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The Best Spots to Visit in Cairns

Cairns is a beautiful place to explore as a local or a tourist. If you are on a holiday you will be able to see a lot of attractions and visit some top spots. Before you get too excited about your forthcoming trip, it is important to prepare so that you can optimize your time there by getting round to all that you want to do.

There are practical aspects that must be considered when the preparations are being made such as the accommodation and the costs. However, the one of the most important things that can make or break your travel is the lack of good transportation.

While there are great tour companies that will take you the best spots to visit in Cairns, it is even better to have control over the journey and the schedules.

Evaluate the benefits of engaging car rental in Cairns from a reliable provider with a variety of vehicles to choose from.

Campervan Tours

There are multiple spots that you can enjoy by hiring a camper van and many car rental in Cairns companies have campervans for rental. The Cairns region has some natural features that are great for relaxation for individuals and groups.

If you do not like guided tours because of the restrictions, you can hire your own vehicle and travel at your own speed and really take in the scenery. Most companies will have a range of choices besides campervans such as motorhome and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

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With several days you can travel up to Cape York and Daintree and in a single day you will also enjoy the Atherton Tablelands. You can drive along the coast and customise each trip to suit your interests.

The benefits of having control over your tour are that you can make stops to sightsee, engage in local activities and dine as desired, without having to wait for everyone else, or rush to be back at the coach on time.

Horse Riding Spots

Some of the best spots to visit in Cairns offer horse riding. North Queensland has natural landscapes and terrain to indulge in this activity whether you are travelling alone or with the whole family.

You will find diversity to explore including the rainforest, mountains, beaches and even bushy areas. You can take riding lessons from a qualified professional and even join a multiday tour that involves campouts.

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Photo CC by Moyan Brenn via Flickr

However, you can also choose to drive up to the horse riding spot if you would rather stay in your set accommodation.

Paronella Park

This is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists because of its charm. The grand Spanish Castle that was originally built is in ruins but the park is still in great condition.

There are lush gardens and waterfalls in the park and the builder, Jose Paronella built a Grand Staircase to create a connection between the lower Park and the upper side. There is a long tunnel that opens at the Teresa Falls and within which micro-bats live; it is dubbed the Tunnel of Love.

This attraction is wide with both natural and museum features. It is a relaxing spot that you can plan to visit often since the admission fee covers entrance for a whole year.

There are no limitations to the number of places that you can visit in Cairns if you have time and means. Ensure that you get the best deals for transportation by hiring a reliable car rental in Cairns from a company with experience and top-notch customer support.

Then simply pack up and go wherever you like. The road is yours!

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