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Solo travel, travel for singles; there’s nothing in the rule book that says that singles can’t travel alone. In fact, solo travel is the vacation of choice, even for many married couples I know!

Singles vacations have become one of the biggest trends in travel, and whether you’re single, divorced, widowed, or none of your friends are fun to travel with (it happens!), plenty of people these days travel alone.

Making up around 18% of global bookings, solo travel has increased by 7% in the last year alone. It’s an unstoppable trend, with Google searches for ‘solo travel’ having seen a massive 131% growth!

One in six now are believed to have travelled alone, and 25% of millennials in the US plan to take a solo trip in the next 12 months (#solotravel is always trending, with more than 5.2 million Instagram posts!)

So, if you’re trying to find singles holidays, the following are a couple of destinations you should know.

The Best Holiday Destinations For Singles


Australian Outback Meg Jerrard

Solo travelers love Australia, and 71% of unaccompanied travellers have visited Australia in the past year, making it the number one international destination for a singles holiday!

The allure of Australia is definitely in its stunning landscapes, crazy creatures, iconic cities, and first class sandy beaches, but it’s also an incredibly friendly country, and one of the most welcoming in the world when it comes to singles.

Australia is known for its laid back culture, and exudes an inclusive atmosphere, whether you’re walking into a pub alone, and end up sharing a beer with the locals, or get invited to join a beach side summer barbie.

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If you’re happy traveling in your own company, there are more than enough experiences in Australia to fill your time, but it’s also incredibly easy to make friends if you’re traveling in the hopes of meeting people.

You’ll be surrounded by mates in no time!

Additionally, the Australian dollar is looking to close out 2019 at a 10 year low, which is perfect for international travelers who often find traveling solo is more expensive than if they were traveling as a group or couple.

New Zealand

landscape-nature-man-person traveler

New Zealand is very similar to Australia in that it’s an easy country to get around as a solo traveler, the locals are incredibly friendly, and the dollar is relatively low.

New Zealand is a land of enchanted landscapes. Dozens of breathtaking beaches, incredible glaciers and the most beautiful fiordlands in the world grace her islands, making this a land where everything seems possible.

Even enjoying yourself solo!

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It’s one of those countries where cultural buffs can immerse themselves in the rich history and unique culture of the Māori community, sports fans can watch the All Blacks smash Australia in rugby, and nerds can geek out Tolkien style.

Options for NZ singles holidays range from city breaks to trekking adventures, road tripping, or you can join a cruise which circumnavigates both the North and South islands.


SE Asia traveler female girl woman RF

Thailand is a mecca for a singles vacation; a paradise which draws solo travelers from all over the world, where you can escape to a tropical sun drenched island for some ‘me’ time!

Thailand boasts a low cost of living at a very high standard, a huge range of opportunities for travel, and a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – known as the land of smiles, people’s positivity and friendliness is evident everywhere.

You won’t find a more welcoming country either; the Thai people are benevolent, polite, smiling, and Thai locals go out of their way to engage and interact with you.

As a solo traveler, help is always there if you need assistance – whether you’re lost and need directions, or need a ride. Helpfulness is a very big part of the Thai culture – that’s just the way they are inclined!

English isn’t always widely spoken, but even if there is a language barrier, they’ll still go out of their way to help, and make an extra effort to communicate.

Whether your idea of a singles vacation is temple hopping, getting close to nature, booking a beach front villa, or getting lost among the streets of chaotic, frenetic cities (here’s a 3 day Bangkok itinerary), Thailand is your country!


Traveler female woman RF travel Venice

We’ll admit, just as you can’t group all of Africa into one destination, listing Europe under one heading is a bit of a cop out on our end, but every country in Europe is worthy of your singles holiday!

In fact, a multi country tour through Europe is one of the most popular singles vacations, and appeals to everyone, whether you’re a backpacker traveling solo for the first time, renting a car, taking a river cruise, or joining a bus tour.

To quote Lonely Planet, “Europe is a patchwork of more than 40 compulsively individualistic countries and is a dazzling and spectacular place to explore. With an endless variety of cultures and attractions, travelers can jump in almost anywhere to join the party.”

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There are so many combinations of countries when it comes to piecing together a European singles tour; you can either book travel yourself, and put your itinerary together independently, or you can join a pre-set tour.

Being that Europe is such a popular destination, you’ll find yourself bumping into plenty of other solo travelers too. And with a patchwork of nations which covers landscapes from the Mediterranean to the Alps, there’s something for every interest.

India: Trending Among Solo Females

India female traveler RF

Taking a singles holiday in India is very Eat, Pray Love, though despite recent concerns on the safety of India re women travelling alone, the country has become a haven for solo female travelers and intrepid women.

Traveling in India as a solo female backpacker can be very safe, though it’s important to be aware of the realities that you’ll likely face unwanted attention, so will have to take extra precautions (like wearing modest Indian clothing).

Mariellen Ward, who is a Canadian solo female traveler, and has fallen in love with India, says: “The attitude you take when you travel in India will influence your experience, in my opinion. Try and have a positive and confident attitude. Be cautious, use common sense, but try and keep your fear in check.”

Read more of Mariellen’s advice on safety for solo female travelers in India in this interview on Adventurous Kate.

South Africa

Uganda Elephant Safari Africa RF

Many of us dream of taking an African safari at least once in our lives. And to witness wild lions lazing in the grass, and elephants trekking across vast plains; to spend time watching a magical sunrise as the African landscape comes alive; this truly is the experience of a lifetime.

One of the easiest and most accessible countries for taking a safari as a solo traveler is South Africa. Self drive holidays are typically the most affordable, as you can do 12 days in South Africa from $1,400 USD.

If you’re highly independent you might want to think about taking a private tour over joining a group, or hiring a car and organizing a self drive itinerary, which is very easy to do both here, and in neighboring Namibia.

But group tours are also readily available, and being that this is such a popular destination, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to mingle with other singles!

Kruger National Park is the country’s most famous game park. There are more than 145 species of mammals and 500 bird species, as well as Africa’s Big Five. You can also spot crocodiles, hippos, wild dogs, antelope species and giraffes.

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


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