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Looking for more amazing travel blogs to follow?

Blogs are of our favorite way to plan our trips, source out real traveler reviews, and find insider information, and they are one of the biggest influences in inspiring our next destinations.

They encourage us to travel, challenge our opinions and perceptions on cultures, politics, and world events, and bring freshness, immediacy, interactivity, and personality to new age journalism.

The following is a directory of blogs we love to follow should you be looking for further reading.

Our All Time Favorites


Gary Arndt has been traveling ever since he sold his home in 2007, and has visited all 7 continents, over 195 countries, all 50 states and every US territory, over 150 US National Park Service sites and over 375 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

He is a full time blogger and an award winning travel photographer, who’s photography is downright inspiring. Travel began publishing in 2000, and they publish a new travel story every day, focusing on lesser-known and unheralded destinations with first-person stories and lots of photos. They also have a short-form podcast called the GoNOMAD Travel Podcast with daily episodes.

The Planet D:

Dave and Deb are an adventure couple who live by the motto “Adventure is for Everyone”. Over the past 8 years they have made it their mission to inspire people to step out of their comfort zones and prove that you don’t have to be an uber-athlete, adrenaline junkie or part of the ultra rich to be an adventurer. All you need is the desire.

Whether you want to be inspired, motivated or just read great stories they can help.

One Step 4Ward:

Johnny is an Irish guy who left home 10 years ago with no money but with a dream to live a better life. He taught English in Asia, traveled a lot, to the point where he’s now traveled to every single country on the planet.

Y Travel Blog:

Caz and Craig caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off with their two young daughters ever since. It’s their absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss.

Adventurous Kate:

At age 26, Kate quit her job to travel the world alone. Eight years later, she’s based in New York but still traveling — 74 countries and 7 continents. Her goal is to show YOU how you can travel the world on your own — easily, safely, and adventurously.

Expert Vagabond:

Matt is a full-time adventure travel blogger & photographer who’s been exploring the world for over 7 years, with no plans to stop anytime soon. He believes that travel doesn’t have to be expensive, that adventure is worthwhile, and that the world isn’t as dangerous as you think. And that maybe he can show you something you’ve never seen.

The Travel Camel:

Shane believes that the world is not as dangerous as it appears from afar, and travels to the world’s most dangerous destinations to prove that the vast majority of the planet is safe and welcoming.

He believes that destinations with inaccurate and poor safety perceptions or reputations usually provide the most memorable and enjoyable travel experiences, and presents his readers with inspiration to take the road less travelled.

The Blonde Abroad:

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world– for all women, by women.  Kiki is a California native who left her career in corporate wealth management six years ago to embark on a summer of soul searching that would change the course of her life forever.

Legal Nomads:

Jodi used to be a lawyer. Now she tells stories through food. On Legal Nomads she shares the lessons she has leart over a decade of travel, as well as resources for people wanting to try something similar. She doesn’t sugar coat or post fluff pieces.

Hole in the Donut:

With a self-deprecating humor and focus on the inner journey as well as the outer, Hole In The Donut has attracted a loyal following of readers who travel with Barbara vicariously. Grab a chair and settle in for some unique and interesting travel stories as she features the destinations she visits, the crazy (and often humorous) things that happen to her along the way, and the never-ending spiritual lessons that come from travel.

Full Directory of Blogs We Follow

A Billion Hectares:

A blog that follows Sai from India in his experiences throughout America. A Billion Hectares is a guide for people wanting to travel to the States with advice & recommendations, across all 50 States.

Active Planet Travels:

Active Planet Travels is an outdoor adventure travel blog by Ron Robbins. As an independent backpacking travel blog that bases its articles on real life experience, he covers both off the beaten path destinations as well as local life within mainstream cities.

Follow Craig as he explores the most interesting and unique activities and sites across his home area of New England. He aims to provide unbiased reviews and assist with itinerary suggestions to help flesh out a more engaging trip.

Add Some Curry:

After traveling to most parts of the world for 5 years, Sai is determined to travel in India and share his assorted journey through his native country.

Albom Adventures:

Capturing the essence of travel through photography, Albom Adventures inspires young baby boomers to travel New Zealand and the world. Rhonda Albom is an American expat and the primary author and photographer.

A Backpackers Tale:

Travel became Stephen’s passion when he was 22. It all started when in 2006 he took his first trip overseas to Ireland. For over two weeks he walked along the stony coast, wandered through castles, and listened to live music in the pubs. He quickly fell in love with all the excitement travel has to offer.

A Luxury Travel Blog:

A blog focusing on the finer aspects of travel.  Serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry, to name just a few.

A Passion and a Passport:

Jess has a severe case of wanderlust, but like so many people, has very limited vacation days. She travels the world anyway, and aims to provide the right tools and enough motivation (and a healthy dose of inspiration) for those with a 9-5 job to still get out there and travel the world.

