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Budget Hacks: Traveling in Europe for Cheap

Knowing how to spend your money wisely is often one of the most difficult tasks of traveling, especially when traveling through a continent like Europe where many of the countries are quite rich. Once you consider the cost of flights, transport, accommodation, activities and food, your bank account can quickly bleed dry!

However, there are many ways to offset the costs of travel, and vacationing in Europe can be very cheap if you know where to look.

The following tips are budget hacks for traveling in Europe for cheap. It is absolutely possible to stretch your money and get the most out of your dollars and cents.

Do Your Own Cooking

It’s very tempting to eat out every night when you’re on a holiday, or if you’re in the United Kingdom, to head out for an experience at a local pub, but finding a hotel with kitchen facilities means you can do your own cooking and see dramatic savings on food costs.

You’ll find that you’re eating healthier, too. You can visit local farmers markets and interact with locals at the grocery stores.  It’s a much more immersive experience, which let’s you feel like you’re living in a place as opposed to passing through.

Travel Off Season

Traveling off season is one of the best ways to save on travel costs. Less tourism means fewer demands for tickets, accommodation and attractions. You can grab some fabulous discounts on flights as the airlines are just trying to fill each seat.

Peak season for each destination will be different, though in Europe this is generally during winter. For instance, prices in Malta between November and January tend to drop, and it’s very easy to find cheap hotels.

You can subscribe to online newsletters from major airlines to hear about current discounts and deals.

Use Public Transportation

Europe has some fantastic systems for public transportation, and taking a bus or a tram will save you money as opposed to taking a cab. Information on public transport schedules can be obtained from your hotel. This is also cheaper than renting a car.

Likewise, there are fantastic options for international train travel, too, which are cheaper than flying. For instance, you can catch a train from France to stay overnight in Monte Carlo, or you can even just visit for the day!

Consider Airbnb

You don’t have to stay at an expensive hotel to find quality accommodation across Europe – Airbnb is a fantastic option for a stay, and rooms start at as little as $80 per night in popular cities like Rotterdam.

Plan it Yourself

When you let a travel agency book for you, you’re paying them an extra fee on top of what it actually costs to travel. So planning your own trip is a cheaper alternative.

That does mean that you have to research your own flights, hotels, etc. yourself, though the costs you will save are often huge. And let’s say you’re visiting Sweden – it’s not that hard to compare hotels.

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