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Best Places to Stay in Croatia

Since the European war of the early 1990’s, Croatia is fast becoming a favourite tourist destination for those who want to get away from the popular Spanish resorts. Now ranked 18th in the tourist favourite destination list, Croatia has something for everyone, and accommodation to suit every pocket.


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Whether visiting Croatia for the first time, or 21st time, Dubrovnik should be at the top of your itinerary. This old town, with its walls built in the 16th century, is as steeped in history as its architecture. Situated on the edge of the Adriatic coast, the town caters for every need.

Whether your interest is relaxing on its golden sands, soaking up the atmosphere of baroque buildings while strolling on the towns ancient walls, or visiting its many museums and places of interest, you can’t fail to be drawn in by the pure ambience of it all.

Beaches for all:

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With 1,000 miles of Adriatic coastline to choose from, Croatia has beaches to suit every taste, many of them carrying the European blue flag of excellence. Baska is home to the beautiful Vela Beach, nearly 2,000 metres of a mixed pebble and sand beach, which has sported a blue flag since 1999, and is accessible to all.

Another family friendly beach is Drazica, a ten minute walk from Biograd na Moru town centre, the beach is especially suitable for those who often have difficulty getting on beaches due to disability.

The uninhabited island of Lokrum in southern Dalmatia is a favourite haunt of both visiting and resident naturists, as are many of the beaches on the islands off the Croatian coast.

Dining in Croatia:

For those whose vacation revolves around trying as much of the local cuisine as possible, when visiting Croatia you’ll be spoilt for choice. The continental interior enjoys greater meat, vegetables, and freshwater fish dishes, with influence from Turkey, Vienna, and Hungary. Along the coastal region a Mediterranean style from the French and Italian areas mix with the earlier Illyrians, Romans and Greeks influence.

As you would expect on the coast; lobster, octopus, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish and other seafood prevail. For those wishing to spend a gastronomic holiday, hiring a car to visit the different areas is a good idea. If possible pre-hire from the UK, and ensure all car hire excess insurance is covered.


For the wine connoisseurs, a visit to the vineyard at Bakar should be on the itinerary. Relatively new to the tourist trade Bakar is becoming increasingly popular.

Not just because of its vineyard, but the ski centres at Bjelolasica and Platak, and the National Park at Risnjak.


Those preferring a more cultural experience could do worse than visit Betina. Situated on the island of Murter, in a cluster of small Adriatic islands, it is full of history dating back to its Roman settlement of Colentum.

With its ancient church of St. Francis, its local square, and one of the oldest shipyards on the Adriatic, Betina has plenty to offer. With a modern marina, Kornati National Park, and two campsites, Betina attracts tourists from across Europe.

If you’re considering somewhere a little different, a little further afield this year, then before you book, take a serious look at Croatia’s many and varied attractions.

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