Backpack Boss:

Born and raised in California, Andrew has been to 35+ states and ​21 countries.  His blog is a collection of stories, adventures and and reviews to help you find your next travel backpack.

Bel Around The World:

Pulling from Isabel’s own world travels and lessons, she gives tips on Bel Around The World on how to make use of student travel perks and stretch every penny while travelling experientially.

Calculated Traveller:

Time+Budget+Destination=Calculated Travel.  An online magazine with reviews, advice and articles on all things travel. Main focus being on preparedness, budget, planning and enjoyment.

Carpe Travel:

Elaine is an award-winning travel writer and certified wine judge. At Carpe Travel her goal is to help guide all wine lovers – from novices to experienced pros – on their wine adventures. To arm you with insider tips, must-visit spots, and things to see and do beyond the vines.

City Style and Living:

City Style and Living scours the globe to bring you the best in food, fashion and travel. They are an award-winning quarterly digital and print luxury lifestyle magazine and are proud to be independently published.

Curious Campers:

Natalie and Steve travel Australia, exploring its beautiful landscape and getting up close to the wildlife. They’re storytellers and believe there is a story in every travel adventure whether it’s discovering a secluded bay, swimming with manta rays, or just trying to light the campground BBQ.

Dream Big Travel Far:

This is a travel blog run by couple travellers Cazzy and Bradley. They have now converted their own campervan and are on a mission to drive around the world in it!

Eating The Globe:

Valen is a world-based food and travel writer and photographer capturing restaurants, street food, markets, and food stories. She often plans her travels around the food that she wants to try in other countries, an is happy to share her experiences with you by on this website.

Flashpacker Family:

Bethaney, Lee and toddler Reuben are on a full-time, slow-travel, RTW adventure. Join them for tales from the roads, smart travel tips, info on travelling with kids and insights into nomadic life.

Forks and Footprints:

Megan writes about the real side of traveling with Celiac disease and food allergies. She is open and honest about her experiences traveling through South East Asia and Central America. Her goal is to inspire those with food allergies to go out and see the world and not through an organized tour, cruise, or all inclusive. She is working to show that it is still possible to eat at street stalls and like locals, safely.

Fun Flying Four:

Expats living in Okinawa, Japan who blog about their fun adventures exploring Okinawa with their 2 young children and traveling the world, usually on a tight budget, when time allows!

Gaijin Crew:

Jamie blogs about travelling the world on a broke budget and living a life of freedom, adventure and fulfilment. His blog is aimed at backpackers, and  teaches others how to travel the world on a student budget and turn backpacking into a lifestyle!

Girl vs Globe:

Girl vs Globe documents the existential struggles of a twenty-something female traveler with a penchant for getting into trouble. She revels in her travels, has a passion for fashion and is always in the mood for food. Come laugh at/with her!

Global Girl Travels:

Jessica Peterson is a writer, filmmaker and photographer who specializes in lesser known destinations while sharing travel tips to save time and money. Her works have been featured in United Airlines Hemispheres Magazine, MSN, Jezebel, Lonely Planet and The Dallas Observer, to name a few.

Global Travel Press:

Expresses the love of travel that we all have, but from a Hawaiian islander’s point of view.  The site is a tapestry of many different voices, with various travel pieces written by personal friends and travel acquaintances.

Going Awesome Places:

Will is a travel blogger who focuses on telling stories, inspiring others to travel, writing detailed trip itineraries for others to follow and providing helpful tips and tricks to travel better.

Gotta Keep Movin’:

The travel tales of a redheaded Brit addicted to seeing the globe. Emma mainly focuses on budget travel, volunteering, solo female adventures, and inspiring others to live the dream.

Gr8 Travel Tips:

After retiring from the police department and having traveled extensively throughout the years, Robert then became a travel and cruise consultant and launched Gr8 Travel Tips. He offers tips and inspiration to the active and adventurous Baby Boomers Around the World who, like him, were botn between the years 1946 and 1964.

Hiker Track:

HikerTrack is a blog about outdoor activities. Luna presents useful tips about camping, hiking, and advice for better preparations before any adventure.

Jones Around the World:

Helpful travel guides, stunning photography, and awesome music festivals around the world is what Jones is all about. Originally from Southern-California, Jones is just a normal guy who’s on a mission to explore the world, live abroad, and make every day count.

Life Beyond Borders Blog:

Bex, the wrong side of 35, is an unconventional British lass who finds herself, after various work and travel jaunts, living in the unconventional country of Greece. A jack of all trades, she is currently an EFL teacher, freelance writer/editor and is up for any adventure!  Want advice on where to go in Greece/Athens, what’s on, expat and author interviews? Then look no further.

Let’s Roll:

Canada’s favourite pop culture travel blog, run by; Canada’s second most visited online travel agency.

