize this feature, and the biggest issue you’re likely to face as an active city adventurer is petty crime. So when you’re traveling, remember to be aware of your surroundings, and never leave your bag unattended … at any time.

If you’re enjoying a casual lunch, secure your bag by looping a strap around either your arm, leg or chair leg (the Urban has 3 different straps, so you have no excuse!).  If it’s loose, it’s a target for theft. Especially when it looks this good! If you’re sleeping in public, on a train or at an airport, be sure to do the same.

#7 Lockable Zippers on Main Compartment

Another security feature of the Urban are lockable zippers on the main compartment (locks are not included). And I really appreciate this for a bag which has been designed with urban life in mind.

Remember, even a minor obstacle or inconvenience can be an effective deterrent for thieves.  It’s not necessarily about making your bag impenetrable, but just less appealing than the next guys!

CabinZero Urban Carry-On Review

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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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Disclosure: CabinZero provided the Urban Carry-On in exchange for an honest review. As always, opinions are 100% our own. For more information on this incredible brand visit


  1. We’ve purchased the Classic one recently and we love it too. Such a great bag for carry on and packing away for the weekend. Amazing how much we can actually pack in it. I like the built-in global luggage tracker. Very good idea although as you said I hope we won’t get to use it!

    • Awesome Cindy! We have a Classic too and it’s great – I really love their range :) … love the color options with the Classic bag too!

  2. I’m a bit of a compulsive hoarder of all kinds of bags. I have so many travel bags my husband keeps joking that I should set up a bag shop! This one looks tempting, as it appears to be super light. Although, on the other hand, I’m going through a colourful phase at the moment and would prefer a bright bag with a catchy pattern.

    • Haha I probably shouldn’t have introduced you to the CabinZero range then – their classic bags have a huge range of colors – it’s kind of like Pokemon, gotta catch them all :D

      Definitely check out the Classic or the Vintage if you’re looking for a bright bag – they have some great shades :)

  3. I have a classic small Cabin Zero backpack and it is the best travel item I got in the last year. This looks even better, because it is waterproof and more versatile. I m gonna check their website for this new product!

    • We have both the Classic and the Urban now, we got the Classic last year, and I love that bag too. But the new style and design of the Urban has definitely taken it to the next level – really love the waterproof!

  4. This bag sounds like the one to have! 42L is perfect for travelling like not to mention its ridiculously light weight! Another bonus of this bag is that its dimensions will fit in hand luggage for most airlines! That alone is a must for when using flights frequently. Great article and i’m sure its going to help many travellers.

    • I’m amazed at how they achieved a light weight bag but made it so large and durable too. And yes, the whole CabinZero range are designed to be carry on cabin bags, so they’re the perfect size for a plane overhead :)

  5. The built-in luggage tracker sounds like a great feature, especially for a frequent traveller who uses public transport. I’ve been looking for an update to my current carry on which is very poorly designed and the Urban looks like a great option! Thanks for the review!

    • The Urban Carry-on is a great choice if you’re looking for an upgrade – fortunately we haven’t had to use the luggage tracker to date, though it’s a nice security feature and glad it is there!

  6. Now this sounds like a bag I need to buy! I hope they ship to the UK?

    • UK company! Their whole range is designed their UK Studio :)

  7. I was just telling my mom this morning that I was looking for a new day pack to take with me that would hold my computer and be more durable. I love that this is waterproof as well! I’m definitely going to check this brand out in my search for the perfect bag!

    • I’m glad we could catch you before you bought a new bag – Cabinzero is definitely a brand to consider – really great range of cabin backpacks, though if you love the waterproof feature the Urban Carry-on is probably your perfect bag :)

  8. i was looking for a new carry on bag lately this seems perfect.

    • Awesome Kristelle – we can highly recommend this :)

  9. I really liked it. It has so many benefits and the best is its water proof and can be carried in different styles.I am surely going to check this one for purchase. Thanks for a great detailed review.

    • Glad the review was helpful Suruchi :) I have no doubt you’ll love CabinZero and be singing their praises too!

  10. This is a really chic and elegant carry-on, especially for the city.What I like about this one is its versatility, as it has 3 ways that it can be carried around. Also being rain proof means one need not worry about important documents you may be carrying.

    • Versatility and waterproof really do set this bag apart from other cabin backpacks – it’s nice to know that even if you do get caught in a freak rain, everything inside is going to stay dry :)

  11. That waterproof quality is so key Meg. Half the time I am carrying around my laptop and phone in my backpack, inside of a plastic bag. Like a traveling hobo LOL. Definitely good to know. And that 42 liter capacity is no joke either.

    • Absolutely Ryan, hey I’ve been there re the plastic bag too! I never mind getting wet, as long as my laptop and cameras are dry so I’ll usually stuff my backpack under my sweater and make a run for it. But no need with this one! Being waterproof is such a savior!

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