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Hipmunk City Love: The Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan is the culinary capital of the world, and with a rich, cosmopolitan dining scene, Tokyo should be your first port of call when searching for the best of Japanese cuisine. Tokyo plays home to more cafes and bars than is possible to visit in a lifetime, and the city holds the record for the most Michelin star restaurants than any other city in the world…even Paris.

As such, a trip to Tokyo isn’t complete without splashing out on some of the world’s most critically acclaimed sushi, and a visit to at least one Michelin star restaurant is an absolute must. The following are the top rated Michelin star restaurants in Tokyo – book for an experience in at least one.


With a minimalist interior, Kanda is a small and intimate restaurant where customers can really focus on the quality of the main dishes, and also have the opportunity to chat with the head chef.

Established by Hiroyuki Kanda, who managed a Japanese restaurant in France, the courses include seasonal vegetables, soup and sushi, sashimi, and a range of options for meals which are grilled, steamed and fried as well. The menu is flexible and the chef is very happy to adapt the menu upon request.

Photo CC by kadluba


With two Michelin stars, Ishikawa serves exceptional traditional Japanese style cuisine, has a relaxing atmosphere, impeccable service and incredibly friendly staff.

Located among a tangle of alleyways, navigating to the restaurant can prove difficult for first time guests, though the exceptionally friendly staff make a point of finding and escorting lost diners to the door.

Joel Robuchon

This is a restaurant by an influential French chef who places emphasis on attention to detail as well as the creative process of cooking and eating fine food.

Each of his international restaurants is personal and unique, and this is the best spot in Tokyo for souring contemporary French cuisine.

Nihonryori RyuGin

With head chef Seiji Tamamoto at the helm, Nihonryori RyuGin is a progressive restaurant serving modern Japanese cuisine. Cutting-edge technology meets with traditional cuisine for an experimental menu with signature dishes such as grilled ayu (sweetfish) and the Minus-196 Degrees Candy Apple (a glossy red toffee apple filled with powdered ice-cream).

The menu changes daily depending on what is on offer at the local markets each morning.

Photo CC by angela n

Usuki Fugu Yamadaya

With unforgettable dishes cooked from potentially poisonous fish, this is the safest place to eat Fugu (puffer fish) in Tokyo.

Seasonal cuisine also includes stonefish and pike eels for those traveling in July and August, and sliced with expert precision, there are a range of different menu options for enjoying Fugu which include Fugu sashimi, karage (deep-fried), or fuguchiri-zousui, which is the fish served in a pot with vegetables and rice.

The Michelin Star Experience in Tokyo

A Michelin star experience makes for a pricey meal, though it’s a once in a lifetime experience to have your meal prepared by one of Tokyo’s legendary chefs.

Save money for the dining scene by booking a cheap Tokyo hotel, and enjoy Japan’s finest culinary delights from some of the most critically acclaimed chefs in the world.

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