Live Dream Discover:

After half a lifetime of individual life experiences this couple find in each other a wanderlust partner and set off on a new path of indefinite, slow travel. With their goal of creating location independent income while maintaining a lifestyle of health, happiness and adventure they have their work cut out for them. It’s all about balance and here they share their stories, tips and resources on how they find that balance.


A 20-something female living and working in Austin, TX, on a mission to travel, photograph, and write about her adventures around the world.  “I’m a little bit of everything, all rolled into one.” You’ll find stories, travel tips, some personal stuff, a few of those top-number posts, and more.

MissAdventure Travel:

Jessica writes about teaching English abroad, culture and immersion travel. With vivid stories that suck you in and poignant photographs that sell you, she invites you to come along on her journey.

Nicaragua Yes Travel:

Manuel and Matteo are two Italian cousins who decide to leave Italy few years ago and wander around the world. Currently stopped in Nicaragua, their blog details the beauty of this small country in Central America, unknown by many.

Points and Travel:

Cacinda Maloney is a storyteller and world traveler of 35 countries +. Taking a trip every six weeks for over 18 years, she learned the ropes of combing points and travel to create extraordinary international experiences for her family. You can learn too. Come along for the ride! She considers herself a value luxury travel writer.

Road Affair:

A Travel blog of a young couple in search of a more fulfilling, adventurous, and happier life by living their dream of traveling the world.

Roam and Recon:

The route, the digs, the best eats, the dream spots and the real costs. Essential info for the well informed traveller. Kane started Roam and Recon as a way to document the trips he’s taken and the places he’s been been, so that you can get the info you need to do it your way.

Roaming Cooking:

Cooking tips, recipes and stories from and for travelers cooking on the road. Jacquie’s mission is to provide a central resource of recipes that are ideal for ‘Roamers’ (all requiring only simple ingredients and are simple to make), so you can eat healthy and cheaply while on the road – without any fuss.

Romancing The Planet:

After completing his M.B.A in 2012, Sai decided to get away from a routine life at the office desk and travel the world. Stories from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Georgia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, and everywhere inbetween!

Screw the Average:

The couple behind Screw The Average are highly analytical, have huge goals, and live and act with purpose. Their blog documents their journey towards full location, employment, financial, and a myriad of other independences as they travel the world. Follow their journey through their musings, city guides, budget tips, DIY hacks, and much more!

Single Mum Travels:

Christina runs Single Mum Travels to celebrate what it truly is to be travelling with children, where we go and how we do it. You’ll come across authentic photographs and accounts of her travel experiences to wonderful and educating locations across the world.

Suitcases and Sippycups:

An ordinary family with average means daring to do something extraordinary as they create travel memories together both near and far.

The Boho Chica:

Dubai based blogger Natasha shares entertaining stories, tips and inspiration as she seeks deeper cultural experiences on her travels.

The Down Lo:

Lauren (Lo) is on a mission to see at least 50 countries and all 50 states before 50.  A self-described “actively experiential” traveler, join her for the adventures abroad and close to home.

The Globetrotting Detective:

The Globetrotting Detective is an adventure travel blog by Diana Lesko. She travels solo and wants to show the world that traveling solo as a woman is not dangerous at all. The blog predominantly focuses on less-visited travel destinations.

The Unconventional Route:

Kim and Chris are a couple of Canucks who don’t like hockey, snow, or spending tons of money, so they fled Canada in search of places that better suit their tastes. When they find something worth sharing, they share it on their site, The Unconventional Route.

This Way To Paradise:

Discover exotic islands, beaches, tropical locations, and other hidden vacation spots. Get advice on how to get there, where to stay, what to eat, and how to make the most of your dream trip.

Travel Everywhere – Earn Anywhere:

Travel Everywhere – Earn Anywhere aims to show ways and means of earning an income while travelling abroad. They are past the backpacking age and not wanting to stay in smelly youth hostel dormitories anymore, but also not travelling with 5-star expectations. Focused on those who are not ready to retire, yet still have the adventurous, digital nomadic spirit.

Travel Hysteria:

This blog is run by a multicultural couple, that loves to travel more than anything else. They also have a newsletter and a free eBook about travel photography.

Travel Monkey:

Travel Monkey blog is a resource for adventurous full-time dreamers, who are looking for their place in this world through exploration and traveling with a pinch of style and humor.


Focused on dog-friendly travel around the world, Travelnuity provides hands-on information to other dog-loving travellers, whether about sight-seeing, transport options or where to stay, plus aims to inspire more people to travel with their dogs.

Travel Photo Discovery:

Travel Photo Discovery covers photography and traveling with inspiring photo essays, camera advise and techniques, travel tips and unusual stories.

