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A Bigger Attraction than the Big Apple Itself: Montauk is the Fishing Capital of the World

It is easy to be drawn by the many attractions of the Big Apple itself, but if you have a passion for angling, you have even more of a reason to head to New York

Montauk is famed in angling circles for Striped Bass and some awesome deep-water trophies are tantalizingly close when you head for the offshore canyons where a big prize might just be landed. The fact that you can combine a visit to New York City too, due to its close proximity, makes Montauk a place where you could become the stuff of legend in angling circles.

You want to be the one, don’t you?

The one that gets the catch of the day. You’re excited about going deep sea fishing. But, before you venture out into the deep blue, here is some information you might find helpful about the fish you’re likely to encounter.

Striped Bass

The striped bass is one of the most sought-after fish in the ocean. While not everyone fishes for this species to eat, many do. Striped bass is one of the largest fish available to a nearshore angler. So, if you’re surf fishing, or fishing off the pier, you’re most likely to catch yourself a bass.

The fish range from 1 to 60 pounds.

Photo CC by nilsrinaldi

Black Sea Bass

The Black Sea Bass is a migratory bass, and a tasty one at that. It lives near the shore and arrives in the late spring. These fish have a strange life cycle too. The majority of them begin life as females and then change to males at around 3 years old.

They live primarily in Cape Cod Bay.


Bluefish are usually a ravenous fish species and will strike at almost anything that you give them. That’s the good news. They average between 3 and 7 pounds and live along the coast. They’re larger just off the coast. But, you do have to watch the juveniles, which are referred to as “snappers.” Watch out for their teeth when you bring them aboard.


The “tog” or “white chin” are the Tautog’s nicknames. They’re very slow growing compared to other fish, and they don’t migrate very far from where they’re born. But, they do move inshore in the spring and then back offshore in the winter.

Photo CC by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


These fish are considered a party boat staple fish and are very easy to catch. They’re also good eating, though they can be too bony for some people. Minimum weight for eating is 2 pounds with this kind of fish. The good thing about this fish is that they’re easy to catch. All you need are some basic fishing accessories.

Winter Flounder

The winter flounder is good fishing, and found only during the cold winter months. They are very accessible and provide fishermen with very thick fillets. So, it’s a hearty fish for sure.

Minimum weight is 3 pounds for the fishing derby. You can use sandworms and bloodworms to catch them. Some of the best methods include chum and crushed clams. And, most fishermen have the best luck fishing from boats, piers, and jetties.

Photo CC eclectic echoes

Summer Flounder (Fluke)

The Summer Flounder have prominent teeth that help with their aggressive attitude and predatory nature. Larger fish are often referred to as “doormats” and they target sandy or muddy bottoms along with the fast moving rips that carry their food and bait fish.

You can use clams, still fish, chum, squid strips, and jigs and spinners to attract them, though live bait tends to work best. Saltwater fishing derby minimum weight is 7 pounds, and you’ll find the fish plentiful during the May through September months.

If you want to rise to the challenge in the place which is widely acknowledged as the fishing capital of the world, you need to bypass the Big Apple for a while, and book a trip to Montauk.

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Finlay Wilkinson works in the corporate travel world by day, but all his spare time is spent out on the water,. He’s even managed to sell the idea of a fishing holiday to his wife and 2 teen sons! Finlay loves sharing his travel and fishing trips online through blogging.

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