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Best Rooftop Bars Around The World

Summer is the perfect time to sip cocktails alfresco, and what better place to enjoy the lazy days than on a rooftop with the gold-dipped skyline spreading out before you? Check out some of the best places around the world to grab a drink and soak in amazing views.

The Rooftop Terrace, Berlin, Germany

Location is key for The Rooftop Terrace, which has a prime spot on top of the Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome. Just steps away from the center of Berlin, the bar offers views of landmarks like the State Opera House, Berlin Cathedral and the Television Tower.

It’s the perfect place to lounge around and enjoy the sun’s rays as you nibble on light appetizers and listen to the live jazz or Cuban music that is often being played. And of course, it’s the perfect place to sample drinks. The bar offers a variety of cocktails like Berlin Mules or Black Mojitos, as well as nonalcoholic drinks like ginger lemonade and iced tea.

Highbar, Miami Beach, Florida

On the Art Deco roof of Dream, there’s always a party going on. Highbar is a deluxe bar that features a pool stretching off into infinity and all the sparkle that comes with being part of a Miami Beach hotel. Think 1970s glam meets Studio 54 by the water, decked out in all-white apparel.

You can order from a variety of signature cocktails, such as Banana Daiquiris and Tamarind Grids. If you want more substantial nourishment, you can order Mexican specialties from the Naked Taco restaurant downstairs.

Lantern, Singapore

Sample the luxury of The Fullerton Bay Hotel, one of Singapore’s best accommodations, by grabbing a drink from Lantern and admiring the 21st-century architecture of city skyscrapers and the Marina Bay waterfront. Take a dip in the pool or laze around on a circular lounger.

The lunch menu serves marine cuisine like Dill-Flavored Ocean Trout Rillette, Swordfish Crudo Ceviche and Chili-Mustard Glaze Octopus. Tap a bartender for beer, wine, vodkas, mojitos and a variety of vintage and modern cocktails like Pisco Sours and Red Lanterns.

These rooftop bars flourish in some of the world’s most populous and popular cities, which means there’s never a dull night to be found. The catch it that they can get crowded as the sun starts to set. To guarantee yourself a spot, head out to the location early. Or go during the day for more relaxed vibe.

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