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More important than what you pack for travel is what you pack your travel gear in. Of course, what travel pack you choose largely depends on what type of traveller you are…or does it?

What if there was a travel backpack for everyone, from the wilderness trekker to the urban backpacker and everyone in-between?

From the company that revolutionized the travel shoe with their all terrain sneaker line, comes the new Shell travel backpack that caters to all types of travellers.

It’s a backpack and wardrobe system with unmatched versatility, easy access, and organization to pack up to 20% more; a multipurpose travel backpack every traveler will love to use.

The Best Multipurpose Travel Backpack

Review of Shell by Tropicfeel

Shell by Tropicfeel Travel Backpack Review

For as long as humans could explore, we have been fascinated by seashells. Some of our oldest tools and jewellery were made from shells, and they have also long been used for spiritual and religious purposes.

What does this have to do with backpacks?

Tropicfeel’s new Shell Travel Backpack takes its inspiration from the long cherished seashell both in concept and design.

They realized that a travel backpack is more than just a bag, rather a “mobile home” of sorts, much like a shell is the home of a mollusc, and houses all those items you deemed necessary to travel with.

Tropicfeel’s new Shell Travel Backpack offers a protective shield, relief from stress, and plenty of adaptable storage space that can grow as needed, much like a seashell grows to accommodate the growth of the animal within.

Much like a mollusc crafts only a single shell to use throughout their lifetime, see why this new very appropriately-named backpack may just be the one and only travel backpack you need to take with you from now on.

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A Bag That Has Your Back

A bag both inspired by nature and can stand up to the toughest Mother Nature can throw at it, the Shell Travel Backpack by Tropicfeel is a bag that has your back no matter where and how you travel.

Designed for the modern-day traveller, it features comforts and conveniences that both city travellers and wilderness trekkers will love.

The Tropicfeel Shell is what I’d call a luminal backpack, a transitional backpack that bridges two different worlds or ways of travel, much like seashells’ enjoy a luminal existence where the sea meets land.

It securely stores all your modern tech gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and cameras, while also providing expandable space that makes it suitable as a backpacking/hiking pack.

Shell Travel Backpack Features

Shell Backpack by Tropicfeel

While there are countless reasons why I find the Shell backpack to be useful for any type of travel, there are three big reasons that stand out.

The first highlight is its 3-in-1 adaptable design which can take it from a compact 22 or 30-liter backpack that is approved for carry-on baggage, all the way up to a spacious 40-liter pack.

The second big feature is the backpack’s removable wardrobe compartment with built-in compression system and adjustable hanging loop.

This not only allows you to pack more clothing and hang it up in an easy-to access portable travel wardrobe without needing to unpack your clothes, but it also then frees up a large section of your backpack so you can take it exploring with you at your chosen travel destination.

The third big bonus is the backpack’s clamshell opening which allows you to see most of your travel gear in a single glance.

This is beneficial for quickly making sure you packed everything and for accessing various items you need while travelling. Like I said, the bag was inspired by nature, and its clamshell opening feature stays true to its name.

Additional Features You’ll Find Handy

Shell Backpack by Tropicfeel

In addition to its clamshell opening, you can also enjoy top access which is convenient when using as a daypack on the go.

An expandable kangaroo pocket (which I personally love being an Aussie myself!) becomes a perfect compartment for storing dirty clothes or shoes you want to keep separate from your other travel gear.

You can create even more space by utilizing the backpacks cargo straps which will allow you fasten other smaller bags or items to the pack. Meanwhile, side pockets are ideal for storing water bottles or your smartphone.

They really nailed space optimization, and having the ability to go from a large trekking pack to a minimalistic and ultra-portable backpack for simple city escapes is convenient.


They also thought about your comfort when designing the backpack, providing lumbar support and dual-channel airflow to keep the sweat off your back.

Make use of the hip belt and chest straps for heavier loads when carrying as a backpack, or simply carry it via the two different handles like you would a briefcase.

There are also frontal straps that allow you to adjust how high or low the backpack sits on your back. A weatherproof exterior keeps all your gear safe when the skies decide to open up.

And speaking of Mother Nature, Tropicfeel also had the Earth in mind when creating the Shell, using recycled materials for its construction and going with suppliers that are sustainable in nature. All this achieved without sacrificing quality, durability, or longevity of the backpack.

Additional Accessories

Tropicfeel Shell

They’ve also created three different accessories you can add to your Shell backpack to create even more storage space. The pack comes with a tech pouch, a toiletry bag, and a camera cube, which really take organization to the next level.

Both the Tech Bag and Toiletry Bag can be attached to the front of the Shell backpack via a magnetic Fidlock mechanism that will keep either secure (above photo features the toiletry bag on the front of the pack).

The detachable accessories are great in that they free up space inside the main bag but can still be securely attached to the Shell, making carrying everything a breeze.

You can also easily detach the tech bag while in flight to access chargers, batteries, and other gadgets you may need in the air.

The Toiletry Bag

Tropicfeel Accessories Shell Backpack (1)

The toiletry bag features zippered compartments and comes with a convenient hook to be able to hang in the bathroom for easy access to your toiletries while travelling.

The Tech Pouch

Tropicfeel Accessories Shell Backpack (1)

Meanwhile, the tech pouch features straps to keep all your gadgets firmly in place. This is in addition to the Shell’s built-in laptop compartment that can accommodate computers up to 17 inches.

The Camera Cube

Tropicfeel Accessories Shell Backpack (1)

The third accessory is a camera cube that can be conveniently packed within the Shell but then also becomes its own carry camera case when out and about.

It sports customizable velcro inserts which allows you to create a compartment configuration that works best for your camera gear.

Where to Buy Shell

Tropicfeel’s new Shell Travel Backpack is fast becoming the go-to bag for travellers worldwide.

To get yours, visit

See for yourself why this may be the one backpack that can adapt to most of if not all of your travel needs. You won’t need (or want!) any other backpack again!

Shell by Tropicfeel Travel Backpack Review

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