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The Best Cities to Visit in Thailand

A trip to Thailand often involves some really amazing scenery and resorts. While wandering through jungles and along tropical beaches is great, the resorts are so beautiful that sometimes just unwinding at the hotel can make for a great vacation as well. Regardless of what you’re looking for when traveling, Thailand will always have something to offer to you, your friends, and family.

Next time you start planning a vacation in Thailand, consider these five cities. Each has stunning resorts coupled with equally exciting activities and picturesque views that make them ideal locales for all visitors.

In addition, make sure you prepare for your trip to Thailand. Do some research, learn more about the culture, and even consider learning Thai online to make your experience all the more enjoyable!

Koh Samui

Koh Samui Thailand beach RF

This tropical island in the Chumphon Archipelago is an area rich in tourism. Filled with sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, it’s an island paradise that appeals to many. Though there are thousands of hotel rooms on Koh Samui, there are also a variety of bungalows and private beachside villas.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just spend time at the beach, then you should definitely visit this city. Koh Samui has some of the best beaches that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

There is plenty to keep you busy while exploring Koh Samui. In addition to relaxing on the beach, take part in a sightseeing, kayaking or jeep tour in the deep jungle.

If you’re planning to visit this city, make sure to look for accommodations early. This will allow you to find the best accommodation around the city and even score some deals and discounts.

Visitors may also enjoy snorkeling, yachting and ziplining as well as visiting the nearby national marine park. In town, take a cooking class to experience authentic Thai food or get a Thai massage.

If you want to try out every single activity when you’re in Koh Samui, prepare an itinerary ahead of time. Decide if you want to enjoy the waters or jungle first. An itinerary will allow you to make the most out of your trip and keep stress at bay!


Longtail boat beach Thailand RF

Although it is also an island, Phuket doesn’t necessarily feel like one. It’s the largest island in Thailand, and feels more like a Southeast Asian paradise than a waterfront destination. Here, you’ll find some incredibly luxurious high-end resorts—with four or five stars.

The mountainous area of Phuket offers plenty to do. With a local zoo and an aquarium in addition to a variety of Buddhist temples featuring gardens and artwork, there’s much to take in.

Animal lovers will enjoy a visit to the Tiger Kingdom animal sanctuary and nature lovers can visit local waterfalls. Mini golf and scuba diving are also popular options in Phuket. These attractions are the reasons why more and more families would choose to visit Phuket.

If you’re looking forward to bond with your family in this city, start looking for timeshare deals in Phuket. Aside from knowing which attractions to visit, your accommodation can significantly affect the success of your trip to this city.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Thailand RF

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Hua Hin is perfect for a more laidback trip. This quiet seaside fishing town is home to plenty of waterfront villas that offer private beach access. There are also high-class hotels along the main stretch of beach.

Because the area is less visited than some of the other cities in Thailand, it’s easier to stop by the beach for the day without encountering crowds. Water sports are popular here, with beaches, rivers and lakes conducive to kite surfing, rafting and waterfall tours.

There are also plenty of water parks nearby as well as wineries, sheep farms, historical homes and mangrove forests that are perfect for touring.

Hua Hin might be quieter than other cities in Thailand but that doesn’t mean this city is boring. On the contrary, Hua Hin is the perfect destination for people who want to enjoy their vacation in peace while enjoying the beach and different types of water activities.


Itinerary 3 days in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is known for its vibrant shrines, unique city landscape and canals. Because the city is so important to the country as a whole, it’s also big for tourism. Expect to find some stunning five-star beach resorts here—the perfect place for the trip’s home base.

Those interested in the spirituality aspects of Thailand will enjoy the many opulent temples, shrines and monuments located in Bangkok. With some covered in gold, they’re a sight to behold.

But the city has a lot of other things to offer travelers as well. Various zoos, museums and shopping centers provide endless opportunities for exploration in Bangkok. 

Bangkok is also known for its shopping centers. If you plan on going on a shopping spree in Thailand, you should definitely visit Bangkok first. The shopping centers in this city offer goods produced by the locals, and brands from different parts of the world. Make sure to allocate several hours for shopping as you can visit hundreds of shops when you’re in Bangkok!

Photo credit: Twang_Dunga (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr

Khao Lak

Another mountainous region, Khao Lak is home to a group of villages mainly visited by tourists. Hotels in this area are some of the most beautiful in all of Thailand. With infinity pools and waterside walkways covered in palm trees, sunsets are truly spectacular. The resorts are much quieter than in nearby Phuket and the beaches are no where near as crowded.

Khao Lak is a major destination for scuba divers, due to its proximity to the Similan Islands. The region isn’t wild, making it a good destination for families to explore even in the nighttime.

Aside from the beaches and scuba diving, try snorkeling, river rafting, wildlife tours and souvenir shopping. Visitors can also attend a cabaret show or visit the unique tsunami museum.

No matter which city you choose, look in to the resorts listed on Voyage Privé for great deals on holidays in Thailand.


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Photo credits: Pad Thai by femme run.

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