Travel Scamming:

When you travel you want to enjoy the ride, not get taken for one. Traveling is usually safe, but there will be people who will try to take advantage of you. Know ahead of time what the scams are and prevent yourself from being taken advantage of.

Travel Sauro:

Adventure traveler, photographer, scuba diver and hiking lover. Miguel has been traveling the world for the last seven years, always trying to explore and hike some of the most remote regions.

Travel with Pedro:

Travel stories & tips on how to travel world in comfort without spending a fortune. Europe & Middle East. Pedro has so far been almost 90 countries and doesn’t intend to stop. His travels focus on mingling with locals, and understanding their way of life.

Traveling King:

Travelling King is a luxury travel blog that focuses on affordable luxury travel and fun tourist attractions. It’s their mission to see and promote Luxury travel and all that it has to offer, through their own personal means and their website.

Traveling With Andra:

Andra gives tips on how to get luxury for less for travel and fashion. Her goal is to help people travel smarter while getting more for their money.  She travels part-time while working a full-time job as a PPC Analyst.

Travelling With Me:

Travel with Scott as he journey’s around the globe exploring countries he is yet to discover. His passion for sport and music are infused into his travels. He was born and raised in rural Shropshire but is now a permanent resident of London Town.


Ryan is a Canadian traveller on a mission to help you maximize your vacation & travel smarter in less time. Join him as he shares useful, unsponsored travel guides, lifestyle advice & practical information based on over a decade and a half of part-time independent travel.

Trip and Travel Blog:

The best place to find interesting news, stories and reviews about destinations from all over the world, as well as the best possible images for every location.

Trips by Lance:

Trips By Lance is a website devoted to independent travel and cultural experiences for families and couples looking to maximize their limited travel time and resources.

Turnipseed Travel:

Passionate about great value – getting the absolute most for your hard earned dollars and days off. Their value travel philosophy tells you where to save, when to splurge, and how to make every moment count.

This is your go-to guide for everything Taipei-related. Find out about the latest events, travel, art, culture and food happenings in Taiwan’s capital from the perspective of a 20-something Aussie expat.


A shoestring budget adventure blog with an emphasis on adventure, offbeat travel destinations and deep cultural immersion. The website is run by Eoghan and Jili, two birds from Ireland who broke free from the fetters of the 9-5 paradigm and learned how to travel the world continuously, living life on their terms, wherever they choose. Their mission is to inspire all the aspiring vagabonds out there who haven’t yet found the courage to spread their wings, to take that faithful leap to freedom.


Follow this married duo as they venture off around the world sorting potatoes, working as Inn Keepers and always searching for their next adventure.

Veronikas Adventure:

A Restless Czech girl bringing up the best adventures from around the world. Back in 2012 Veronika decided to leave her home in the Czech Republic and moved to the other side of the world, Taiwan. You can talk with her in 5 different languages; she’s somehow always felt better abroad.

Wander the Map:

Seeking out adventures both near and far, Jenna and Micah travel as much as their schedules allow to capture the world through photos, videos and words. Their goal is to provide you with tips, motivation and inspiration to do the same!

Wander Pig:

Travel tips, tricks, hacks and advice. Learn how to travel with or without a budget.


Perpetual travellers Charli & Fred utilise house sitting assignments to immerse themselves in community life all over the world. Adventure travellers at heart they relish any opportunity to explore. Head over to Wanderlusters for superb travel photography, budget travel guides, house sitting advice and on location reports.

Wanderlust Storytellers:

Wanderlust Stories aims to inspire both kids and readers to travel the world and to explore it in a more mindful manner. Their main focus is on affordable family holidays and luxurious parent-escapes. Join their little family as they travel around the globe!

Where is Your Toothbrush?:

Peter and Lindsay travel the world, making themselves at home in all places. Home is where their toothbrushes are. Where’s yours?

Wise Monkeys Abroad:

Travelling while holding down full time jobs in Australia, Wise Monkeys Abroad is all about getting “lost” in each destination.

Wonderful Wanderings:

Sofie takes her readers with her on her travels in Belgium and beyond. She focuses both on the must-sees and daily life, on the big attractions and the places you’d never find by yourself.

Foreign Blogs

Erkunde die Weltt:

A German travel blog from Michael Mantke. As travel blogger and photographer he is writing about traveling with his family all over the world and also about trips to nice places in his region.

Universo Viajero: 

A Spanish blog, follow Universo Viajero to find complete guides of cities and countries, perfect to understand the places and organice your trips. Also, beautiful photo galleries and useful advises for everyone who wants to get out of home for an adventure.

Travel Agencies

After you have found inspiration from the above blogs, the following travel agencies will help you book!


Loveholidays has revolutionised the way they offer you holidays. They provide four flexible payment options to choose from, in a bid to make holidays more affordable for everyone. After all, there is no feeling quite like booking your perfect getaway!