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Authored by Becky Moore

It’s wonderful when you can travel with your dog, without being denied entry in most places. And, if you can’t fathom the thought of a vacation without your best friend, California is an ideal pet-friendly destination.

Many residents of California are already dog lovers themselves, so from hotels that cater to furry guests, to dog friendly beaches, parks, and nature trails, this is the place to be at!

But California is a huge State, so where are the best places to visit with your four legged friend? The following are the most pet friendly places in an already very pet friendly State.

The Best Places in California to Visit with Your Dog

Santa Barbara

The Best Places in California to Visit with Your Dog

There’s a great choice of dog friendly places to stay in Santa Barbara as well as dog-friendly trails, parks, beaches, wine tasting rooms and cafes, among others.

Most of the pet-friendly accommodation allows pups in their open spaces and have doggie menus as well. The beach is the main draw among holidaymakers here, including dogs.

Stop by Shoreline State Park, Summerland, Arroyo Burro Beach or even the Butterfly for magnificent moments with your canine friend. Visit parks like Douglas Family Preserve, Santa Barbara Botanical Garden and Tucker’s Grove Park where you can hike, walk, and play if you have a playful dog like, let’s say any Border Collie mix.

Also check out Los Padres National Forest, Jamie Slone Wimes, Kunin Winery and Santa Barbara Winery with your faithful companion.


The Best Places in California to Visit with Dogs RF

Carmel has dozens of dog-friendly hotels, resorts and inns, though they don’t just leave it at that. There’s a lot to do beyond the pet-friendly hotel room.

Plan to visit Carmel Beach for leash-free moments with your dog or Carmel River State Beach where you can actual trail up for a view of Point Lobos and Ribera Beach.

Forge in the Forest has lots of dog comfort, including biscuits and water bowls around fireplaces and lush foliage, while Mission Trail Park also guarantees wide trails with Flanders Mansion a historic stop for better context.

Apart from trails, parks and beaches visit Carmel’s doggie shopping districts for keepsakes and more such as Carmel Plaza, Carmel Village Shopping Area and Crossroads Shopping Center.

Pamper your dog too at Signature Paw Spa or Diggidy Dog for anything from doggy bikinis, beaded collars, and slings to doggles.

Turnbull Wine Cellars, Oakville

The Best Places in California to Visit with Dogs RF

This is one of California’s hidden gems, where a fine hospitable experience by the owners and hosts meet generous wine tasting. Most importantly, dogs aren’t just allowed – they’re invited!

The tasting room here is dog-friendly and the grounds very inviting. With as little as $40 per head you’re sure of unforgettable wine-tasting experience as you revel in the lovely tunes playing outdoors and indoors.

Having your furry friend around makes the tasty moments more than worth it.

Dog Beach, San Diego

A favorite of many in San Diego, Dog Beach is a public beach accessible 24/7. The dog-friendly destination includes an off-leash section towards the north end that guarantees every dog a delightful time.

Whether you’ve driven up in an RV or typical car, San Diego itself offers lots of secure street parking. Just nearby dog beach are showers and restrooms too if you need them.

Morro Bay

The Best Places in California to Visit with Dogs RF

The scenic beauty and vast activities by the seaside around Morro Bay are never in question. The Bay offers a number of places where dogs are allowed, including Los Osos Elfin Forest with spectacular vistas and long trails.

There aren’t a lot of off-leash beaches here, except for Old Chevron Strand, spread between Cayucos and Morro Bay, and Avila Beach, just 20 minutes away from Morro Bay.

Dog-friendly water adventures are available, like kayaking at the Central Coast Outdoors and some rejuvenating boating with Bay Cruisers.

Other places to visit with your dog include Jody Giannini Family Dog Park, Del Mar Park, Dinosaur Caves Park and Fiscalini Ranch Preserve.

Solstice Canyon, Malibu

Traveling with your dog in the car RF

Solstice Canyon is a notable Malibu option for some outdoor adventure with your dog. It includes hikes and strolls across riparian plants and diverse flora and fauna.

Solstice Canyon Trail is a place to enjoy a picnic, trek, or challenge yourself on the Rising Sun Trail. There’s wildlife viewing, hiking, dog walking, mountain biking and picnics along the expansive Canyon.

Note that while dogs are welcome they must be leashed.

Montara State Beach

Just off the northern side of Half Moon Bay, Montara State Beach is one of California’s cleanest beaches. The white sandy stunning beach is popular for fishing and surfing.

While dog-friendly, the beach policy does require dogs to be on leash. It’s seldom busy yet sunnier and perfect for picnics.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

If you can’t fathom the thought of a vacation without your best friend, the UK is an ideal country to visit.

So we’re one state up from California now, but Cannon Beach in Oregon has a pristine coastline that is so remarkable it would be a shame to exclude off the list.

This beach is known for its pet-friendliness. Leashes might not be demanded but you’re required to fully control your dog.

Tolovana Beach State Park is perfect for just strolling and photographing yourself at the Haystack Rock. Or follow the stunning trails in Ecola State Park to open up the Tillamook Lighthouse, deserted stretches and private coves.

Do visit Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site for some jovial play with your four-pawed friend or trail up the Nehalem bay State Park or the Oswald West State Park for some magnificent mountain images.

Dogs are aplenty everywhere you look in Cannon Beach with a number of dog-friendly places to stay.

 UK based Becky Moore is the owner of the award-winning blog where she blogs about beautiful places, unique hotels and dog friendly travel.

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