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5 of the Best Spots to See Wildlife Around the World

One look at some of the most beautiful and ferocious creatures of the planet in their natural habitat acts as a gentle reminder that we are not alone on Earth. And, we need to do everything we can to preserve this delicate balance between nature, human beings and wildlife.

Here are 5 of the perfect spots to catch wildlife at its most beautiful best.

Safari in Botswana

The vast landscape of Botswana is best covered on a safari – by vehicle or a canoe. A huge portion of the countryside is labeled as protected area, making it necessary that you hop on a safari to appreciate the beauty of wildlife.

With practically every wild animal calling Botswana its home, you will have plenty of opportunities to look at some of the most fascinating animals – Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos and many more.  Safari companies like this can help you find the perfect lodges and locations for your dream safari trip.

Marine Iguanas of Galapagos

Photo CC by jsouthorn

Galapagos is a diverse ecosystem that fascinates both geologists and biologists. The Galapagos Islands are made from volcanic rocks and these islands have always been dislocated from the main land. The wildlife of this volcanic island is so unique that some of the species are never found anywhere else in the whole world.

The Iguanas of Galapagos have adapted to its environs; unlike its other relatives, the Iguanas of Galapagos are able to adapt to water. You can catch marine iguanas during a dive into the ocean, or walk next to some of the oldest Giant tortoises – some more than 100 years old.

Tigers in Maharashtra

Photo CC by Mahesh_Patil

One of India’s tiger reserves, the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is located in the state of Maharashtra. It boasts of being the largest and the oldest national park in the country. The name Tadoba is derived from a mythical tribal chief – Taru – who was allegedly killed by a tiger.

Home to over 43 keystone species Bengal tiger, the Tiger reserve offers great wildlife viewing opportunity according to Tanya from Greaves India. In addition to the tigers, you can also spot many other species such as the marsh crocodile in the Tadoba Lake, leopards, spotted deer, jungle cats, hyenas and more.

Great Barrier Reef in Australia

Nature must have been playing with its array of colors the day the Great Barrier Reef in Australia was created. Marine diversity and color riot are two of the most distinct features of the Barrier Reef.

Spanning nearly 200 kms, the Reef is home to a number of living organisms – from turtles, fishes, corals, sharks and more.

Gorillas in Uganda

Photo: Flickr CC

With tailor made schedules and safaris available to you, spotting gorillas in Uganda is an easy affair. While we have been brought up with the notion of cute and cuddly monkeys hanging from treetops, the sight of a mature Gorilla is enough to rattle you to the core.

There are a number of gorilla families in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest and the gorillas are spread across the region. However, if you are planning on tracking these mountain gorillas, then you will have more success if you check them in the Buhoma, the Nkuringo, the Rushaga and the Ruhija regions.

Since there are about 300 odd mountain gorillas in the region, you are bound to experience the company of a few soon!

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